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  1. funny question about Willowcrest

    Why not put them side by side?  Extend the porch all the way across and close off one of the front doors.  You would have to extend the roof across the same way, but could move the side dormers to the front new extended roof.  Inside it would certainly open up more rooms for larger parlor, dining and an extra bedroom.
  2. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    The box of paper alone!  It was completely full of several sheets of great patterns.  I am not sure I can use some of the templates and tools, but it was a great find!  Right place, right time.  I am rarely on that website. 
  3. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Bonus!  This week on Nextdoor, a neighbor posted she was going digital with her scrapbooking, and had a stash of items for FREE!    
  4. 2017-07-13-17.15.05.jpg

    From the album Victorian Bedroom Set

  5. 2017-07-13-17.14.48.jpg

    From the album Victorian Bedroom Set

  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I think that is a good price for the house, especially if the box is good and all the parts are there.  It is a difficult kit to get.  
  7. 2017-07-19-18.27.21.jpg

    I am anxious to get them done.  It is nice to see them progress as I do a round of each color.  So far the dark green needed two coats.  The red will need three, and I fear the gold/yellow will also need three.  At least it is the smallest of the areas to paint!
  8. 2017-07-19-18.27.36.jpg

    i discovered that using a foam brush just damp with the solution is what worked so well.  This was two coats I just tamped it on to just wet the copper.
  9. Printing Wallpaper

    So . .  I found this pictures and decided I want to use it in my Cape May dining room.  It goes well with the story line I have in my head about the house.  I was searching on here about the best paper to use, but still unsure.  I have practiced with the print on regular copy/printing paper to make sure size will be correct.  11 x 14 is the best for the dining room.  I know to use matte sealer on the paper after letting it dry for a good while.   But what do you all find best to use?  I am not too inclined to use card stock and it may be difficult to work around the corners since there are square posts in them from the building techniques of the kit.  Should I use photo paper?  Scrapbook paper?  Help!   
  10. 2017-07-19-18.27.41.jpg

    From the album Model Homes Cape May Victorian

    Final Looks of the Aged Copper Roof.
  11. 2017-07-19-18.27.36.jpg

    From the album Model Homes Cape May Victorian

    Final Looks of the Aged Copper Roof.
  12. 2017-07-19-18.27.21.jpg

    From the album Model Homes Cape May Victorian

    Painting, and Painting, and Painting Windows and Doors
  13. Dollhouses on TV and Movies

    Funny, I remember seeing this show as a kid, and loved the dollhouse.  Even back then, they had my interest.  I had forgotten all about it until I looked at the web pages.  Thanks for sharing!
  14. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Thank you Beulah!
  15. 2017-06-29_22.44.29.jpg

    I think I get more use out of them in building mini houses than I did when I read them!