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  1. Bluette Maloney room box

    How exciting  
  2. Dressing my 1:12 scale BJD

    Drea, try looking up Dana Burton doll tutorials on Pinterest. She also has a website, Facebook groups, io group, etc, so her tutorials are easily found with a google images search. She’s really good at the DIVA look and probably has something that would inspire you. She teaches a way of doll dressing that uses very little if any actual sewing, seams are mostly glued.  The book Holly suggested is awesome for dressmaking, but it’s kind of the opposite from Dana’s technique, in that it’s suggested everything is hand sewn. Different schools of thought, sewing vs. gluing. I usually do some of both, but I love to sew. Also I’m kind of a spaz when it comes to glue and I don’t like to get it near the silk I use for dressmaking. You could find a free corset pattern if you just look on Pinterest for 1:12 scale dressmaking.   
  3. Maui

    Ha! thanks Holly, I love the Aloha spirit  
  4. Maui

    Just returned, it was an amazing trip and I loved every second of it, what a beautiful, magical place. We got lucky weather wise, but on the last day they had a huge storm that produced the snow on Haleakala. It was really cool watching the waves that day though.  The flight going home was delayed and (long story short) we got to stay an extra night and full day at Grand Wailea courtesy of Delta airlines. The “bonus” day was beautiful weather, in Wailea at least. I took so many.. countless photos and videos so I will be able to get my Maui fix when I need it. Now back to reality and snow and cold  
  5. 694D1C02-A150-4A8F-8AEB-772109F3FBC8.jpeg

    How fun! Cute designs too, good luck!
  6. Maui

    Thanks Nell! That’s the book I have! Also following some very informative fb groups and good old trip advisor. There an app called Maui gypsyguide (something like that) that works offline even and it is supposed to be really helpful.  I appreciate the tips! Yes I had read the crater is very cold, I’ll prepare for that.   I actually made the mistake of asking on the fb group about ghost hunting/ haunted locations to visit and one of the locals took offense. Like serious offense. It was kind of threatening and I was thinking hmmmm...better be careful, I didn’t realize there was some serious animosity toward tourists among some locals.  I’ve been doing some research about the Hawaiian history and I think it’s fascinating. I’ve never looked in to it before. Basically the entire island is probably haunted. People told me about developers going right over ancient burial grounds. So sad what the natives have been through. 
  7. Maui

    Oh ok thanks! I can’t believe you biked down all that way, from what I’ve heard it’s a long really winding road, must have been exhilarating to say the least! 
  8. Maui

    Ok where is Honolulu Hattie’s?  Thanks, anything else you can think of let me know  
  9. Maui

    And bamboo forest hike. Any tips on that, appreciated. 
  10. Maui

    Ok I’ve been doing a lot of reading and other research about Maui so if you give me your recommends I’ll have a better idea of what you’re referring to and where it is. We’ll be there for 7 days, I don’t want to be go-go-go the entire time but I don’t want to miss anything either  Were renting a Jeep and staying in Wailea.  Im interested in:  Mammas Fish House. Is it worth it? Heard it’s $$$$. Which is fine for special occasion but on the other hand I’ve heard it’s overrated. Looks so cool tho.  Back road to Hana? Have you ever gone this way instead of turning around at Hana? Opinions on Road to Hana? Must see stops?  Different beaches you like? Quirky eclectic shops?  Favorite places to eat?  Must try food dishes?  Haleakala. Did you hike there? Which hike? Planning sunset.  Have you been to the lavender gardens? Is it on the way to the crater, so both could be done on same day?  Any info appreciated! I realize there’s an overwhelming amount of info online and I have a good guide book but just wanted opinions from people I know will tell me like it is. Getting excited in spite of my flying issues  
  11. Dollarama has mini flower punches

    Cute flowers! So fun and satisfying to make your own. 
  12. Workshops you've attended, skills you learned

    I haven’t done any of the big workshops but when I lived near a shop and eventually worked there, I used to take regular make and take classes. They were only $10 and covered the cost of materials and was really an excuse to get together with like minded souls. I learned things like working with silk ribbon and book making. One of the greats, Don Silva (Rik Pierce style) was a regular and worked on his projects in the shop so I absorbed a lot watching him work. 
  13. Shadow Boxes

    I have two large type setter printer drawers that I use for shadow boxes in my workroom. They work great but aren’t overly deep. I also have a shadow box in the shape of a dollhouse I found as a kit on eBay.  Karin
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    So sorry Rebecca, she was a beauty and her face is so full of character. So heart wrenching when they have to leave us. 
  15. Blogging, Pinterest, websites

    Thanks for all of the responses and great info,  I have a little more direction now, thanks! Karin