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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Real life got in my By the way I started that Brimble I got from you. It will be a curiosity shoppe. Slow but steady. Gail  
  2. What's everyone working on?

    RL gets in the way, just finishing up a Japanese house, Chocolate Kiss. I made my more cakes and pastries and will use the plastic food (came with the kit) out in my fairy garden. Now that the warm weather has come I  can weed  the garden too. ( sounds great    Gail   
  3. What's everyone working on?

    It has been a while, family health problems and the holidays came up. So I looked around one day and I had become a mini hoarder! Oh my. What to do????  I made a game plan, and started my "1/24"scale Brindles' Mercantile" which will be a Curiosity,Oddity Shoppe. I am trying to use my stash. Glad to be back!!!  Gail  
  4. Dolls

    Anyone know where to find 1/2" (1/24") scale basic dolls?   Gail  
  5. Rekindled love of all things mini - SoCal

    Hi Susie, Welcome to this great group.  I am also in SoCal, Dana Point. My passion is 1/2" (1/24") scale. This way I can have double the amount.....just kidding No I really love it. Hope you were able to weather our storms. Did you go to any of the Jan./Feb. shows? Gail  
  6. Please let me know if you still have anything left. I just saw your post.

    Thank you


  7. I am sad to tell you ...

    Kathie Sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you prayers.
  8. Hello from Sunny California!

    Welcome to a fellow Socal member. Just want to let you know that there will be a Tom Bishop Miniature show coming up  January 28 in Anaheim.    Gail   
  9. little Coke menu

    Erin, What department did you find it?? It wasn't in our mini section.   Gail 
  10. Xmas Mini's back at Michael's

    I took an old lundy house and made it Santa's work shop. Every year I add one thing.The dishes and hot chocolate sound like a great add-on this year.   Gail 
  11. Where do you buy Japanese dollhouse kits?

    Good morning, just saw your post. I discovered these kits at a Tom Bishop miniature show in San Deigo California. The dealer is from Los Angeles and the kits are shipped from Japan. To be honest, I have three almost finished, but haven't put the lights in them. They are 1/24" scale on the big side and I love them.  I modified one of mine and changed the colors to reflect a theme  was doing.  Hope this helps. Here is the link..... Gail   
  12. Half scale "microfiber" sofa

    Thank you Emily. Love this!!!   Gail 
  13. Waving from SoCal

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry this is so late. I am in SoCal also, in Dana Point. I must tell you how much the forum has helped me.You can put out any question an they will all help you, and no question is foolish. Have fun with this hobby and enjoy your imagination.   Gail & 
  14. Questions about miniature kit I bought

    Good morning. Just read your post and I have been building the kits you describe. Mine came all inclusive with everything..... but I modified to include my miniatures. The kits are not true to scale but fun to do. I have used them with my 1/2"(1/24") scale. Gail    
  15. Catching Up (It's Good to be Back)

    I will also add my Welcome Back and congratulations to you and Michelle.   Gail