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  1. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Ha! Yours looks tidy compared to what mine looked like....but I just spent a day cleaning it up, and now it's all put away....for now. I tend to be a messy artist when I've got a project going. 
  2. Rustic kitchen cabinet

    It looks lovely. I love the bowl set.
  3. Brought tears to my eyes...this is just wonderful! The details make it perfect!  
  4. MerrimackBar.jpg

    I like it! Great job with the tufting  
  5. MerrimackFoyer.jpg

    It's pretty  
  6. It's a Passion... Not an Obsession

    Hopefully you can get to this article...lots of pics. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3207184/World-s-expensive-dollhouse-crafted-13-years-carpenters-goldsmiths-glassblowers-worth-8-5-MILLION-goes-display-time.html  
  7. CanterburyLighthouse001.jpg

    Nice concept! I agree the Canterbury lends itself to this kind of bash. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses  
  8. Large tree skeleton for the San Franciscan.JPG

    I was going to suggest Brae's candytuft solution or Scenic Express for options. Your tree has so many twigs, you could use punched leaves, using larger ones closer to the trunk and smaller ones at the tips, working from the center outwards. It would be a "labor of love." If you want a winter tree you could always just add some moss and lichen and leave it bare  
  9. Large tree skeleton for the San Franciscan.JPG

    It's got great shape. How do you plan to handle foliage?
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I got one from this US seller. You may want to contact her to see is she has them available in inches. From the description it looks like she might. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniature-METRIC-Ruler-Measures-1-inch-Quarter-Half-Scale-/141084020196?hash=item20d9434de4
  11. Realistic doll faces

    Beautiful work!
  12. Brick foundation

    It looks great! I like the aged brick.  
  13. If you are looking for round, what about copper wire used for training bonsai? It's flexible and comes in different gauges. And it has the added benefit of being Copper so your aging technique should work on it too.  I use vinegar to age it and either paint or wipe it on. Sometimes I've mixed it with salt to pack areas and keep the vinegar on the Copper. It gives a nice patina. I made the mistake of wetting a paper towel with Copper and laying it on one roof, and the pattern from the paper towel was picked up in areas in the patina...kind of a happy accident  
  14. My Favorite Eric Lansdown house

    I like this a lot