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  1. New to dollhouses, a few questions?

    As far as kids and dollhouses and broken things, it happens. I have built several really nice dollhouses for my granddaughters and spent a lot of time doing it. They loved them and played with them much to my dismay as they were not as careful playing with them as I was in building them.  They would bring parts and pieces back to me to repair. I could have fussed and bitched but I just smiled and fixed the broken parts and mended not just the dollhouse parts but the grandfather and granddaughter parts! It hurt me that they were so rough on what I had put so much love in but they were just being kids and enjoying what I had made for them. Just gotta put sh. . .uh. . .stuff in perspective sometimes.
  2. New to dollhouses, a few questions?

    Do not use hot glue as it will not last. You can buy packs of hinges for the doors. Also you can do pins in the top and bottom on one side if you don't want to get hinges. If you have left over pieces of plywood big enough you can make your own interior doors or you can buy them aftermarket as you can stairs. I made a trapdoor on one of my houses and made a ladder for attic access. It's in my gallery, The Willow if you would like to see it. Some folks come thru the ceiling and then hide the wires under carpet or faux floors which can be removed for repairs if needed. Just personal preference. Hope this helps a bit.
  3. Looking for Houseworks garage door

    Hobby Builder's Supply @ has them.
  4. IMG 3845

    From the album ShadyBrook Cabin

    A better view of the inside. There is a ladder for access to the attic floor not in the photo.
  5. IMG 3842

    From the album ShadyBrook Cabin

    This is the inside with the fireplace with a hearth made of a scrap piece of plywood and brick paste.
  6. IMG 3835

    From the album ShadyBrook Cabin

    It doesn't come with a chimney but a cabin needs on so I made one out of popsicle sticks and brick paste. And yes I ate all the popsicles!
  7. IMG 3832

    From the album ShadyBrook Cabin

    Ths is the front of the cabin. It is gonna have a Calico Critters pig family and a big bad wolf coming after them in their stick house.
  8. I DO NOT go into ANY store between Thanksgiving and Christmas!
  9. A Rant on the USPS -- warning, mad woman at large!

    And this is the same government that will be in charge of your healthcare!
  10. Bottom left side.

    From the album Baby GD Barn.

    Pic of bottom left side that I managed to delete somehow!
  11. Spinning.

    From the album Baby GD Barn.

    I think she likes it!
  12. Playtime.

    From the album Baby GD Barn.

    Baby GD enjoying her new barn!
  13. Calling animals to feed.

    From the album Baby GD Barn.

    Farmer ringing the bell to call the animals to the barn for feeding time.
  14. Loft.

    From the album Baby GD Barn.

    Part of the loft area.
  15. Bottom right side.

    From the album Baby GD Barn.

    The bottom right side.