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  1. I was hacked !!

    oh Corey how horrible. That is on my top ten list of things never to experience in this world. What a mess! At least you got your Ebay account taken care of, and count your blessings Paypal was never touched. So it could have been a lot worse. But what would worry me is knowing what information of mine they have still. It is so easy these days to steal people's identities. So good luck with that. Keep us updated on how things go.
  2. A New Dog!!

    Well I sure have enjoyed hearing about your pet stories and seeing your photos. And no, I do not have a photo of Zendo. I have not seen him since my last post a few days ago. And when he was here earlier, well, not only did my camera conveniently not have any batteries (DH??), but I jsut had way too much going on to snap a picture of him. I only remembered to do it after he was gone!! Oh well. Maybe one day I'll see him again and I'll snap a picture of him. Just for you!!!
  3. A New Dog!!

    Okay. Well since my last post, how many times do you think I have seen Zendo?? Anyone??? Not once, not twice, but three times!!!! He scared the daylights out of us last night. We were watching a movie at night. All of a sudden, my two dogs just start barking their heads off. I was sure someone was in the house, because of all the ruckus they were making. As it turns out, it was NOT, in fact, a murder who walked into my house. It was none other than Zendo. Apparantly DH had left the back gate AND our back door open. So he took it upon himself to just walk in. Once again, I was just glad it was the dog than some ax murderer. So I call his owner (again) and she says she can't help cause she's out of town all weekend. So we've kept him until this morning, when Jess had finally had enough and we went to his house to put him in the backyard. I didn't think it would work, since no one was home and he obviously found a way out. Sure enough, 10 minutes after we left, the dog was back on our porch again. Yikes. I am convinced now that the dog does not like being where he is. But I don't know what to do since the owner shows no intention of giving him up. Even if she did, Jess has made it absolutely clear that two dogs are enough. Plus, the dog is not being abused or anything. Hmm. Anyway. Just thought I'd vent and share my frustration. Maybe someone is reading this and is not bored with the whole thing yet!!
  4. A New Dog!!

    Oh Heidi I think it's curious as well. But yes, I finally did get the woman's address (3 doors down) and phone number (personal cell) so we can get Zendo back to his owner sooner. The woman told me the night before, they spent several hours driving past our house, looking for him. Something told her to stop at our house, but for some reason she didn't. Hmm. Go figure that one! :wub: Anyway. All is well now.
  5. A New Dog!!

    Okay so about an hour ago, this kid I have never seen before knocks on my door and says I have his dog. Apparantly, Jess called the radio station saying we found him. Boy did that work quick!! About 10 minutes later, the kid was at my door. So I am glad that he is back with his rightful owners. And as fun as it was having him, I really hope this does not become a usual thing. Maybe the dog just doesn't like to be home....I don't know. But anyway, my saga is over
  6. A New Dog!!

    Thanks for all your replies, everyone. I suppose I should specify that Zendo has his collar and everything else in tact. The only thing he is missing from before is his actual ID tag. So I find that strange, especially since I know he has one. But he has his actual collar. When I got my 2 babies, the first thing I did was buy them a tag. Of course, you never want to lose your dogs. But you must prepare for that, and protect your dogs. They can't do it themselves!!!
  7. Bad news...

    Oh Jenny. I do hope your eye gets better. And soon. it is no fun to be in pain. Please let us know how it goes on Thursday.
  8. A New Dog!!

