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  1. Pierce New Window

    From the album Pierce rehab and ideas

  2. Pierce Front Porch - Before

    From the album Pierce rehab and ideas

  3. I am searching for deals on furniture and supplies for my Pierce dollhouse and I decided to check out the hobby stores listed on the site. I hit pay dirt for those interested in buying a dollhouse kit at ridiculous pricing. They sell a number of the Greenleaf houses and are offering 40% off on most items (to include dollhouses!). The coupon code is FEBH740 but I think it's only good until 2/14. Good luck! -Chris
  4. I'm new and in need of help w/the Pierce

    Wow! Thank you for the run-down on tools recommended. I've already used the flat screw driver several times! My dad just lent me his brand new dremel even after I said no - I will just buy one since I know I will need it but don't know for what and for how long. He's such a good guy! Luckily he kept all of the cutout sheets of wood so I can use them as templates for replacement parts (now I know where I come by my packrat mentality). There are a few items I would like to keep original but I am not married to the gingerbread detailing on the roof so I may go "after market" with that. I really appreciate EVERYONE's warm welcome and advice. -Chris
  5. I'm new and in need of help w/the Pierce

    My dad used wood glue and it's held up pretty well. Thank goodness not hot glue because that sounds like a lot more work would be involved and I am not all that mechanically inclined to begin with. Topics like measuring, cutting, parallel lines, and angles really make me nervous! Thank you hholly and KathieB for your responses!
  6. I'm new and in need of help w/the Pierce

    I don't have pictures yet but will take some tonight so I can have a before and after!
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I have a husband and 2 daughters - 8 and 5. I got a Pierce dollhouse about 25 years ago and my dad worked on it off and on. I have now decided to finish the project and hand it over to my own two girls. I have a lot of broken pieces so I figured I would see what this forum might recommend. Is the Pierce gingerbread "standard" so that I can buy replacements? Does anyone know which items are available for replacement parts - like the lattice on the porch, the entry stairs to the porch? We did not cause the damage but a little friend decided to see what pieces could come off and she started snapping gingerbread one by one. Perhaps if it weren't on the floor and was completely finished though it would have exuded a "play with me carefully" vibe. What tools do I need - I bought shingles and was told that I would need a mitre. I was also told to measure the roof line and mark every inch I think. Clearly I need help!!! Any advice is appreciated greatly! I would like to get it refinished by my 5 year old's birthday in April. It's already built but needs nice flooring and wallpaper as well as roofing done...and the lattice and gingerbread. Thanks in advance! Regards, Chris