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  1. Oh, I saw one of those this weekend and pondered it.  I didn't get it because I’m mostly working smaller scales, and there was only one.   When we go back I may have to get it!  I never thought of doing a special one window i will keep my eye out for a water tower, I confess I’m unsure of at scale, I don’t know that I’ve seen that scale, but since I usually go straight to smaller scales, maybe I missed it.  
  2. Oh yes, flower foam and roofing materials too! 
  3. I went, I shopped and it was such fun!
  4. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.  My husband is the seller, im the buyer!
  5. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    You know, I told a friend about the garage sale, she had bought an entire store from Florida that was going out of business.  She basically took all her duplicates and sold for half of whatever it’s sticker said.   And as the day went on she was group pricing  But I think her prices were more current 
  6. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    The garage sale - When we went the first time I seriously under priced my stuff, now my husband is in charge of that.  He does a lot of buy x amount get it for this amount.  We’ve usually just had the stuff from bags - you know if you find a bag of stuff for 10.00 and you only want a few things, I used to just donate the stuff I didn’t want but my husband and friend talked me into selling. you could try looking online?  The table being such a good price really makes it worth it.   We’ve never done a real show and sale, I assume the prices would be higher there, but so would the table and initial cost.  Also, the garage sale is 9-2 ish, (we go in to set up at around 7)  so it is over in one day!   
  7. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Hey, you should consider a table at the dollhouse show in St. Louis in Oct! Take all the duplicates!    Or, in the spring the museum garage sale is only $20 for a table,  yet the expect garage sale pricing of course!  And you get to go in early! So you get to shop before the crowds!
  8. My husband is building an N scale mode train scene, new hobby for him, so we hit all the stores in KC over the last few weeks.   For my 144 scale, 1/4 scale, and 1/2 scale I’ve found all kinds of details, windows, fences, etc.  apparently all the old wood stuff is not the in thing any more so they’ve been basically clearance pricing them for me, but today was the best, the man who owned the shop told me his train store used to belong to a woman named carol and was a dollhouse store, he pulled out a bunch of old molding - I said price? He said I got it for free, you can have it for free! Yay!  We were there for hours, and it was a very chaotic shop, being as I was a librarian in a previous life I was sorting and pricing his piles for him, he said thank you for not charging me for working!  Funny thing, in St. Louis at a dollhouse garage sale at the museum, the ladies sold my husband a huge box of train stuff for $2.  I guess one or the other they are getting rid of stuff  it was a fun day, because today we also went to the Kc dollhouse show! Trains and dollhouses all day!
  9. What would be your dream dollhouse?

    What a beautiful home in Santa Fe - I lived in NM (south east) for 8 years, had a lovely white Adobe that was there before the neighborhood, so I am always looking and buying adobe homes 
  10. I usually go to a neutral locations - scariest was a strange man “selling his dead wives collection”.  We met in a seedy parking lot. he kept saying he wants me to look in his trunk, luckily my spouse was with me, he popped open his trunk ... and I nearly pushed my husband out of the way, it was chock full of the house of miniatures furniture kits!  And other stuff.  He said would you buy them all for 50.00 - I said yes!  There were 80 of them, and a bunch of other stuff, lights etc.   it felt like I was doing an illicit drug deal 
  11. Garage sale finds

    They will have another in Aug I think
  12. Garage sale finds

    I went to the St Louis dollhouse museum sale last month - I’ve really been only buying 1/4 scale and below, and crazily enough all the sellers were selling tiny scales!  I bought soooo very much stuff.I've been rearranging my work space to make room. My husband took a table and sold a bunch of my weeded out stuff, we donated a lot too.  But, he almost made as much money as I spent!  Ha This is my favorite purchase,    it was totally wrapped in Saran Wrap, everyone was ignoring it, and as I was leaving I said on a whim, how much for the blue house, she said, $2, it a Cynthia Howe design, I didn’t know who that was, thought she said Rowe actually, but the price was right.  I emailed Cynthia Howe after I opened it, I wanted to know how she made the hinge, she was so nice, told me how, gave me lots of advice, and she said she had some extras - I bought the Victorian Gothic kit from her, not $2, full price.  
  13. From the album 144 and such

    Went to the St Louis museum garage sale, and amongst my buys, these are my favorites the inside. 
  14. garage sale finds

    From the album 144 and such

    Went to the St Louis museum garage sale, and amongst my buys, these are my favorites This house was wrapped in Saran Wrap, I said, how much, on a whim, bought it unopened for $2.  The seller said to me, it’s a Cynthia’s Howe design, so she knew what it was.  It even lights up!