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  1. AC Moore closing all its stores

    I'm in Fort Myers FL and they closed mine about a year ago. I was so sad/mad. It was located directly across the street from our Hobby Lobby - too perfect. They had the best prices too, there is stuff I would specifically get there. I also liked them for wood, Michael's wood is messy and the strips are always out of stock. I'm left with Michaels (multiple locations), Hobby Lobby and Joann's. Other than the hardware store/Harbor Freight etc I have to online shop.
  2. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Me too Holly! I'm thankful for the internet, otherwise I would literally be in my own mini world
  3. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Thanks so much Holly for the ID and the link, that's it for sure. Looks like you had a great day :-) I might bash the 2 Harrison's together. I have the extra roof for the one I picked up yesterday, its not showing in the pics above. Also have a bag full of some nice lighting fixtures and some other goodies that came with it. The other one is bare though, but seems to have most of the larger parts. I haven't even touched it yet. Here's a pic of the rescued one:  
  4. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    I bought a DuraCraft Pioneer Log Cabin off Marketplace yesterday. Nice lady, told her I have a few others I've built and I left. Down the road she text and said she has another dollhouse in the garage, so I turned around and went back. It's a Greenleaf Harrison that their mother had built. She passed away 7 yrs ago and they gave it to me for free on one condition, that I send them photos once it's fixed up. It came with a little mini-tudor dollhouse inside of it, which is so adorable, and well made. Wondering if she made it herself, or if anyone has seen one before by any chance? Just curious if she made it. I almost didn't buy that log house, but something told me to just go get it. I am so glad I did!!! I should also mention that I just got another Harrison which was rescued out of the attic of a vacant house to be demolished. Its a bare wood partially assembled missing parts Harrison, but it has the original windows still and the staircases. My mind is kinda spinning.
  5. Decorating your houses for the holidays?

    Its very pretty NellBell - I would love to walk in my house and see it on my table too HaHa.   I have all mine in one area, and I spend a lot of time in that area I find myself staring at them, and "playing" with my dollhouses.
  6. People always ask me if I decorate my dollhouses for the holidays, and I don't. Three reasons - #1 I have 4 houses on display and the front of the homes face the wall (a mirror actually) so that you can see all the rooms and contents. I don't have lazy susan's so you have to pick them up to turn them around, which no one is allowed to do but me LOL. #2 I don't want to decorate the individual rooms because I have carefully placed all the furniture and sit-a-bouts. I don't want to go through all the rearranging I do for xmas in my real home with 4 dollhouses LOL. #3 I have a ginormous xmas village that I put up every year. Takes me 2 days to set it up, so that's plenty of mini-holiday enjoyment. Curious if anyone that has their homes on display decorate them for the holidays? I see so many awesome little things I want to buy for them so I'm tempted to turn one around (RGT Alison Jr) and go for it.
  7. How was the Tooth Fairy revealed to you?

    My older sister ruined it for me. All the magic, not just the tooth fairy - Easter Bunny, Santa, etc. When my kids would say other kids told them their parents put presents under the tree at Christmas I would explain it like this:  Those kids are bad and getting coal, and their parents feel bad that Santa isn't bringing any toys, so they're putting them there instead. Better be good because I won't do that. @KathieB - I've never heard of a birthday fairy I love that idea, wish my kids weren't grown I would have started that tradition!
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

      A $1500 Harrison...not even a fancy one
  9. 10.jpg

    Thank you, it was fun to work on! Doing the inside now, I'll update the photos when I'm done
  10. 3.jpg

    Thanks!! Yes it's a Lenox mini birdhouse. I found it in an antique store in Arcadia, Florida
  11. Deck Lighting

    Yes there's one little light up there :-)
  12. Brookwood Exterior

  13. The SS Brookwood

    From the album Greenleaf Brookwood Boat House

    The SS Brookwood ready to go fishing with cast net, lantern, rods, nets and life vest
  14. 8a.jpg

  15. 8.jpg