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  1. I got an illustrating job!

    Oh great stuff- congrats! Lisa R.
  2. Just lovely! Lisa R.
  3. i'm new and also from az

    Welcome too! Lisa R.
  4. i'm new and also from az

    Welcome too! Lisa R.
  5. IMG 7732 small

    Jason cannot make a copy of himself.

    © Lisa Robinson (c) 2012

  6. Hello

    Welcome - can't wait to see pictures! Lisa R.
  7. No NAME pin this year!

    That's right! The only thing I have built this year was a mini train scene, and that is not quite finished. I haven't built even an dollhouse accessory let alone a vignette or house. The only categories I could get points in are continuous membership, the mini train scene (if I finish it) and I did exhibit a mini. Maybe I need to get busy this month. Lisa R.
  8. No NAME pin this year!

    Oh my gosh I have 56 pages of updates - you guys have been busy!
  9. No NAME pin this year!

    Gosh it has been sooooo long since I was here. I did write another book on local history for Arcadia Publishing but it really took time away from my so loved hobby. I did make a miniature railroad diorama (no idea what scale - tiny!) for an exhibit at our local Museum - I'll post pictures soon - but that is about it for the year - sigh. Lisa R.
  10. Happy Birthday Lisa R.!

  11. I really miss the forum but have been so busy with work and volunteering. I did, however, publish a book - finally finished it the day after Christmas. It is just 70 pages - a local history book. Below is the media release. I am hoping that work and life will quiet down around the end of April and I can get back to building my Gothic Revival house. I did organize all my ongoing projects and my workspace after Christmas (after the book was done!). So I am ready for action - just need the time. Lisa R. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE SAN LORENZO VALLEY FLUME A NEW BOOK TO BENEFIT THE SAN LORENZO VALLEY MUSEUM ISBN: 9780578072449 Format: Paperback (70 Pages) Publication Date: 2010 (First Edition) The San Lorenzo Valley Museum proudly announces a newly published book “The San Lorenzo Valley Flume”. The author is San Lorenzo Valley Museum President, Lisa Robinson. The book explores the history of the Flume, which operated between Boulder Creek and Felton during the latter part of the 19th Century, through construction diagrams, fascinating eye witness accounts, and rare photographs. The location of the head of the flume, just north of Boulder Creek, was described in Charles E. Brimblecom’s 1875 diary, loaned to the Museum by Roberta Rocca, a Brimblecom descendant, and was a critical element that spurred the author to expand on the Museum exhibit text and more thoroughly research the subject. The book dispels some myths about the flume, talks about the people who financed it, built it, played on it, worked on it, and, eventually, tore it down. It examines flume construction methods and the challenges faced by those operating and maintaining the flume. Copies of the book are available for purchase at the Museum, on the Museum website ( and at local retail outlets. All profits from the sale of the book benefit the San Lorenzo Valley Museum. On Sunday February 27, 2011, at 3:00pm, the Museum will host a historical talk and book signing at Highlands Park Senior Center in Ben Lomond. The San Lorenzo Valley Museum is located at 12547 Highway 9, Boulder Creek. Opening hours are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4pm. Admission is free.
  12. When do you take your Christmas tree down ?

    After the 12th day of Christmas of course - January 6th - and not before or after (bad luck!). It has to be up the entire season of Christmastide. Lisa R.
  13. Winter is Here - DANG IT!

    It is 6.0pm and it is cold here. The temperature dropped significantly today. It is only 74 F (as opposed to 88 F yesterday). I may have to put some long sleeves on. Lisa R.
  14. Our Models and Miniature Show this weekend at the San Lorenzo Valley Museum in Boulder Creek ( was great success. Many people asked us to extend it through next weekend so that they could bring others to see it. Here are some photographs: I have detailed photographs of all the exhibits that I will post too. Lisa R.