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  1. My New Etsy Shop!

    Very nice!  Looking forward to 1:24! 
  2. What's Considered Your First Dollhouse?

    My first build was the Columbian   The only houses I really consider finished are ones I've sold or given away. The ones I keep still get attention from time to time  
  3. A Christmas Gift for Us . . .

    Beautiful house! Congratulations! Have fun real life decorating  
  4. CotswoldHouse001.jpg

    I love it! It's a great house...does it come in 1:24?  
  5. Wshop.jpg

    It's all great! Love the cutting mat!  
  6. RS1.jpg

  7. Jungle Animal Rug (half scale)

    Super cute! Perfect for the room! 
  8. Creating limestone

    I got the stone texture on the Chanticleer by cutting up heavy packaging carton (like heavyweight egg carton) into various sized "blocks" and gluing them to the exterior. I used a matte gel medium mixed with acrylic paint for the "grout" and added paint in layers to get the stone effect.  
  9. IMG-6319.JPG

    I like the ceiling. It's a nice room  
  10. IMG-6238.JPG

    It's really cute. I like the details like the screen for the toilet. Nice touches!  
  11. Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion Exterior

    I think you're doing a lovely job with this. I like the color scheme. Very effective aging.  
  12. Curtains in half scale?

    I've been experimenting with paper for half scale curtains. For a long sheer curtain for the Chanticleer I'm using a tissue that's used in gift wrapping. I've also looked at paper lace for window treatments. Also, stained glass can eliminate the need for curtains. There is a half scale version of the Pretty Pleater tool. They show up in eBay periodically.
  13. I won a door prize!

    Very nice! Congrats!
  14. My 1st House - Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion

    It's lovely so far! I'm lookong forward to seeing your progress. I hope you'll start an album when you have enough posts.
  15. Miniature Mice

    They are all so cute! Lots of characters there.