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    Next up: 1/2 scale Rosedale.

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  1. Workshops

    From the album Christmas Village

    Most of the work gets done here: toy building, gift wrapping, and list processing. I kept the steeple and bell tower off of the "church" and "school" buildings for simple workshop-like buildings. A nice coat of Aleene's true snow coats all the buildings.
  2. Santa's House

    From the album Christmas Village

    Jolly Ol' Saint Nick looks out from his balcony. I tucked strings of battery operated LED lights into each house. I picked them up cheap ($1/strand) last year on clearance. They illuminate the houses perfectly and make them look great!
  3. Reindeer Stables

    From the album Christmas Village

    All the reindeer find a cozy spot to rest here. Christmas buttons were the perfect size to accent all my buildings. 
  4. Peppermint Pub

    From the album Christmas Village

    A place for the elves to relax after a hard day's work! This is my favorite set of windows. I added gallery glass paint to all the windows for a stained glass effect. 
  5. Mrs Klaus's Kitchen

    From the album Christmas Village

    Freshly baked gingerbread cookies peak through the windows! I used vellum in between the bays and the main building to diffuse the light.
  6. The White Rose

    The skylight looks so nice - fantastic job.
  7. The White Rose

    I love your ladder!
  8. New Harry Potter Spinoff Movie *spoiler alert*

    Loved "Casual Vacancy" and currently reading "Cuckoo's Calling". I'm not the biggest fan of detective novels, but this one has me hooked! I really like Rowling's descriptive style of writing. She paints a deep picture without it becoming dense.
  9. New Harry Potter Spinoff Movie *spoiler alert*

    This is such a smart way to expand Rowling's wizard universe without making it "Harry Potter: The Next Generation". I'm excited!
  10. Petite Properties 1/4 Scale Snowdrop Cottage

    Sooo cute! What a lovely cottage.
  11. My sister's having a girl (this will be the first new child in my family)! Now to decide what dollhouse my future niece will get...

    1. Dalesq

      Oh, so exciting! Congrats!

    2. kat57

      Congrats,Aunt Kathryn! Nieces are the best!!

    3. armymom166

      Congratulations to you and your family. How awesome!

  12. Hi from Oregon

    Hi Mary, welcome to the forum. I saw your pictures of your Duracraft Columbian - it's such a cute house! I'm currently working on one too.
  13. Medicine chest on the desk makes a nice hutch.

  14. Rose rug - paper mockup

    Good luck, that looks so intricate. The flourishes will match your bedspread wonderfully!
  15. Tennyson

    Science! Seriously though, this is such a great look for your house. The aging makes it the perfect "memory" house!