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  1. It seems like the longest wait for a room box or dollhouse to be delivered! then the fun begins! <3 getting back into miniatures! yay

    1. Cheverly

      Welcome back! :)

    2. rackey

      Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the hardest part." I wouln't be surprised if he orderd a dollhouse.

  2. :/ school started and It seems like I will never have time:/ well i do but, I have school work which comes first... Weekends?!

    1. GirlPiper

      Unwinding on small stuff after supper?

  3. Yay, my Ashley mansion was picked up by my mom yesterday since she was in town for work:) this means im going to hopefully be building the little bakery:)

    1. kat57

      Yay! Stick with it,Sarah,and I bet it will be great!

  4. Angry....FedEx can never find our house. Yeah we live in the middle of no where but, why can't this company afford a GPS?

    1. Selkie

      GPS and Map programs always place our house incorrectly so those never help for us.

    2. kat57

      In my rural south area,GPS is often a joke! Not funny when my client needs her meds!!Hope they locate u soon!

    3. darahsmile

      Finally got my kit today, after trying to explain over the phone i just asked my mom to grab it after work... "Delivering companies" what a joke. I love USPS. They never get my mail wrong! That's why I love eBay:)

  5. Well, my floor board molding came for my bakery today along with my first working windows ( which I played with for five minutes opening and closing....) and some porch spindles. Then there was even more from eBay which had a lot of laundry items in there boxes for my grandmas present:)) mail box was so full they had to rubberband it shut! Bahaha i still have yet to get my Ashley mansion.. Hopefully tomarrow!

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    2. GenieBird

      Those windows sound wonderful. I'm at the stage where I have to consider windows for my house, too. Decisions decisions ... which ones to have.

    3. kat57

      Glad you're having so much fun with it,Sarah!Did the Ashley arrive?

    4. darahsmile

      Not yet, FedEx is having problems finding our house again....:/ that's the one big reason I want my own place... But, its free since im young still:) the reason i bought everything now then later is because if i didnt i would keep messing with the kit and forget what im really suppose to be doing... Happend with the Fairfield so i had to put it to the side:(

  6. This is 1 days work.

    From the album Play kitchen

    1. Get it up into the garage from the basement. ( its four foot tall and 5 foot wide!) 2. Primer the places you want painted.( there will be cabinet like storage areas i really wanted normal like our kitchen.) 3. Paint the areas you wanted painte. ( the red parts.) 4. Cut a hole for the plastic tube( the sink that auntie pitched in from her craft room.) 5. Look on Internet for ideas of the stove and the sink knobs and spout.... Have no clue!
  7. One old entertainment center

    From the album Play kitchen

    My mom had bought a new one since she bought a flat screen tv in 2012's December. Yes we had a huge bulky tv for a while:) the entertainment center was going to be burned... I saved it for another round of life:D
  8. Today I started a really big project... Will only last three to four days. What is it. In entertainment center into a child's play kitchen! It's a gift for my nephews:) when they come to see auntie and their grandparents! I will keep posting until. Believe its finished!

    1. GirlPiper

      I saw your photos in the gallery--very clever recycling!

    2. darahsmile

      Thank you:)

  9. first timer with a Fair Field

    The shingles scared me too. The Fairfield is my second build and im hoping it goes better then my mckinley im trying to sell... It's not all the way finished...:/ to big for my area... I wish you luck! If you want wood floors i would use skinny sticks you can buy cheaply in the walmart craft department by the Popsicle sticks. Takes a long time but, man does it pack a punch! Looks amazing when finished!
  10. What do you do with furniture! It's everywhere? Little mini furniture. I put it in boxes. Look through it. Put them in different boxes. Then im just thinking about selling the pieces I'm not to fond of. Ahhh!

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    2. darahsmile

      I've only boughten one furniture lot from eBay and a lot of single furniture from eBay as well as the cheap hobby lobby sets.... Im going to redo them next time i put them in a house. Does any one ever make cabinets out of the top of a weird shelf/book case? I've done this once! It's amazing since the McKinleys kitchen is soooo small!

    3. kellee

      I have the same problem, I've picked up a ton of furniture and accessories from yard sales, Craigslist, etc. I am going to go thru it all and separate it according to house it will be used in. Then I will sell the rest. No use keeping it when someone else may love it.

    4. darahsmile

      Yeah. Im wanting to get rid of some furniture but, I heard eBay costs money to put on there listing. The separating rooms and houses is a great idea! I should do this as well since there is no point on keeping furniture you hate. Unless you can change it some how.

  11. Black Witch's Cat

    That would be so cute:) hope you have pictures! Im going to go mini snooping!
  12. Black Witch's Cat

    I'm making a buttercup cottage into a witches bakery. It's a theme from the thriller movie hansel and Gretel that came out a few months ago! I love Hansel and Gretel since i was really young! Ps. How Did You Make her/him? The cat is soo cute!
  13. Fairfield Front

    How did you do the brick work on the foundation? I've been wanting to do red brick and haven't figured out how yet.
  14. Updated...

    My McKinley would normally be on the desk in the left corner. Probably cant see it but, it felt like it was taking over my craft room. I don't only do miniatures. I run a small art business out of that room. I water color and acrylic paint. I will stick to room boxes and smaller dollhouses since a full house is to much for me to handle in the space im working with.:/
  15. Updated...

    From the album McKinley

    Sorry its and advertisement picture i took.... It was dark out so i had artificial lighting to work with. No electricity outlets in my craft room yet, so that's what happens.