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  1. Our new shelter pup

    Awww! So cute! My dog is from a high kill shelter, only given 10 days and then that is the end for them. So glad you are giving this little cutie a home. What is his name?
  2. We go to Manassas, Virginia to see our youngest son - we live in Connecticut - and it is just more driving than I like to do! Hate the bridges in New York and the traffic. Flying is definitely the way to go!
  3. I've been away a lot lately. Trying to catch up - what a nice surprise to see that you got this chance! Congratulations! Are you driving from Florida to Maine? If you need a stop over in Connecticut - let me know. Our house is only a few minutes off of I-95 north. You are so talented already, what you will learn there will really perfect your skills!
  4. Spring Fling 2013

    What am I missing? Went to the store, clicked on 2013 Spring Fling and they are calling it the tea house from 2012? Is it that little house with a front door and windows on each side?
  5. Spring Fling 2013

    Well - I go away for 5 days and still nothing. Thought for sure I would be reading about the Spring Fling release when I got back......*sigh*......guess not.....
  6. Spring Fling 2013

    No smartphone! No web TV. I pay $25 every three months for my cell phone. It does nothing except allow me to make a phone call if I get stranded on the side of the road when I make these trips alone. Which is fine, other than that I really don't need the phone. My mom lives in northern N.J. It is all cow and horse farms. Most of the people are still using dial-up out there! Talk about rural!!! One of the aides that comes to the house has to go outside to use her own cell phone and stand in the middle of the driveway to get a connection! Hard to believe that is is only an hour away from New York and it is like hillbilly land!
  7. Spring Fling 2013

    I have to go out of state tomorrow to help my mom out, there is no internet connection there and so will be without my laptop. Withdrawal will ensue in two days! I just have a feeling they will announce while I am gone! Go figure, well - something to look forward to when I get back. *pout*
  8. Tile mural - starting the grout lines

    Wow! A lot of work, but well worth the effort!
  9. DSCN0635

    Nice job! What a cute kitchen! Love the stove, too.
  10. Imagination

    LOL! Yep - good thinking, Ken! Great idea.
  11. Pink and Orange.

    Very "girly" and just perfect for a little girl!
  12. Wood stove with firewood

    This could not have come out any more perfect than what you did. Wonderful!
  13. Working on the Chateau

    Beautiful view of this room!
  14. 1/2 scale Chillingsworth Cottage

    I love what you have done with the build-along! So cute with the bike and I love the flowers. I'm working on my build-along also, but I am so sloooow!
  15. Working on the Chateau

    It really looks terrific! Love looking at your pictures.