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  1. Atlanta Mini Show

    I know the show is over, but can you tell me how big it is and are there alot of displays?
  2. 3/16/06 Worst Driving?

  3. Is anybody else trying to lose some pounds?

    drink alot of water! and eat alot of protien! no carbs, or sugar! and exercise! You'll lose weight fast!
  4. Newbie with a Fairfield

    hey louanne I've been working on my fairfield for over a year, because I customized the inside. and added a spiral staircase. So my advice is not to be afraid to add your own personal touches here and there, just be carefull not to add to much befor it gets complicating! (like mine!)
  5. rookie

    hi everyone, i'm new and I'm building my first fairfield! so if any one has any tricks or tips, let me know!