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  1. Country Lane. Acrylic on paper

    It’s lovely!  
  2. Fireplace

    Love the screen and fireplace   The door is perfect.
  3. Cat doorknocker

  4. Lawbre Glen Cove

    Lovely house!
  5. Miniature Castle with turrets

    It’s lovely! I really like all the stone work.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh, I like that house! Very nice! I had to dig back through the posts and eBay's original listing, but that’s going to be a very cool build. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
  7. “Olde Crow Apothecary”

    Great job! I love all the details. :D
  8. Dovecote in progress

    This is so cool!
  9. Lucky $13

    Congrats! I love Pee Wee's house and the movie. This will be fun to watch.  
  10. Doors in partitions

    I like the doors. Do they open?
  11. Halo at the Haunted Heritage

    Wonderful! Always a pleasure to see the Haunted Heritage (and yes, I wish I could get the aged paint effect like you do!)
  12. Halo with a jack-o'-lantern

    I’ve always had pure white cats! She's really wonderful. I love the artistic style. And thanks for making me smile this AM. Thinking of long past pets and giving my current companions a big hug.  
  13. Giving it a shot..Artply Alison

    Even though I’m working in half scale, I use what used to be called a TV tray (they can be referred to in stores as personal tables.) it works well for working closely when I can’t move around much. For larger scale builds and something more sturdy you might think about using something like a hospital table . I’ve looked into these because they’ve got casters and a side support so the table can extend over your chair or bed. And they can be easily pushed out of the way. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Consider doing small projects like making books and other things that don’t require bending. You can cut out book covers, prep and paint furniture kits and small parts, all from a reclining position (unfortunately I speak from experience.)
  14. Christmas window scene

    It’s looking good. This is a nice idea. I like your concept.  
  15. Hanging the alligator....

    I think the piece to suspend the alligator works. Will the room be viewed from the front and enclosed (have a ceiling)? If so, it will be fairly unnoticed because, alligator!