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  1. Quick catch-up: I entered my half-scale Victorian in the

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dalesq

      Congratulations! :D

    3. kat57

      Congratulations Pat! I hope the damage repair isn't too tedious!

    4. GirlPiper

      Good job!

  2. Chloe's Cottage Finished

    This is charming!
  3. My RGT half scale bungalow arrived today. Time to research! May not start it right away due to Intensive Gardening. :)

    1. chapchap73

      You'll love it!

  4. Working on the Robin Betterley Christmas Market Stall. Then I will make another one for a friend for her Christmas gift. :)

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    2. -defunct account-

      So adorable. Have fun!

    3. kellyannmo

      I love Robin Betterley stuff... please post pics :)

    4. chapchap73

      Love those kits:)

  5. Front

    No, the base is part of it. The walls fit through slots and have little shims anchoring them underneath. It's really much prettier than I could photograph with the iPad. The vendor had the MOST gorgeous area rugs too, but I couldn't afford them either.
  6. Front

  7. Open side

  8. What do you guys use to clean the gunk off your tweezers?

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    2. GirlPiper

      Sometimes I scrape the stuff off with a flatblade screwdriver or utility knife.

    3. chapchap73

      Straight edge razor. I've also put them in a heat safe bowl and dumped in boiling water and vinegar.

  9. living room

    I love this. Just love it.
  10. Janet Photo 3

    Love this!
  11. April Photo 3

    Did I mention how much I love this?
  12. April Photo 2

    Bees! Love this! I have two hives! What did you use for foundation in your frames? REALLY love the floor!
  13. 1/2 Chantilly

    Love the ceiling!