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  1. I bought one the last time I was in there but haven't taken it out of the package yet. Think it was the 8.99 price. 
  2. Newcomer - Thought I'd Introduce Myself

    Welcome Rebecca! Looking fw to seeing your houses.
  3. Total newbie from Germany here

    Just wanted to say I'm sorry for the confusion had with the Glencroft. I worried when I first read your post that there was a mistake somewhere. The Buttercup is one of my favorites of the small houses. Would make a cute candy shop. 
  4. La Bafana research witchy Mrs. Claus legend

    I was hoping someone with Italian heritage could tell us more about her.  "Flown under the radar" lol 
  5. Stolen Miniature

    I know Connie through mutual friends, she does such beautiful work. Her houses were displayed at a shop I worked in when we both lived in Ca. I hope she gets that darling mouse returned to her. Good idea posting here, the more people that see it the better. 
  6. La Bafana research witchy Mrs. Claus legend

    I thought so too. I'm not sure I'll ever view Mrs Claus quite the same way again tho...
  7. La Bafana research witchy Mrs. Claus legend

    So you haven't heard of her either? Glad I'm not the only one  
  8. La Bafana research witchy Mrs. Claus legend

    Dolls by German artist Silke Schloesser 
  9. La Bafana research witchy Mrs. Claus legend

    A few more images..
  10. I've been working on costuming a 1/12 Mrs. Claus. In doing some internet searches for inspiration and outfit ideas, I kept running across random depictions of witches who are dressed in a fashion that could be considered very similar to the modern idea of Mrs. Claus. I wondered why that would be and did a little more research. Discovered the reason for this is the legend of La Bafana. Does everyone know about her but me? Lol, first time learning of this legend. Great idea for a doll or even a cottage theme. Apparently this is a very old legend in Italy ( maybe other European countries?) that the witch called La Bafana visits children in the night, 12 days after Christmas Day? and leaves treats based on whether a child was good or not...sounds familiar....and is sometimes considered good and sometimes bad. Just thought it was interesting.   
  11. First time dollhouse

    Welcome Jennifer, hope you visit often  
  12. rsz-20171007-153453.jpg

    Cool! I'll check and see if the michaels close to me has them  
  13. Well thanks for going to the trouble!  So fun to see others projects, and both of those houses are so nicely done. I love the way you do your floors. 
  14. I'll give it a try! Yes, feel the same way about velvet, the vibe of my house is going to be gothic/victorian, velvet is a must  
  15. What's everyone working on?

    How fun Nutti, love the video too, make more please