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  1. GEDC3403

    I really like the wall shelf in the kitchen. What a great idea!!
  2. Half scale striped rug

    From the album Grandma's Summer House

    A simple rug.
  3. Second floor stairs

    From the album Grandma's Summer House

    Between the warping issues and the odd little curved stairs, these came out a bit rickety. A little spackle and trim will fix that up.
  4. Living room, fireplace.

    From the album Glencroft

  5. Living room

    From the album Glencroft

  6. Kitchen, right side

    From the album Glencroft

  7. More Kitchen

    From the album Glencroft

  8. Kitchen

    From the album Glencroft

    I'm electrifying this dollhouse - my first time. The kitchen has a chicken theme. It's an old-fashioned kitchen. It'll have a cast-iron stove. Although the kit has a door for this room, I won't be using it.
  9. Kitchen

    Nice choice!
  10. tree house

    Wow! That is so original! Very creative!
  11. Floors and partitions.

    From the album Grandma's Summer House

    Beginning stages of construction on Grandma's Summer House. Half scale Van Buren.
  12. 2nd and 3rd floors.

    Yes, the Fairfield is half scale.
  13. From the album Fairfield, haunted edition

    The tombstones are on the left. I made the tombstones from a piece of packing wrap. I cut the shapes, glued the "stone to the base, painted them gray, painted the inscriptions, and glued them to the yard. Unfortunately, the camera seems to mostly pick up the fence; the tombstones are hard to see.
  14. Side view, yard and tree.

    From the album Fairfield, haunted edition

    Side yard, view of the tree. The tree was an Ebay find, in a lot of landscaping materials.