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  1. Exterior

    What is the exterior color?
  2. Homeless houses

    I'll take one ;-)
  3. tropical arrangement

    That is beautiful, great job!!!
  4. Books and Nutshell News

    Sent you a PM.
  5. Some Bespaq

    Grazhina, I'm unable to find the rugs what would they be listed under?
  6. 1/2 Scale Nottingham

  7. DSCN7252

    Nice haul!!!
  8. howdy

    You are beautiful!
  9. peering inside

    Where did you find the grid for the windows?
  10. progress pic

    I need you to make me one of these for my castle!!!! It looks amazing and I like the shields as well.
  11. New books for the Studio

    Everything you do is amazing!!
  12. nearly 100 years of dust

    I love this!!!!
  13. castle dollhouse

    From the album Castle Dollhouse

    I found this really cool antique castle dollhouse at an estate sale.......hmmm my very own Downton abbey??
  14. Exterior

    It looks great!! I bought one as well after christmas but haven't had the time to start on it. The yellow is really nice too...
  15. Has anyone completed the Home Depot imagination house?

    1. Patsea

      I bought one, but have not started it yet.

    2. -defunct account-

      Ann of Dollhouses for kids battling cancer has one on her FB page. House # 243. It's in her gallery here as # 239.

    3. Chris P.

      You stopped by my gallery to see mine in progress. I'll post pics when I have it finished; hopefully by the end of this weekend. It will be pretty straight forward since it is going to a fundraising event. By the way, thank you for stopping by my gallery and commenting on the house. The paint is Glidden.