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  1. Bathroom style question

    Elsbeth that's a really neat idea thanks for sharing that! Going to remember that when I finally take my Glencroft out of its box. 
  2. Bathroom style question

    If the Glencroft is anything like the Westville, which I think it is...yeah, that bathroom is luxuriously large.  Getting dimensions from eBay and or mini sales websites and then making a paper mock up to check and see if it pleases you would be time well spent and possibly save you money from buying the wrong size.  Ask me how I know that...haha that's one reason our stashes get so big...buying the wrong size    
  3. Noel Thomas vs. Ray Urh

    Could it be mahogany veneer floors? Mahogany has a grain that works for 1:12 scale, I used it in my current build.  If so you can find the veneer at the "woodcraft" website or in person if you have a Woodcraft store near you. You'd just have to determine the thickness of the veneer to match it. Neat house, great find! 
  4. Bathroom style question

    If space ends up being an issue Reutter makes these sort of half bath type claw foot style. 
  5. Bathroom style question

    Also...not sure if you know about the Reutter Porcelain brand of minis? They make beautiful claw foot tubs. You'll see them on eBay or places like miniatures.com, the Reutter website,etc 
  6. Bathroom style question

     I'm working on a similar styled house, Tudor but with a more updated interior...I've been looking at the chrysnbon tub but I'm worried it might be too petite. I wish I could see one in person. I'm doing a bath scene with a doll and faux bubbles, so I need the doll to actually fit in the tub. I'm considering the chrysnbon or maybe one of the wooden tubs. Another way to search around is to do an eBay search for dollhouse miniatures bath. You'll see a lot of options and you might find a good deal on a used or vintage-y one. 
  7. Circle library, angled dividers

    Love it, wish I had a bookshelf like this in my life size house!
  8. Hello! Newbie in MD

    Fairies and haunted houses, you must be a kindred spirit..there are lots of us here  Have fun
  9. how to whitewash wood flooring

    Lol. Glad to hear your project is working out, sounds fun.  About the Elegant, I used to live in Roseville and got to visit the Elegant frequently, loved it  I was pretty poor back then though, lol, I had two boys who were babies when I started this hobby. Not a lot of dollhousing money..so I mostly window shopped, it was a great place to look around. 
  10. how to whitewash wood flooring

    @cloudbound I get that same message. If I want to post in a thread here I have to go thru this process...lol...first I post the picture I want to use to facebook. I adjust the privacy setting so that only I can see the image. Then I save image from the fb post after it's posted. Then that fb image is somehow smaller and I can then post it here. 
  11. how to whitewash wood flooring

    Patricia, are there any dollhouse shops in your area? I'm coming that way this summer and I see the shop in Reno I used to go to is no more.  I think dry brush, sand, like Kathie said, would be worth experimenting with first. I love white floor boards. My mom had done that technique in our "real life" house and it was really neat. 
  12. Adhesive

    I use Bards tacky wax, comes in a little black container, sold at hobby lobby in the dollhouse section. I used to work in a dollhouse shop...a lot of the inventory was from the 80s and 90s. The owners had used "blue tack" for everything....so awful, it stained and was hard to get off wallpaper etc.  The tacky wax will melt though, in the sunlight. You might try a dot of tacky glue. If it's applied lightly you could probably still just pop/pry your item off with a little pressure from behind. I was going through my mouse cottage yesterday, spring cleaning and gluing things down. That's what I resorted to, just a small drop of glue. Keeps things down but technically still removable. 
  13. Removing glued on lace from windows

    Maybe some heat? Like from a blow dryer? 
  14. windows

    Hot glue....maybe you've come to this conclusion on your own, but it's not the best to use. Just messy and doesn't hold well over time, creates bulk and it can melt the windows. I don't know if a cloth would work you might have to just roll the glue off by hand. Probably best not to wet them or the glue could smudge. Tacky glue like Alene's brand is much better.  Liner brush is a just a thin paint brush, in painting it's used for making thin lines and details. 
  15. Drift Front

    Yay walls are going up!