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  1. What's everyone working on?

    The glue holding the first floor walls and floors together finally dried. A couple of the spots dried crooked. A couple of spots didn't glue well and came undone.  I need to just suck it up and reglue the entire thing but I'm sure that it'll dry just as crooked since one of the pieces is just a little warped. I'm likely going to smoosh some glue in to hold the walls together and then just sand to make the divider wall fit. I should have glued it already but that's how it goes.  It was just done enough that I could play around a little tonight with some furniture odds and ends. I have a spinning wheel and a treadle sewing machine for it. I want to make a navajo loom, a floor loom, and a great wheel for it as well. Of course, then I'll need a cone holder and lots of shelving for all the yarn and fiber that one needs for the craft room that I'm envisioning. I spent several hours looking at pictures online of looms to convince myself that I can make some ok enough replicas if I would just stop being intimidated. It's mostly simple. 
  2. What's everyone working on?

    There is actually a dollhouse shop here in town so I spent most of my morning getting over there and browsing. Came home with the windows that I needed for the first floor. I need to un-warp one of the walls before I can start thinking about gluing the shell together. I'll get on that tonight because I want to at least have the first floor shell started so that I can start playing with some of the furniture that's in the stash.
  3. walls_n.jpg

    From the album little shop of...

    Always loved watching brickwork in progress
  4. From the album little shop of...

    tagging it
  5. topbottom.jpg

    From the album little shop of...

    The front piece sits on top of the body to let us see inside easier.
  6. beads_n.jpg

    From the album little shop of...

    beads as lights
  7. Yes, the mini bug is definitely a chronic condition. I was 4 the first time I saw anything in small scale but it was so memorable and so massive that I can still remember bits and pieces of it.    I'm thinking that I'll start with building a navajo loom. That one should be pretty easy. Then I'll move on to the slightly more tricky floor loom.    I just would really like to build the fiber studio that I can't have. :)
  8. You are my new favorite person. Now I wish the house shell was here rather than in Kansas but I have the box with all the ruined, oddly shaped mouldings here and now I can actually start dreaming about this again. Perhaps you have an idea of how much you  just made my day.