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  1. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one!



  2. Hey Girl, havent seen ya around lately....whatcha been up to? hehehe


    GOSH! thanks for the great Birthday wishes everyone! it's very sweet of you guys to remember me! am 44yrs young! :welcome:
  5. Boo!...whatcha doing?

  6. howdy, beach! will see you soon at the OK Corral 'n Ammo Shoppe,


  7. My real life basket weaving

    BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! you're so talented!
  8. Time has finally come.....

    wow Mich! thats terrible and it sounds like a real ordeal, but know that we are still thinkin about you and your family and sendin up prayers for your safety!
  9. Time has finally come.....

    Mich, still sending prayers and good wishes for you and your family that all this will be over soon, and you will be high and dry!
  10. need prayers for my nephew

    peachie, i started the extra special prayers for you and the baby last nite! take care there and keep us posted! we love you!
  11. Deleting individual photos in albums

    i would like to delete an individual photo from the gallery also and i get the same thing. i can delete comments but the photo remains. it doesnt wipe out the entire thing and i get the error message too. Dean, you shouldn't have to do delete our photos for us. we should have access to do this ourselves.
  12. a new house

    From the album I'm a new Mom!

    my boyz were gifted a new home so today we moved from the studio apt to the condo! Thanks Aunt Deana for the great new place! we are very happy!
  13. 01010129.JPG

    From the album I'm a new Mom!

  14. 01010129.JPG

    From the album I'm a new Mom!

  15. 01010127.JPG

    From the album I'm a new Mom!