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  1. Lights!

    beautiful night view
  2. am i allowed to sign? i am italian; if "yes" i'll be glad to help
  3. Chandelier

    absolutely beautiful
  4. Img 1696

    outstanding, a top class work
  5. candle torch

    it is really well made, I like it
  6. candle torch

    it looks great!
  7. Img 1692

    a very special shop front , i like it
  8. The way to the Panama canal

    I saw it a too long time ago to remember but...the thrill begins :-)
  9. Tower light

    very special light and atmosphere, great!
  10. Tudor Inn

    a real stunning work
  11. Garage

    it is a wonderful car!
  12. Front entrance

    it is a very nice door indeed
  13. Dining Room

    very elegant, I like the fireplace
  14. Almost Done with the Lighting...

  15. Couch

    me too :-)
  16. progress

    Those brackets are perfect!
  17. Hello from Saint Augustine, Florida

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  18. Mr. Rabbit wishes you all a Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to you and to that fantastic rabbit
  19. Tudor Inn

    I am thinking about a inn at my primrose...this image is very inspiring, Tx
  20. Bathroom

    i always liked this room
  21. View from the landing

    mini Monet, maxy talent!
  22. The top floor

    mmmmm a broken glass in any case would add character to your house but better to keep as it is... ;-)
  23. Hello! Lovely to be here!

    Hi MissMac, I am glad to see you here, welcome from me too
  24. The top floor

    Stunning quality of is pure beauty!
  25. Shop at night

    M A G I C A L...