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  1. Dollhouse packaging?

    Please Please Please!!! I would love a Victorianna, I need a home for my Miss Lydia Pickett furniture in 1/24th scale, ship one over the pond to me please!! Sharon (UK)
  2. I find that quite funny, because I generally find American magazines are cheaper as well! But then we have benefited from a really good exchange rate the last year or so. I subscribe to AM and MC from the States, and Dollshouse Magazine here in the UK. I really like how-to articles as well, but funnily enough a friend of mine who is primarily a collector (not a maker) bemoans the innovation in Miniature Collector to introduce How-To articles because they do not interest her and she thinks there are enough magazines already servicing that market. Best wishes from the UK, Sharon
  3. I see the original thread was in February, obviously I didn't look back far enough, I must have bought the issue really late. The magazine seems vastly improved from when I last bought it a few years ago and I have now subscribed, so hopefully my first issue will have the How To for the fireplace in it! looking forward to it. Sharon
  4. I don't know if this has already been mentioned on the Forum (had a quick look and can't see it) but I bought a copy of the April issue of Dollshouse & Miniature Scene here in the UK, and there was a big article on our very own Tracy (Minis on the Edge). Full of gorgeous photos of her wonderful houses, and a very good read, really inspiring. Now if only we could buy Creative Paperclay here in the UK... Sharon (UK)
  5. What do you do with Your House 2/1/07

    I grew up in Canada and built my first house there from scratch ( mansard-roofed three-floor open-back house covered in white clapboard). When I moved from the west coast to the capital (other side of the country), it came with me in a special wooden crate my dad built for it (coming out through customs with this crate balanced on my dollshouse, a customs man hurriedly appeared and stopped me to ask what was in the crate. I replied that it was a dollshouse I had built myself, and looking completely baffled he disappeared again without even looking inside this massive crate which could have contained anything). It survived several moves to different apartments in Ottawa, at one point serving as a side table next to the sofa. Then it was custom-crated to come over the pond when I moved to the UK. Now in my tiny UK house it lives on a small table in our small upstairs hall landing. Downstairs in my not-very-big living room I have a five-floor Victorian front-opening period house, a 1/24th scale thatched cottage, a 1/24th scale Georgian house (not finished), and in the kitchen is my three floor (one room per floor) French gatehouse sitting on what used to be the telephone table. On the kitchen wall unit are several room boxes and my 1/24th scale cafe/b&b, my 1/48th scale gift shop house, and my 1/48th scale New Orleans house, and also my first 144th-scale house. All my houses have their own specific furniture and I rarely move any pieces to another house. I do buy cheap furniture when I find it (if I like it) and store it in the attic for future projects, and in fact I have several pieces plus a bag of cheap lights waiting for me to start the Willowcrest which is living in its box against my bedroom wall. I also occasionally splurge on a high-quality furniture item if it is well made and good value for money. We don't have Hobby Lobby over here but you can get the boxed sets of improrted cheap furniture at places like Hobbycraft, but I rarely buy them as they are not really true to scale and can be a bit crude. Sometimes you can convert them so they look better. So I agree with the previous post that it can be a very expensive proposition to furnish successive houses - usually the house is the cheapest purchase and it is the inside details that really hit the pocketbook! Best wishes, Sharon
  6. Wow, lots of quilters! I love the autumn tabletopper, that is really pretty, thanks for sharing. I always seem to get bogged down in huge queen-sized quilts, I should make more small projects like tabletoppers. When I contribute room boxes or vignettes to our mini club group displays, they always know which is mine because I always slip a quilt into the scene somehow. Even my "Mrs. Santa's Bedroom" display for our current group project "who has been sleeping in my bed?" has a sewing machine with a quilt under the needle. Our display will be at Kempton Park Dollshouse Show in a few weeks here in the UK, and lots of members have made great scenes. The brief was to create a bedroom with enough clues lying around that viewers can guess who the occupant must be (occupants not allowed in the scene) and members have crafted everything from Emma Hamilton's bedroom to the Princess and the Pea. Best wishes, Sharon
  7. I've tried a few mini quilts, but found that I'm not accurate enough and I wasn't happy with how out-of-scale the end product looks. The tiniest discrepancy shows up hugely in a 1/12th scale, for example a block that is 1/16th inch out of square, and the bulk of the seam allowances makes it look really lumpy even if you don't add any further layers to turn it into a true quilt. I know you can make them out of Liberty Lawn and trim all your seam allowances to 1/8th inch, but it isn't really me. I have made a few mini quilts out of one-inch square log cabin blocks, using a foundation stamp I bought years ago. Those are fun and you can use the squares for cushions as well. Happy quilting, Sharon
  8. Despite now working part-time, there never seems to be enough hours in the week to get to all the hobby projects stored away in closets or just existing in your mind. I should spend a lot more time finishing my poor dollshouses, but I can't resist my other main hobby which is making patchwork quilts. Here is a pic (I hope I can get it inserted) of a quilt I made a few years ago from a pattern in Quilters Newsletter Magazine - it is all little houses and I had a lot of fun inserting novelty prints into the windows and using unusual fabrics for the houses. Best wishes, Sharon