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  1. handmade tudor furniture

    Absolutely stunning, great!
  2. Steampunk House Exterior Wall Medallion Detail

    WOW a steampunk forbidden dream
  3. Other side of the house-with railing

    beautiful beautiful beautiful
  4. Dining Room

    i like the furniture very much
  5. tudor Inn On display At chester catherdal

    congratulations to the builders
  6. Hummingbird shower completed

  7. difficult to believe this is a 1/12 is absolutely perfect
  8. Radiator

    beautiful and perfect details
  9. Firewood box with hidden switch

    brilliant solution
  10. The entrance. overall view

    Thank you otterine
  11. the external wall: detail of the window

    Thank you for your lovely comment
  12. The entrance : detail

    thank you Janet, Pandulph likes your interest...he is sooooo vain
  13. the external wall: overall view

    Thank you Debora; the grid? nothing special indeed, it is a photocopy of a grid pattern on a trasparent sheet, the type used at the office for projectors, then, to give more stability, I put the grid in between two thicker acetate layers. The multilayer " glass" is kept in place by the two wooden frames (internal and external) of the window.
  14. The entrance : detail

    Thank you for your comments, Debora and Kelly, i am glad you like it
  15. The entrance. overall view

    Thank you very much for your kind comments