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  1. How do you pare down a collection?

    I think you’ve got the right idea. And yep, I’d take pics of them and then wish them well on their way. There’s someone out there who will get all kinds of enjoyment from the things you don’t want, so be fearless and at peace with your choices. Decide what you love best and keep that.   You've already figured out the easy first steps. The stuff you know you don’t want you can sell or gift away to other miniaturists. Some might be great donations for a shelter or a fund raiser item. And yep, I’ve pared down more than once...first letting go of almost every 1:12 scale thing I had. Then letting go of 1:48 scale so that I could focus on 1:24 scale for the time being. Periodically I sell off a house or two as well, and I’ve purged kits and accessories several times. I'm actually currently in the process of purging and reorganizing my supplies. I look at it as all part of the journey of minis. So I say, enjoy the ride!    
  2. Removing the paint finish from furniture

    I didn’t leave it more than a couple hours or so.  The finish was partially dissolved and some of it clinging like a film which I wiped off with a shop towel. I might soak it one more time, or try a swab to remove the stuff I couldn’t wipe off.
  3. Fnished apothecary (16)L.jpg

    Such a labor of love. Congratulations!
  4. Fnished apothecary (11)L.jpg

    Jars of indeterminate contents!
  5. living quarters (6)L.jpg

    Nice work!
  6. Removing the paint finish from furniture

    Chris, the bed looks great!
  7. Removing the paint finish from furniture

    I soaked the piece in remover and the finished is coming off really well. It's not completely stripped yet but I took it out of the solution and wiped it off for the photo. it had the standard dark shiny red mahogany finish. Surprisingly, the glue didn’t let go. Yet.   http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=137208  
  8. Experimenting with varnish remover

    From the album A Few Other Things

    Originally dark shiny mahogany finish is coming off nicely with Jasco finish remover.  

    © DAL Minis

  9. I’ve flattened walls and floors by wetting and then pressing on a flat surface under some heavy weights, usually books. I always put wax or parchment paper between the weight and the wall/floor and check it every few hours or leaving it overnight. It's a gorgeous house (swooning and sighing!). If you don’t want to paint it, what about staining it (like a cabinet). I’ve seen some that are just gorgeous that way. Personally, I love how it looks now, but that just me. If it bugs you, do what will make you happy.
  10. Removing the paint finish from furniture

    I’m conducting an experiment on a piece that has a dark cherry varnish finish. It’s coming off and hasn’t fallen apart yet, LOL. I’ll post an image when it’s done...might be tomorrow.
  11. Removing the paint finish from furniture

    I used Jasco Finish remover to strip the paint from some tootsie toy pieces and they came out beautiful, clean metal. I plan to strip a wood piece using it, but expect it will dissolve the glue. If you’re just trying to remove the varnish, you might be able to do it using this with a q-tip swab, but make sure you are in a well ventilated area. The stuff is toxic. http://www.jasco-help.com/product/varnish-stain-remover
  12. Kitchen hardware & counter top

    So true! Love the hardware and the cabinets look great  
  13. Newest Addition to Our Home

    So sweet!
  14. History of the Visalian dollhouse

    Thanks for the background Emily. Love what you are doing with the house.