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  1. Painting

    Looking back there's things I would have done different - but I had to make that super quick. On Thanksgiving Day my daughter asked for it for Christmas - so in between all the holiday craziness I made that with mostly whatever I had on hand and in my stock of furniture/accessories. She wanted retro style so the only thing I specifically bought for it was that old fashioned red step ladder - which I got online and cost more than the kit LOLOLOL.
  2. Hello from Florida

    Me too! I wish we had dollhouse stores here - I don't even know where the closest is, do you? We rode up to Arcadia last weekend looking for dollhouse stuff in all the antique stores, found a few little things - no pun intended - but no dollhouse furniture, more like shadow box stuff that works in a dollhouse. We're going to LaBelle soon too because a few yrs ago I found an antique store with a dollhouse section, so hopefully she's still there.
  3. Painting

    I figured you would! Ha. Very excited to see your finished trailer, it looks amazing so far.
  4. Hello from Florida

    Hello!! I live in Fort Myers - I'm just across the river from you! Been here since 1968.
  5. Painting

    Oh good tip! I kinked a lid on my favorite stain color and didn't notice, but luckily used it in time to catch it and I used aluminum foil with a rubber band around the outside of it LOL. Never thought to use clear wrap underneath the lid.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I wonder if they meant $145.00 and didn't notice the typo? It looks big but doesn't seem all too special. I like the floor plan though, and the wrap around porch.
  7. Painting

    I use a coat of polyurethane on all the wood before I paint it or cover it. Even the smallest of pieces, like trim etc. It's thin and goes on easy with a paintbrush and dries relatively fast. Anything and everything wood gets a coat - furniture, accessories, whatever. Unless I'm staining wood, then I don't. This is an older picture, maybe 5 yrs ago - and I'm still using the same can. (sealed tight and shaken often)    
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I went back to eBay to see that Lawbre Nantucket that was all messed up that was posted here not too long ago, and it's either sold/gone now. I was very tempted to go get it because it's only an hour from me. I snooze I lose. I really am running out of room though so it's ok    Anyhoo...these two are from the same seller and I like them both...can't go get them because I'm in South Florida but they're unique, and I would make room for them if they were local LOL Adobe style: House with Garage:
  9. Painting

    I also use a scrapbook paper for wallpaper. But I also scrapbook as a hobby, so it's not as wasteful buying a whole book for just a few pages. But always check the clearance section at craft stores (or even walmart/target), sometimes you can find a deal on scrapbook paper books. A friend closed his paint store and gave me 10 huge sample books of wallpaper, so I've used those a lot too, but they weren't self adhesive. I used glue spread out evenly over the whole page with a sponge. But I've also painted a lot too. When I need a solid colored wall or section I choose to paint instead of cover up. I use acrylics, flat, for walls. If you're not going to electrify, it's easier to do all the floors, walls and ceilings before you build/as you go. Dry fit it first though - before you start to cover any wood. You'll get to know which parts you should paint first. I also find it easier to measure baseboards, chair rails, moldings etc while I can still hold the walls in my hand, before the rooms are permanently put together. For re-doing a house already built, I use cardboard templates. Saves a lot of trial and error LOL!
  10. I bought an RGT Queen Anne kit!

    How exciting! That's a great feeling. Have fun with it that's a big house. I love the wrap around porches.
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Cynthia the rug turned out beautiful, and matches the room perfectly. I love making something then looking at it in a house knowing all the hard work that went into making it.   I'm currently working on a few things.... I'm still finishing a Brookwood - it's a beach house/nautical theme.I have so many awesome things for it that I don't have enough room to display everything, so I'm trying to be creative with extra shelves, etc. I just don't want it to end up too "busy" looking. I'm trying to stay within a color scheme too, since I want the long distance look of the inside of the house to blend together. Red-Blue-Grey-White-Turquoise. It's built, I just need to finish shingles, exterior, trim, windows-a lot more to do. I'm busy with the interior details though, because I still wanna be able to tip it on its side, etc to mount stuff before I finish the exterior. I also picked up a mint condition completed RGT Alison Jr at a thrift shop, just needed finished staircases, doors, moldings, minor things. Plus only 3 rooms had the floors done, but done beautifully with wood and vinyl tile. I'm stripping all the wallpaper, I don't like any of it. Nicely done curtains, but I don't like any of them either so they're down already. I'll save them for another house. TechnicalIy, I probably have enough stuff to complete & furnish the entire house, but I'm not satisfied with my stock so I've been on a shopping hunt for specific stuff to make the house exactly how I want. It's pretty big, and so are the rooms, so I've been totally distracted from my Brookwood! Plus I'm pre-planning a bakery, and still on the hunt for a good Brimble's Mercantile kit :-)
  12. Cutting board vignettes

    Those are adorbs! What a great idea, and the possibilities are endless. I could even see small furniture attached on there.
  13. Greenleaf Products, plus some questions

    Trying a pic again....Its paperclay with the back of the brick imprint on it. The front of the fireplace has seashells in it - I'm making a Brookwood into a beach house. The insides of the fireplace is the same red brick sheet but pained/washed    
  14. ISO Greenleaf Brimbles Mercantile Kit

    Thanks for the link! Staring at it again:-).  Yes I saw it on there too, but I was hoping for an older one someone had still sitting around, there's something nostalgic about getting an old kit. Also, not gonna lie I'd rather not have a laser kit, I'd like an original kit.
  15. I've been looking for a Greenleaf Brimbles Mercantile kit - in an UNOPENED box - as that's going to be my next project (after I finish the 2 I'm working on LOL) so if anybody happens to have one sitting around, are you willing to part with it? Or if anyone knows of one for sale anywhere, I'd love to acquire it. The ones I've seen on eBay have been opened or the box is damaged, etc. and I just don't want that risk. I'm still a few month's away from starting it so I have time to hunt. I've been gathering the contents though for it for a while :-) There are similar "shops" out there, but after looking I'm really stuck on the Brimbles, and I'm partial to Greenleaf builds.