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  1. Half Scale Country Cabinet

  2. The Deck - leaf stems

    a perfect and clever woodwork!
  3. Woodrow under The Deck

    so cute!
  4. The Deck

    really beautiful
  5. The White Rose

    it is really beautiful, great choice!
  6. The White Rose

    I like all the wall papers of this house
  7. Spring Fling 2013

    I am getting even more anxious
  8. Passageway to nowhere

    i like the carved cornice: great!
  9. The door to nowhere

  10. Brooke Tucker fireplace tools

    I agree with you
  11. front big bay

    your floors are always so beautiful
  12. roofline trim

    stunning beauty
  13. Imagination

    what a joyful environment
  14. Spring Fling 2013

    I feel nervous too
  15. Light Posts

    wonderful find!!!
  16. Wickham Grey And Navy

    it is a beautiful mix of colours
  17. Just for fun

    this is absolutely beautiful, i like your works
  18. The House at Gate Hill - a Glencroft

    the whole room and each detail is fantastic
  19. Skylight in The Third Floor

  20. Bill Lankford Vines- Third side- Brickwork completed.

    beautiful and absolutely real
  21. Bed in The Third Floor

    I like every detail of this room
  22. Dining room

    what a lovely room, i love it
  23. Third side- Brickwork completed.

    absolutely beautiful!!!
  24. The Mansard roof

  25. The White Rose

    ...and nice furniture too