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  1. New Victorian Lace Afghan

    What a wonderful pair!
  2. Knight and steed

    You did a great Job!
  3. Set of Five Miniature Throw Pillows

    They are amazing! At first i thought the title was Five Million Miniature throw pillows, Either way looks great.
  4. got a store

    Tis ok. I find that on esty, 90 percent of people don't ship international, or don't take PayPal, so that's why I like eBay better.
  5. got a store

    Thats the esty link I wanted to see what she had on ebay. Darn duplicate post. . .
  6. got a store

    Thats the esty link I wanted to see what she had on ebay.
  7. got a store

    I love our stuff on esty but I can't find your ebay sellers ID. Sadly I don't do esty.
  8. How can you mend a broken heart?

    I am soo glad to hear you are gona get fixed now please get better! Corwin
  9. More Reutter items at NEM

    Its to bad that train is modern. . .
  10. Wow you have done an amazing job yet again!
  11. Asking for Prayers/Healing Thoughts -

    I hope you get better!
  12. I reallly love that rocker. . . . I have a thing for cane. . .
  13. Your Pets

    Hmmm do i have pets. . . . lets see 2 Dogs, bordercoli Borzoi, and a husky bordercoli 1 Bearded dragon 1 hamster Multiple fishtanks Multiple ponds I don't have a lot but most them find there own way here.
  14. Another one of those I am back posts.

    Thanx every one. It is nice to be back, I spent a while just reading post last night.
  15. Another one of those I am back posts.

    Oh man am I elated. . . I got home today,and I thought i would try the internet for the 9th gajabiloin time, and yah know what:? it worked!!! I am ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am organizing my work room, its a hassle but getting there, I am also building my nephew a quarter scale warhamer village, oh and I got a reqest for a clay pyramid for an art show, Egyptian style, it if made from the clay you harden in a kilm. I now go to an art group once a week, so i will do th pyramid there. I also have the yard so i will be keeping busy this summer. Did I mention I am happy. I better hurry and finish up before it explodes in a ball of fire visible from space Any way Misty had her first grooming done today, she looks soo cute with bows in her hair, Liz the dragon is going to lay eggs and my room is dry enough from my fish tank fiasco. Didi I mention my internets working? Oh and I got my crowns? After 3 months! Plus side is I lost alot of weight.They finally went through a different Lab. Now if only I can get my hands in there to get at the bridge anyways I am in a really good mood. Now the way our internet goes off and on ill be on as often as I can, I am going to try to check out the posts. Sorry to be gone soo long again. Corwin