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  1. The Cabin

    Yes, agree, undecided if I will put down a wood plank floor that would be more in scale. 
  2. The cabin

    Ha, thanks it was a gift from my family.
  3. The Cabin

    Yes it’s open back.    thank you but I didn’t make this, a local woodworker made it, appreciate the kind words 
  4. Cabin

    From the album The Cabin

    Christmas gift
  5. The Cabin

    From the album The Cabin

  6. the Cabin

    From the album The Cabin

    Upstairs loft          
  7. The Cabin

    From the album The Cabin

  8. The cabin

    From the album The Cabin

  9. Instant Pot -- instant gratification?

    I love my instant pot, definitely retains more flavor than using a crockpot. I eat low carb and it’s great for boiling eggs to perfection. Of course any chili, soup, stew are excellent in the instant pot.  My new love though is my Ninja Foodi Grill/air fryer. Especially for doing low carb, it’s wonderful. Steaks and chicken cook to perfection. Air fryer wings are restaurant quality. 
  10. Sugarplum

    Hey I voted for this one lol, had no idea it was yours! So cute! Definitely has the wow factor. 
  11. occupants?

    I don’t see how a 6 inch female doll would fit into a 1:12 dollhouse scene with 1:12 scale furniture? I saw the redoux on the fb group... Minikitz is a great source for inexpensive porcelain doll kits. That’s where I bought my first one and subsequently caught the bug....be forewarned lol. The artist that creates the dolls for minikitz also sells on eBay under the name doll_biz. The prices are lower to buy through Deb at minikitz. 
  12. Stove mold

    From the album Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    I love this cute new mold, darling little stove          
  13. stove mold

    From the album Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    New favorite mold, so cute. I think this mold was created in the 70s.