    Okay. So, I know I haven't posted on here in for at least a couple of weeks (raise your hand if you noticed!!). And now here I am making a post about, surprise surprise, a dog!! You might well know by now that I have a great passion for dogs. Not only my 2 babies, but for all dogs in general (with the possible exception of dogs that are just plain mean). Anyhoo. About a month ago, my husband Jess came home from work one day and found a dog just laying in our front lawn. We called the dog in the house, and he came right in, tail wagging and all. He is such a sweet, friendly dog. Luckily, he had a tag on his collar that said his name is Zendo (??) and had 2 phone numbers for his owners (a must have for any pet owner!!). We called one of the numbers, and less than 5 minutes later, his owners were at our door (apparantly they live close, though i'm not sure exactly where). 3 days later, pretty much the same thing happened!! We found him just lounging on our front lawn. We called his owners and left a message. They came for him about half an hour later. They said that they found how he was escaping from their yard and had fixed the problem. When Zendo didn't show up for the next few days, I figured that was the last we'd heard from Zendo and his family. Well tonight, guess where we found him?!?! We welcomed in the house, and of course he came right in. The only problem, though, is that he does not have the tag that identifies him and gives his family's number. And I do not know the people's names, phone numbers, or where they live, so I can't get ahold of them at all. I figure he's going to be with us at least overnight. My theory is that it won't take his family long to figure out what's going on and they'll come back to our house since they know he's been there before. Like I said, he is such a sweet boy. I just mention his name and he is by my feet in an instant with a smile on his face (really!) and his tail just wagging away. More importantly, he gets along with my 2 babies, Max and Jezebel, just fine. They have all spent the evening blissfully chewing on their own rawhide bones. I have no idea what kind of dog he is. He's about the same size as my Max (about 70 pounds). He has a beautiful cream colored coat. I know he is a mixed breed because he has the wavy fur down his back (oh I hope someone knows what I'm talking about). He has the face of a lab, and his fur is medium length. He is a beautiful boy. And sweet!!! My husband thinks tomorrow I should call radio stations to put the word out that we have him. He also thinks I should kind of let him roam and follow him to see if he goes home, since we know it's close. Personally, I think his owners will eventually figure out he's with us. If they come for him, great. If not, then that's great too. He is such a sweetheart. Do you think I should put the effort to find his owners, since it will be almost no effort for them to come to me???? Anyway. Tomorrow I am watching my friend's 3 children and I thought I would take them and the dogs to the park to run and play and bark (the kids probably won't bark though). I decided to do that when I still only had 2 dogs. But I'm thinking 3 dogs isn't much different than 2. Hmm. 3 dogs and 3 kids. Please check on me in 24 hours to see if I survived the experience!!!!
  9. Gallery Album

    Okay good I am glad someone finally sees what I see. I thought I was going kooky there for a minute. Or maybe I already was there...................... As far as the total picture count not matching up, of course the 6 BH photos and the 35 puppy photos equals 41. And that was accurate for awhile. The only time it changed to 42 was when I put Max's picture in the communal gallery thing "Good pets gone cute" or something like that. So at least I understand what that's all about Anyhoo. Thanks for your help guys.
  10. Gallery Album

    No I am not talking about the comments for the pictures. I know those comments show up with the picture itself, just like you said. I'm talking about in my picture gallery, after I click "My Albums" it shows my 2 different albums, and to the left of that, there is a seperate box that shows I have comments, but I can't access them!! I am sure they have nothing to do with my picture comments, since the numbers don't match up. Hmm Thanks for trying to help Holly. Hope someone eventually figures out what I'm talking about. I think I'm explaining it right..................
  11. Gallery Album

    Okay so when I click the "My Albums" link at the top of my page, of course it takes me directly to my gallery albums. On that main page, to the left of the albums is a column of information. Under the "Stats" heading, there is an option that says "Total Comments". I can't click on this, and I don't know of any other way to access these comments. I've looked everywhere!! And they don't seem to have anything to do with the comments in the albums themselves because the numbers don't match each other. So if someone could let me know where these comments are located and how to access them, oh that would be just lovely.
  12. Our newest addition to the family...

    What a beautiful girl!!
  13. A Very Cute Max

    This is a picture of when he was younger (and much smaller!). He was laying next to me while sleeping. He looked so cute, and I just had to grab my phone to snap a picture. It is now my favorite picture of him.
  14. New to here, New to Building

    Welcome Jill!