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  1. I’m traveling to Medford NJ area soon, any brick and mortar stores in that area? 
  2. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Yep - that's it - I paid in the $30-40 range for mine  
  3. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Lynette, I tried to comment on your pics - your space is great!  A room to create! as far as carpets, even though I have wood floors I did buy those mats that they use in offices, cause I'm a messy drpppy person, makes clean up easier, not to mention finding dropped mini things.
  4. Craftsman Texture on Interior Walls

    My real home is lathe and plaster, and it's really smooth, just an occasional imperfection, so I wouldn't go too far with the texture. It's mostly an uneven quality, if that makes sense?  Not perfectly flat, but smooth. I love my walls, smooth, not textured, I think I like them for the same reason I like old glass, a slight ripple here and there. To replicate my walls I have used a joint compound, but first I cover the walls with a smooth board, like a cardstock, or a foam board, apply thinly, and sand.  Using the boards means I need less of the joint compound to fill wood cracks, and less sanding too.
  5. I used Triple Thick Glaze, no stickiness. Modpodge, I had stickiness
  6. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    I finished my strip wood and scraps storage!  I super happy with it. I found out I have some half scale moulding, who knew!  Sorting out and being able to actually see the stuff is amazing.  Plus it's off the floor, for the most part.  I kept some in their tubes - so I can see all the small bits, cut the wire out to make room for the tubes. I feel like I have a few more days of sorting boxes, and I'll be able to get back to building.  The timing is good, cause I'll be down to one grand kid for a few weeks, and it's the grand kid who doesn't require my thumb on him all the time. Ive realized this is now a pattern for me, when the summer heat hits, I clean  my work area, sort it out.  I have boxed up stuff for different friends who have different scales, making houses for friends.  I found I have duplicate hole punches, sending thosr to another friend who is learning how to make flowers  I have an old suitcase for the St. Louis garage sale set aside.  Then in the fall, clean the Xmas and Halloween miniatures and sort this out too. I am becoming predictable   
  7. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    My egg carton stash runs hot and cold, KathieB gave me a stack from her garage sale, so I had loads, my friend mentioned she was looking for some, so I sent them to her, and then I decided I needed a rock garden, had 3, and was lurking at our recycling center, called my husband all excited cause I found 5, and a lady he works with over heard, seems she has chickens and gives away eggs, so people are constantly giving her egg cartons.  So, when people drop them off to her, she weeds out the kind we use, and sends them home with him.  Now I have boxes of them stuffed in the knee hole walls, and I am not going to turn them down!  I am the source for egg cartons locally now, took a stack to my friend in okc recently. Terriann - that is one of my favorite houses, having doors the cats can't get into it and nap!  I found mine on Craigslist too- it had crayon marks all over it.  My windows were yellowed so I taped them off and spray painted them white again
  8. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    I could be wrong, someone told me it was a toy dollhouse for kids from England.  I found this one on Craigslist - it has stairs in the middle, what about yours? I added some walls and such - they look the same don't they!  
  9. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    I have decided to steal some wall space and do the same for the moulding, move off the cart.  First I have to gather to supplies though.   And why does my iPad keep changing moulding to molding?  Grrr
  10. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    And the pictures loaded !  Even more excited, despite the fact that our dark rainy day made my pictures a little dark  used a metal cut off tool - sparked like crazy, grandsons are super impressed with me.   Had to sand the top of the door - someone explain why standing on a stool 3 floors up in the attic is way more terrifying than standing on a stool on the main level?  Now if I had a second door in the attic I would do it again for the moldings.  They are stored right now in a cart I found in the trash years ago.  I can drag the cart to where I am working so that's convenient.
  11. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Okay - my strip wood storage idea worked!  I am super excited 
  12. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Teriann -I think I have the house in your picture, the one with the doors, I very much enjoyed renovating it.   So,  cleaning suspended, room is a wreck, I bought a tiny glass terrarium and of course, had to create a little scene in it ...  back to cleaning tomorrow.  I moved all my molding strips onto a cart I found in the trash, I use clear tubes to sort them, and it all moved over as though the cart was meant to hold them.  I want the wood "planks" off the floor so I'm going to try a back of the door rack I found at target - we will see.  I saw the box and thought, hmmmm -that might work ...  
  13. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    I am out, and I have to laugh, my room is in a state of neat and clean.  Which is very rare!   My grandsons are here for the entire summer, and we turned the attic landing into a small bed room for one of the boys.  His brother likes to talk all night, and he wanted a space of his own.   But- That means the door must stay open all night, so I can't actually drag too much out, cats you know, live for a good mess to get into! so - my mini work has been me pulling out each tub, emptying all shelves, and just generally rearranging and weeding everything.  So right now, I'm surrounded by open tubs and ziplock bags! tried to attach a pic, would not let me!
  14. Identify this house?

    I really want a half scale - so that's kinda sad - but I will make room for any doll house!
  15. Identify this house?

    But the door is very short?  It's a tiny house for very short people?