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  1. AC Moore closing all its stores

    I'm a fan of Hobby Lobby now even though I've only been there twice and you can also order from them online.  They have good stuff for all kinds of crafting and DYI. And I see that their miniatures are better in-store than the ones they show online.  A better choice/variety of minis. Truth-be told, I will shop at any store that has what I want or need for mini as well as non-mini projects; be it  Michael's, Jo-Ann's, Hobby Lobby, etc. and all the (exclusively online) stores as well.
  2. AC Moore closing all its stores

    What's with all these retailers closing shop; stores that were very popular, icons like Sears, Kmart.  JCPenney closing many stores too.  And I remember A.C. Moore stores took over all Ben Franklin's Crafts stores.  I had come to love Ben Franklins after years of shopping there then they up and changed to A.C. Moore now A.C. has up and changed to Michael's. Mama Mia!! Next thing you know all craft stores will be taken over by Hobby Lobby.  I will not mind that because they sell EVERYTHING under the sun for crafting as well as some inexpensive minis.  
  3. Hippie House

    The cat theme house - SWEET!  So is it a house where the people love cats or is it inhabited by just cats with good taste?  LOL!
  4. Hippie House

    Holly & Pat:  I agree with you both most people don't see the treasures in their trash like we miniaturists see in our trash. Pat:  you asked where I  display my houses? - I have never owned a dollhouse but I purchased one already completed at a thrift store once (A Duracraft Peaches & Cream) that was in pretty good shape, only needed a lil TLC so I did the repairs & sold it.  I only do room boxes of different sizes and shadow boxes of different sizes, lamp bases with tiny room settings built inside, & other small vignettes. What I haven't sold or given away as gifts I normally display on shelves on the walls of my spare bedroom. 
  5. Hippie House

    Holly -  We might be slowing down physically but mentally I really, truly believe that our beloved hobby will keep our minds sharp (diminish the probability of dementia).  My opinion.  I can't seem to tear myself away from the conversation.    GONE FOR NOW!!  BE BACK!!
  6. Hippie House

    I have to leave right this moment but I'll be back to keep up with this thread - so excited!!!! But, I must say for your bakery boxes use printies  and cardboard (there are printies sites all over the internet including Pinterest).   In the store interior is some old fashion Crisco Shortening cans (near the Quaker Oats Cereal boxes ) these were full size labels off the internet that I resized, printed-out then glued to those little round plastic thingies used in packaging to keep them fresh. The Crisco labels actually looked like years and years ago.       GOTTA GO BUT BE BACK SOON!
  7. Hippie House

    The old country store is actually a 2-opening picture frame I purchased from a Tuesday Morning store.  I had a wooden box the exact size of the frame built, then painted the box hunter green and attached it to the frame with little brass hinges so it opens & closes (the inside of the box is the interior of the store). 
  8. Hippie House

    Pat - I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!!! Seems like we miniaturists have the very same mindset, (we think alike).  We can turn very unlikely things into common things in miniature. That kinda makes us magicians. LOL I love it!!  Pat, why not start a conversation about how everyone has made something unusual into something miniature.  Its not my original idea; I got it from another forum so here is my input:  watermelons for my old country store vignette made from pecans (the nut).  
  9. Hippie House

    I think blue & white quite often - maybe I need to get a life!!!  The bakery sounds "Yummy"
  10. Hippie House

    Pat - Check out Miniatures.com  - Hobby Builders.  They sell lots of kits of all kinds; lots of chair kits too.
  11. Hippie House

    Holly - I wish I had the patience & zeal I had years ago but to be honest I do not and as much as I love this splendid  hobby of ours, I am now at an age and attitude of "Let someone else make it but I'll enjoy it."  So I buy, when I can.  I love working with my hands & making things myself but the charm is wearing off, the older I get.  I still attempt small projects, very small.  Those wicker pieces on the cover of the book are beautiful. (so sorry for whining).  LOL!
  12. Hippie House

    I saw these on Dollhouse Junction & I think wicker pieces like these would go well in the greenhouse-shape candle holder but I'd change the fabric to a cobalt blue print though.  This would be a huge splurge in my little budget but its far & in between that I do splurges. LOL
  13. Hippie House

    Pat:  check out a site called Dollhouse Junction -  they sell high end as well as economical items.  Artisan Miniatures and Estate miniatures which are a bit pricey but great looing stuff. 
  14. Hippie House

    HOLLY - Excellent ideas Holly.  I've done vanity bottles and vases and lamp bases in the past. I have plenty of those jewelry findings to make accessories for the room.    PAT - The blue & white armchair is beautiful.  I'm getting lazy in my old age though, so gonna buy furniture ready-made but will do smaller, accessories with the beads and other small decorative pieces.  And yes, absolutely - the fun part will be collecting all the bits and pieces. 
  15. Hippie House

    I want to build a miniature room setting, all blue and white décor and furniture inside the metal & glass candle holder I found on sale at Krogers Supermarket for $15.00. I found a small pack of 8 blue & white beads at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents. Looking at them I see table lamp bases, vases, flower pots, plant pots, etc  What do you see? It will be fun collecting further for this room. Stay tuned.