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  1. New Stove

    I have a dollhouse stove obsession, love them all, want to collect them all  this ones really cute
  2. The SOGGY story of my ebay RGT Newport

    I think they have a lot of nerve delivering that to your house. Why wouldn't they say "sorry your package was heavily damaged while in our care, how much do we owe you?" 
  3. Making Flowers & Leaves with paper punches.

    I haven't tried the Little Goodies kits. I do see them on eBay often. I have done the Easy Leaves brand, they're ok. I accidently bought one in 1:24 so I know what you mean about small...yikes.  Bonnie Lavish kits were nice, she stopped making them for awhile but might have returned to it. Minikitz.com was/is one source for her kits. 
  4. Mattress is done. Sort of.

    Lol about the reflection..that made me laugh.  Cute room.
  5. BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg

    I love the green. Beautiful kitchen!
  6. Crysnbon

    I'm dazzled...so beautiful. Well done 
  7. Curio cabinet, floor color

    I love what you did with the chrysnbon cabinet! I like it with both floors. Looks good whatever you decide. What about hand painting a diamond pattern in yellow and white? 
  8. What's everyone working on?

  9. What's everyone working on?

    Yesterday I ran errands all day. For my dollhouse. I ran errands for my dollhouse all day. At the end of the day I thought....that's actually kind of weird. Who's the boss here anyway.....
  10. Making Flowers & Leaves with paper punches.

    I agree about the sdk flowers sometimes being off. All of the different flower kit sellers produce some things I like and some things I don't. It sounds like with your natural talent you really won't be needing a lot of kits anyway but doing at least one helps to get the process down. 
  11. Baking table

    And deciding what's going to be baked :)
  12. Baking table

    Thanks ladies, glad you like it. It matches well with the base I'm using for this house. The funnest part is arranging all the baking stuff :)
  13. Carving a design on the doors

    How interesting!
  14. Floor cleaner

    I doubt that it would hurt it, worth a try. 
  15. Making Flowers & Leaves with paper punches.

    No problem I totally understand. There is a book by Freida Grey but she doesn't use punches. I think it's called Making Miniature Gardens in 1/12 scale., something like that.  So this is what the kits look like basically. They are pretty inclusive, this one is a lilac from hankypanky. Sdk kits are the same, instructions, supplies and a photo of what the finished flower should look like. Sdk is easier to order from, you have to email hankypanky with your order.