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  1. Clumping cat litter, do you use it?

    I'm using the Arm&Hammer Multi-Cat along with the Litter Box Deodorizer powder they put out and I've had really good luck with both, other than, of course, the inevitable litter being tracked through the house LOL. I have those litter mats but they hardly get any use!
  2. A hello to my friends

    *HUGS* Arda, welcome back!
  3. Different Word Game 1/7/08

  4. Soooooooo Cooooold

    Me too! All this time I've had people tease me for doing that, now finally someone who understands! LOL
  5. Snow Storm

    I second that!
  6. Different Word Game 1/7/08

  7. Different Word Game 1/7/08

    mold (ewwwwww, I found some in my fridge today! Hate it when stuff gets pushed to the back and forgotten!)
  8. She was too young

    Oh no, I'm so sorry about your kitty, how very tragic. Not much I can say, but sending hugs to you and your family <_<
  9. Soooooooo Cooooold

    I think the worst thing about shoveling is that you GET hot and sweaty, and then all that sweat freezes to you. Blech!
  10. Sweet! Thanks for the reminder Greg, and I hope to see you there! <_<
  11. Inauguration Today

    someone once told me that Amy Carter was famous for bringing a book to the table for fancy dinners that she had to attend with her parents. I know that theoretically this would be considered rude, but I always thought that was just the coolest thing. How many kids come prepared to deal with their own boredom, instead of acting out? LOL
  12. Just have to share

    Awwww how sweet! Thanks for sharing! <_<
  13. Hey Holly!

    Heidi, I was in a local Rite Aid on CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! and it was positively dead! The cashier was fawningly grateful to see me there, and it was kinda creepy. Eric and I were talking about it, how that particular Rite Aid is dark and dingy, even though it is only a year or two old, and it was no wonder people flocked to the new, shiny, bright, clean Walgreen's across the street. Funny. Now that I think about it...all the Walgreen's that came to this area recently have built near a Rite Aid. Hmmmmmmmm <_<
  14. Snow Storm

    Did someone say Bermuda? I've got the passport and bags ready, and if someone *cough* Greg* *cough* wants to pick me up, I'll bring the chocolate and the Green Apple Pucker! So not looking forward to this storm, especially if I get stuck at work because my co-workers can't get in... Everyone please stay warm, dry and safe, and if you do have to travel, PLEASE be that person no one wants to get stuck behind and drive safely! I want to know that all my forum buddies are A-OK! <_<
  15. How very cool Michelle. and congrats on the business! Is that Ben in your avatar? What a cutiepie!!!!!!