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  1. I bought a lg box of minis and wanted some help identifying these- age etc if possible .  Thank you in advance! 
  2. RGT New England Lighthouse 1:12"

    I bought a Cir-Kit kit myself after purchasing the lighthouse.   The kit did not come with any wiring. 
  3. OH MY.  I'm a doof.  I took a loooong break from minis and am firing it up again, but have had to refresh on many things.   I did the biggest rookie mistake. i spent so much wasted time meticulously installing wall sconces  so the wires were under wallpaper and just realized they make ADAPTERS for them. i'd only done ceiling lights and wall plugs.   duh me.  They look good but such a royal pain to noodle it all through the hardest way possible.  ugh    
  4. Gingerbread 2.JPG

    how do you make gingerbread boy cookie clay cutters? i've read on making your own out of heavy foil pans..cut and shaped. didn't look like that was super effective. any tips?
  5. These are the supplies and tools I used.

    thank you for not only great photos, but detailed steps!!! beautiful work.
  6. From the album New England Lighthouse (RGT) 1:12"

    kitchen. lower level
  7. new england lighthouse upper level

    From the album New England Lighthouse (RGT) 1:12"

    upper level of lighthouse
  8. new england lighthouse

    From the album New England Lighthouse (RGT) 1:12"

    bottom two floors of the lighthouse