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  1. Happy Easter

    Thanks Nell, if you check out my fb page for Blue Moon Doll Studio, thats where I will have work in progress photos, any dolls I have available and my mold catalog if you need anything    
  2. Happy Easter

    Thanks Jackie! 
  3. Happy Easter

    From the album Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    My latest doll, more info and photos can be seen at my new Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio. Check it out   Happy Easter everyone! 
  4. Miss Maisy

    The dolls turned out beautiful, I love their hair styles. That is a seriously great shot with the cat, I think it needs to be on the cover of a miniatures magazine, so perfect lol! 
  5. IMG_1352.JPG

    I have a photo of my cat doing the exact same thing to one of my porches, too funny. 
  6. Brick Rosedale

    This is so cute, great job!
  7. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    If it’s this one then yes.       
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Congrats Jackie! 
  9. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    I think you might be referring to my fairy Pierce not Tracy’s. I did see it on the persons photos anyway. Our work is all over Pinterest too.  That’s probably where they got the photos or even google images. There used to be a Pinterest button on all of our albums so anyone looking at them could post the photos to Pinterest. I think that button disappeared tho. 
  10. Duracraft roof fit issues (Linfield)

    Good luck, I love my Dura Craft houses but watching his demonstration about making the miter cuts, I was thinking, “and that’s why you went out of business” . For me, with DC houses it works best to cut to fit, and not make any pre-cuts. 
  11. Best Dolls for the Orchid

    Miniatures.com carries a line of cute resin figures. Many ages, etc. to choose from.
  12. Opinions on front door lights/mailbox

    I love the look of two porch lights. I know it’s a little extravagant but I think it’s such a neat look. If you got two you could try it and then if you only used one you’d have an extra light for next time. 
  13. rsz-img-5810-copybw.jpg

    She is AWESOME!!!!! Wow! Perfect! I love the scene too!
  14. Bathroom floor

    Ok, just an opinion,I like the wood floor but I’d prefer it in one color as opposed to the different colored planks. Maybe white with a light wash of blue. Or white with blue rugs. 
  15. Dressing screen