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  1. IMG 0346

    Thank you, I love my scroll saw too, ))
  2. I have had such pleasure reading all posts and updates on flinging since the end of May! Oh, my Goodness, this is how long it has been since my last visit! But it doesn't mean I haven't been working on my Spring Fling. Everyone is busy and doing such a great job, loved all pictures. I made a couple of posts on my blog and here are some of my sneak peek pics. I am waiting when a couple of .... arrives. No stairs for me, but there will be 3 doors. And, yes, I cheated a little bit, instead of making I bought some pieces of furniture from PRD miniatures. I would never be able to make these chairs, especially that little cute table. Oh, and I need them sooo much!
  3. IMG 0623

    From the album Spring Fling 2013

    © Natalia Frank

  4. IMG 0461

    From the album Spring Fling 2013

    © Natalia Frank

  5. IMG 0346

    From the album Spring Fling 2013

    © Natalia Frank

  6. IMG 0372

    From the album Spring Fling 2013

    © Natalia Frank

  7. I had a super productive weekend too. I finished exterior walls of the first level of my building (tried a new technique - new for me, )). I would probably be able to work on the walls of the second level too tonight but I am out of supplies. It will give me time to think how to finish interior walls of that level. Completely forgot about stitching. This Spring Fling is surely addictive!
  8. My kit arrived and I am sooo excited! I did dry fit and surely more ideas came up, but I am not changing the main concept. This project will bring a lot of fun I know I will make a couple of cuts on_______, and __________., and will add________ to the _________. Hopefully I will finish re-arranging my new craft room this weekend and then I will be lost in my own little world...
  9. Hahaha, Saturday, Tuesday. I placed my order on the 10th of May...
  10. Georgian Town House in 1:144 Micro Scale

    Can't wait to see it!
  11. I am still waiting for my kit to arrive. For now I am drooling over the comments of the working process of those who has started SF2013 already. I should admit that while reading your posts I've got the spirit and courage and decided to add a couple of more contests to my list, including HBS Cottage and Real Good Toys Bistro Challenge. The good thing about last one is that the deadline is in February 2014 and I should have time to finish it. At the same time my goal is to organize my minis that I collected over the years.
  12. Claudia, we live in Spokane area. There is a little story behind the project with that tea cup. You can read it here: This teacup has been made for my husband for 5 year anniversary. There is a number 108 above the front door of the house. The teacup was made in 2011. So, as you can see the old couple on the bench in front of the house it is my hubby and I when we are 108. When my DH and I met it had been such crazy and passion time that we decided to be together forever and die when each of us is 108. Why 108? We both believe in Numerology and my number is 9, his - 7. So, if you add up the numbers in 108 it will be 9, and if you take 1 out of 8 it will be 7. Oh, don't laugh! Each of us has a little secret! And I probably would keep this little secret in the family if not the events that happened to us in real life recently. Last month we finally bought a house. We found that house accidentally and fell in love with it from the first sight. It is located in the beautiful picturesque area and the previous owners took such care of it that we didn't need to do almost nothing to move in. It fit us perfect. We wanted that house sooo badly, but each day our loan officer called and asked more papers, more prove, etc... Finally, almost after a month we got good news, signed the papers and went to say Hi to the new home. When we reached our mail box (never payed attention before) and looked at the address we simply couldn't believe what we saw. Do you want to know what the address is? 108 Whynot Drive. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Accident? May be if I build French castle as my next project it will come true too? Why not?
  13. My kit is scheduled to arrive only next Tuesday. 12 pounds of fun! I am so enjoining reading about all your ideas, like this ________, and that _________. and don't forget about this one ___________!!! I have a bunch of ideas as well but will stick to the first that came to my mind since it will be a personalized gift too. Those who got the kits and did dry fit keep teasing, keep teasing! :victory:
  14. Hi, Jo. I guess, all roads lead to the Spring Fling, May be you change your mind and will add one more project for this year?
  15. Oh, thank you, Debora! I see you are from the Northern California. I am going to be at the Good Sam show this Fall. If you are planning to be at this show, please, stop at my table to say Hi.