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  1. The Country Peddler

    So glad you got it!  I was the one who identified it on the eBay forum from an old Miniatures Catalog.  I am envious! 
  2. Opening Scene Replicas

    If anyone has ANY of these dollhouse kits or room box kits, please let me know!  I am looking for many of the models to build. Thanks! Matt
  3. Pierce Instructions

    Does anyone out there have a copy they can scan/email me for the Pierce?  I have an old kit,  missing the instructions and some of the parts.  I contacted Greenleaf Customer Service 2 days ago and have not heard back from them. Thanks! Matt
  4. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    Every time I do a dollhouse build, I let the house speak to me on choosing its exterior colors.  I did the same with our full-size house.  When we moved it, the house was tired looking and needed to be refreshed and revived.  I did consult a professional to get the palate correct for the year of the house - 1870.  He came up with about 40 different combinations.  This one jumped out at us, and I knew it was the one the house wanted.   Isn't it funny house our real size houses can speak to us as well as our mini ones? Along with the new colors, we also fixed the porch foundation.  No more solid stucco, but correct piers and lattice panels.  The first-floor shutters were also hung correctly (they bi-fold back, so when closed they do cover each window completely).  Also, so many of the architectural details were hidden.  The brackets above the two front upstairs windows, the crown molding in the eaves and on the porch fascia.  Plus, the trim in the house fascia board. It's been a long haul, but it is finally finished! Before: After:
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Interesting idea from the Westville. Makes me wonder what happened to the rest of the house.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    A Walmer Old Village Shop Kit
  7. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    We had to have some of our shutters rebuild and new ones made that were missing. Its not cheap. All are of Spanish cypress to resist rot. But as you, it probably won't matter if we get a direct hit from a major storm.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Here is an Excellent Find!  Especially for Little House on the Prairie fans!  RARE, RARE Kit!
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    What a great house! I knew I had seen it before. It is from The Country Peddler.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    This is the kit for that "expensive, one of a kind" house mentioned earlier in this thread on eBay.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Woo Hoo!  The Seller is dropping the price!
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Another Victoriana showed up on eBay.  A bit pricey after the last one that sold.
  13. French Quarter House

    Yep, Kathie beat me to it.  Most of these decorative air vents are on the front/street side of a house with the side and back being open as the house will be setting on piers.  As said before, it allows for good air circulation and the area under the house to be kept cool and dry.
  14. Matboard

    So I have never used matboard for my mini projects and need some advice.  I am trimming out the interior of the Vineyard cottage, and am wondering if matboard is the way to go to trim the dormer windows and the new windows I replaced from the kit.  The new windows are from Grandt - plastic Gothic 5 light windows, and did not come with interior trim. What is the best way to cut the board for curved areas?  I know a new knife blade will be needed and I have read to cut from the backside of the board.  How well does it take paint or stain, if I try to match it to the wood?  I used brown shoe polish on the wood to give it the look I wanted.  I am curious if the brown shoe polish would work on the matboard?  Any other advice?   Thanks! 
  15. French Quarter House

    Hi Kells! I am watching your projects with a lot of interest.  I lived in the FQ for 15+ years (just moved uptown 1.5 years ago) and am in that neighborhood at least once a week.  You seem to be on target with your plans!  I love the Hermann-Grima and Gallier houses.  They are great sources of inspiration.  Let me know if you need any photos of places or architectural items as I would love to just wander around taking pictures. Matt
  16. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I wish I could get that for this!  I have this kit in my stash (keeping it).  I just sold (if I receive payment) the main house kit (no carriage house) for much less than $5k.  LOL These are Skilcraft kit houses.  They are nice kits, but . . . 
  17. Dollhouse Search

    That is the Duracraft Heritage.  They do pop up on eBay and Etsy from time to time.  I am not aware of anyone who makes replacement parts, as Duracraft is out of business.  Your best bet will be to find one on those site (or others) where the kit is being sold for parts.  Or you could make your own from 1/8" plywood.
  18. Magazine Need To Go!

    All of the above magazines are listed on eBay - seller id: MADnNOLA The Stanley Plans have sold.
  19. Magazine Need To Go!

    Cleaning out more than jyst some dollhouses. I have the following magazines I am purging: Miniature Gazette: Fall & Winter 1984 Summer 1985 Winter 1986 Summer 1987 Winter 1989 Fall & Winter 1991 Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter 1992 Spring & Summer 1993 Spring & Fall 1994 Spring, Summer, & Fall 1998 Holiday 2000   Nutshell News: Sept & Nov 1980 April 1981 April 1982 Aug & Dec 1985 Jan, Feb, & March 1986 Dec 1988 July & Oct 1990 Feb, April, June, July, & Aug 1991 April 1992 April, May, Aug, & Nov 1994 Dec 1995    
  20. 2nd Cleaning of Stash - Dollhouse Kits

    Skilcraft Country Manor is sold
  21. So here are the rest of the kits I am going to purge from my stash: Batrie's The Bradley Oakridge Elizabeth Anne 1/2 scale house Skilcraft Country Manor Skilcraft Victorian   PM me for more info!   Matt
  22. Project Updates - PROGRESS!

    This was actually a very common practice on old homes.  To keep the balance on the exterior, but not interfere with the layout of the inside, many homes with exterior shutters used this trick!  I have seen several 1:1 size houses that have done this.
  23. Magazine Need To Go!

    I also have listed on eBay a couple of vintage doll  house plans from Stanley Tools and Elmer's Glue. Stanley Colonial Saltbox: Elmer's Victorian:
  24. Cleaning of Stash - Dollhouse Kits

    One McKinley has sold
  25. So, I am starting on clearing kits, since acquiring the Granville.  I have to admit, it is nice to have these kits, but some of them don't really speak to me, and the others I know I won't get to, as the ones I am keeping will be built first.  So, private message me if you are interested.  I have them priced below (including shipping) what I have found out there on Amazon, eBay, etc.  Shipping will be UPS as they seem to have the cheapest rates based on the box sizes and weight.  All of these are in the original boxes and are still sealed unless noted. Beacon Hill Fairfield Glencroft Pierce McKinley - I have 2 of these.  One is not in the original box, but it is complete. Real Good Toys Newport - it is an MDF Kit   This is the first round of selling kits.  I have a few others, but need to get them out, measure, weigh, and figure $$ and shipping costs.