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  2. Another View

    Hi it was a scratch build
  3. Yet another view

    Yes you will, I will post as new things are in progress - mid next week I hope to show the stone work done or almost done
  4. Another View

    Im not too sure right now, it is late here. But there is a whole three rooms up there too..... The front of the roof lifts up to view, i will post a picture mid week so you can see what i mean, and Ill measure for you......
  5. Yet another view

    No only the one you see in this picture. I actually will be puttingit on the other side once i get the outsides done, the other side is a carport type set up and i want it to appear as a walkway to the conservatory, so the conservatory will be side on to the house, as in door facing the side of the house..... thats the plan anyway lol
  6. Sand work

    Yep, i agree, well stone is the go now... Im happy with the way it looks, ill post some pictures mid week to show how i am progressing...
  7. Another View

    Hi yep its huge and its a custom build ....
  8. Adawn Manor - The Beginning

    Thanks, its a great house..... Im so glad I have gotten on with it, pics will come as i do more, keep watching lol
  9. Another View

    I loads of ideas, have even drawn up sort of a blueprint lol
  10. Another View

    Thanks Anna I hope I can do it justice...
  11. Yet another view

    From the album Adawn Manor

    © Dawn Smith 2013

  12. Another View

    From the album Adawn Manor

    © Dawn Smith 2013

  13. Details

    From the album Adawn Manor

    I went on with a sculpting tool and began making the stone..... I like it but they are too big, Once dried I got out my Dremel and began to make them smaller, pictures to come.

    © Dawn Smith 2013

  14. Air Dry Clay

    From the album Adawn Manor

    I decided to go on with Air Dry Clay, trying to mimick a light coloured stone. First I conditioned the clay, im glad I have a pasta machine, my hands wouldnt have liked it at all if they had to do the work lol

    © Dawn Smith 2013

  15. Sand work

    From the album Adawn Manor

    This is sandwork that I did a while back, I had awful trouble trying to work out what to put on the outside of this house. As you will see in the following pictures I Changed my mind completely lol

    © Dawn Smith 2013