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  1. Fascinating Backstory of Superlative Dollhouses Designer

    Hi everyone!  I am still around but right now on my way to Hawaii.  Back on 12/25 and will try and find the info you requested. Happy holidays all!   Arianna
  2. Yes, thank you Jeannine and everyone.  That is it, exactly.
  3. Yes, Holly, I was thinking about that too.  It might be best to stay away from hiking paraphanalia all together - the one thing I want to avoid is giving them more pain - and highlight the photography and music as you say.  I'm going to create a false back with one of his beautiful pictures as the vista:    
  4. My brother and SIL had brought home a hat like that, that he loved to wear, so I think your thoughts are very valuable about that.  I'm hesitant about the patch, only because the NPS were involved in the search effort and so I don't want to highlight his death but rather how he lived and his hopes and dreams... Has anyone else here done a memorial roombox, room or dollhouse?  Curious as to what guided your decisions and how the process was for you.  Arianna
  5. Good ideas, Kathie, thank you.  I'll follow up.  I could probably make the hat out of clay if need be.
  6. Hi everyone,  earlier this year my 20-year-old nephew passed away while hiking in Olympia National Park.  I'm going to be creating a roombox of his skills and hobbies to gift to my brother and sister-in-law.  Zach wanted to be a park ranger and I thought it might be nice to have a mini park ranger outfit and hat hanging on a hanger in the room.  Although I sew a little I don't really have skill with mini clothing and was wondering if anyone on here did or could point me in the direction of someone who does. Here's a link to NPS Ranger outfits: I love the Karin Smead dolls but it's not in my budget, and I think might be too painful for them to have a doll that looked like him in the box. He was an accomplished photographer and EDM DJ (Electronic Dance Music) so I will focus on that and his love of the outdoors.  I thought about a log cabin dollhouse but I think a smaller roombox might be more appreciated by them. Thanks, Arianna    
  7. Toadstool Studios 768

    So excited you are building this.  I have the plans for this but not sure if we really have the room in our apartment to build it!  Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  8. Wonderful Sable!  I'm getting back into dollhousing and was also looking up information about your monthly meetings.  Hope you are well and happy holidays! - Arianna
  9. Hi everyone, I visited this exhibit at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida,  yesterday, and it's running through February.  Great fun.   I posted pics of the dollhouses to my blog:;postID=221852157459535050;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname   Here is the link to the museum site about the exhibition:    
  10. Early Hofco Americana House for sale

    Hi Jenn, feel free to pm me about the price.  Thanks!
  11. The Hofco Americana is complete! Phew!

    Thanks everyone  - I started a new page in my blog with more pics, use this link:  
  12. After working on it off and on for two years, including a move from NYC to Florida, illness, a family death et al, it is basically complete!  Have put it up for sale but if it doesn't sell right away I think I will rework the 2nd floor porch railings with the Real Good Toys porch railings or something along those lines. I find the uploading process here frustrating, so if you don't mind heading over to my blog, here's the link.  Would love to know what you think!  I visioned it as a Key West house, music-oriented, and wanted to have the color come from the furniture and artwork so have intentionally left the walls white.   Flooring is all removable template.  Feel so relieved to finally have this done! and happy holidays to everyone from sunny Miami Beach! Arianna  
  13. This rare dollhouse which I have painted and decorated is my pride and joy. I purchased it as an unpainted shell from the original owner in NJ about 2 years ago. As you all know, Hofco made very high-end dollhouses in the 1980s which are very sought-after now (you can search for Hofco dollhouses on Ebay to see the kind of prices they fetch - a google search turns up an auction one year ago for the same make/model that went for over $2000). Made of cabinet-grade wood, this is a sturdy house but with delicate features. The 2-story porch is one of the widest dollhouse porches in the business. All of the windows are Hofco windows, and all of the doors with the exception of the swinging door to the kitchen which is a houseworks door. All furniture is included, and I will throw in the Ikea rolling cart base free of charge. Must pick up - Miami Beach Normandy Isle, Florida location - elevator building. Created in a smoke-free apartment. You will need at least two people to get it to your vehicle, and note dimensions: approximately 4 ft x 3 ft x 2 ft (dollhouse). Rolling cart is 58" long x 35" high x 15'" wide.Ground floor: 3 rooms: Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen 1st Floor: 3 bedrooms and hallway with French doors that leads out to porch. Top Floor: 2 rooms. I've painted the interior white, and left it that way for future owners to decorate as they wish. The floors are templates that are removable in case you'd like different flooring or want to electrify the dollhouse. Will include touch-up paint. You can see many more pictures of the dollhouse on my blog: the furniture alone is approximately $900 so this is a deal. Priced to sell as I need to make room for other projects. Will consider serious best offers.
  14. Unusual in-the-round dollhouse

    Thanks, Holly!   We are in the North Beach area, which has the "MiMO" (Miami Modern) architecture. Our apartment building would be a dollhouse nightmare or challenge, but it's cool-looking and was built in 1960:
  15. Mod014.jpg

    Thanks, Mike, I will check it out!  One more question, where do you buy your vinyl from?