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  1. My push outs are splitting my wood!

    I know that handle especially the plastic ones have issues.  My current #6 is at least 50 years old and is better than the newer ones. It seems to be an issue with the quality of the collet nut. I got it as part of the tri fold tool cabinet xacto once made.  I'm still looking for the original swedish pliers until then I am using a few from Western Optical an Optician's supply house
  2. My push outs are splitting my wood!

    It depends on the knife you choose....#5 handle (red bakelite) an old one with a #2 pointed blade  or a #2 handle and the large pointy blade used like a scalpel to do surgery on the parts.  I wish X-Acto still made the #13 micro saw blade would be perfect for this  cut  through the web to start use the micro saw to work around all of the straight cuts
  3. Greenleaf Village

    Melissa that is a wonderful bargain you found have fun with it.   I have extra buildings to do an improved village using index card strips to make clapboards possibly basswood strips to make new trim instead of the white cardstock, stucco using craft paint and either white sand or no slip paint additive.  I am looking at stretching the single village store into a block of 3-4  with copper seamed roofing instead of shingles on the Mansard roof, extend the Village depot into a more formidible station with a baggage room and build a water tower out of a Planters peanut can and square sticks for the framing and legs Mine are probably located way back in the photo gallery
  4. My push outs are splitting my wood!

    My gut feeling is to use an X-Acto knife to finish slicing through the last little bit of the plywood and the uncut portions that hold the pieces to the sheets.  A utility knife may do the job but the x-acto has a little better control.
  5. The model Railroad section indeed has "house lights"  the bulb is a miniature screw base bulb about the size of a pea.  Usually they come with 12v bulbs feed them 8-10v they will last near forever and not overheat the houses.  That is what I did with mine.   Ed
  6. sand-paint finish?

    Suggestion....The fine sand used to do sand painting use white mixed with craft store acrylic paint should have the right "stucco" look
  7. Lionel House #184 Music Box Church

    I have had that music box church for over 50 years...it plays "Silent Night"  The little lithographed Lionel House might make a cure addition to the village as well.  I am also looking at designing a covered bridge similar to the Plasticville Covered bridge in wood.  It might be fun to build it with all of the internal framing that a full scale bridge would have.
  8. Trains3.jpg

    I could see the village station enlarged with a baggage room at one end.  For the railroad station cluster I could see a water tank based on a "Nut Can" think Planters with scribed basswood for the siding the hoops or bands keeping this tank together is a challenge....brass wire tensioned around the tank then solderedand painted black with rust stains and a 12 section roof
  9. Store_Library.jpg

    I could see another Library decorated as a city hall or Masonic Temple.  I could see the village store made into a row of stores either 3 or 4 stores in one piece.  Imelda's Shoe Store, Hardware Store Delicatessen and some upstairs businesses "Dewey, Cheatum & Howe" accountants and others
  10. TackyChristmas.jpg

    The tacky Christmas house (not as bad as the Griswold's) has LeMax light strings, light up santa and light up shrubs.
  11. UpperLevel.jpg

    The locomotive is a pre-WWII Lionel 225e it is pulling a series of 2650 series freight cars 2654 Boxcar, 2655 Shell Tank Car and 2652 Yellow Gondola.  The blue and white house is  a Lionel 189
  12. Train Set Scale?

    1:12 scale trains are 1" scale live steam....Think "Little Engines " they make the castings and parts to build your own but it will burn coal, kerosene or propane.  It is a hobby for machinists and others with access to serious machine tools.
  13. Barn 4

    From the album Barn for Village

  14. Barn 3

    From the album Barn for Village

  15. Barn 2

    From the album Barn for Village