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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m always sorry to see a mini vendor close their doors. There’s still time to get some supplies from them before they are gone.
  2. Wiring an partially completed dollhouse

    If you are only wanting a few lights another option is battery operated lights. They don’t require wiring but you have to individually turn them on and off.
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    There are some collector's pieces in there. I’ve seen sterling pieces alone go for in the high-hundreds. 
  4. Do all Bespaq pieces have a sticker?

    Sometimes they have stickers, sometimes the logo is stamped into the wood. And the sticker blue has dried up on some pieces I’ve bought. I’ve also bought pieces without stickers or stamps.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/Petite-Properties-Ltd-136642989703353/?hc_ref=ARTxligolkPZPzbayYiOCAXAtS8JCOW28at9EQSkmChvZbuO23tmlvD4GIHMsj-8tUA&fref=nf FYI, Petite Properties has a Facebook presence. I saw this today so if you have questions about their houses/kits you might want to check this out.  
  6. Thrift stores finds

    I've used Gallery Glass for coloring “stained glass” windows for houses and for real life lampshades in the past. It works well. Some of the pinks will fade over time, but the deeper colors hold up well.
  7. So Sad My Beloved Dog

    I’m so sorry Rosy. They mean so much to us. Take care of yourself.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I’ve bought a lot of books from this seller and never been disappointed. She has really consistent quality.  
  9. House ID - worth buying?

    Good luck with it! 
  10. Sounds like you alll will have a blast! Don't forget to show us your finds. I love to live vicariously. 
  11. You might PM Kellyannmo. She has done several of them. Her albums are here http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=6564&tab=node_gallery_gallery  
  12. Lidi Stroud Baskets.JPG

    Wonderful baskets!
  13. Sweet hubby

    And blades! Great Stuff! Feel better soon!
  14. Is this a Greenleaf?

    Clever bash! Reminded me of the McKinley too  
  15. Dollhouse for Denmark

    I love all things half scale and all things Greenleaf. Except for the Fairfield, the GL 1:24 kits are laser cut and a lot of fun to build. I think both the Willow and Van Buren have a lot of potential. The Tennyson has a small footprint...it’s just tall. The rooms are somewhat small, but it’s three stories, so there is a lot you can do with it.  Just a warning...half scale is very addicting!