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  1. An awwww... moment

    Love all the puppies!
  2. Table clocks and a tiny mouse in a teacup

    I love the mouse in the teacup! Perfect for a clock shop  
  3. Congratulations Shannon!

    Love it! Congratulations!
  4. Picket Hill Dollhouse Kit

    The retired Betterley kits are few and far between on eBay. I watch for them in half scale and was lucky to get some kits recently from someone who had a lot of the 1:24 furniture kits. Once in awhile the 1:48 kits get listed, but not much of the Lydia Pickett.  I’m still looking for the 1:24 Lydia Pickett ladies writing desk...and maybe someday I’ll find the Doll Hospital Kit (I missed out on one that came up on eBay earlier this year.)
  5. Well.....Now I Have One of My Own

    That’s a great kit! I seemed to remember that Brae (Otterine) got that kit and posted about the holes in the wood on her blog. Several people left comments. Check it out here http://www.otterine.com/blog/blog1.php/woodline-products-victorian-house-kit I hope you will start an album and post lots of pics of your build. Congratulations!
  6. Another Newbie

    Welcome to the forum! The Lilly is a lovely house....just take your time and enjoy the process!
  7. Hello Everyone, Complete Newbie here

    Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing your work.  
  8. The year of the dollhouse

    Welcome to the forum! Once you have five posts (so just reply to everyone) you can start an album and share your progress. 
  9. First pieces I made were in 1:12 scale and were HOM kits (they used to have a monthly subscription and you got a new kit each month) and Chrysnbon kits (they used to be available in craft stores too!). I sold off almost all of my 1:12 pieces when I fell in love with half scale.  
  10. Front of house

    It turned out lovely!
  11. Bravo! Great solution. It looks fantastic!
  12. I'm New :)

    Welcome to the forum. I’m looking forward to seeing what you've got and your plans for it all.  
  13. Model of Biltmore 2

    I wonder if it is 1:24 scale. That’s a standard for architectural models   Love the photos,  
  14. 1/144 beacon hill

    Miniland has them unfinished pre-built. If you watch eBay, the kits come up from time to time. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Victorian-DOLLHOUSE-FOR-1-12-DOLLHOUSE-TABLE-UNFINISHED-1-144-wood-quality-back/382551772150?hash=item5911dccbf6:g:AuoAAOSwveRbhJcT
  15. LED Lighting in Buttercup

    The card stock under the wallpaper might work, but there may still be a bulge. Can you add decorative trim and hide them under the trims? If the wires are running along the door, you could add additional vertical trims. Or create a decorative wallpaper panel, even one that mixes or matches what you are using, to cover the specific areas.