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  1. Favorite power tools?

    I read in one of my older dollhouse books, like from the 80s that (the then new) dremel moto tool was a true blessing to miniaturists for furniture making. I looked at Home Depot yesterday and didn't see one thought maybe it wasn't made anymore. Thanks for the info! 
  2. Favorite power tools?

    Ok thanks everyone, really appreciate it.  Excuse my ignorance I feel like this is probably a really dumb question but I'm looking through the micro mark catalog as I'm reading your comments...did answer my own question about whether a mini scroll is available....but in comparing products that both seem to have similar qualities, what is the difference between the bandsaw and the scroll as far as which would be better for mini furniture?  I'd love to have the big workstation that can cut glass, that would be awesome, 
  3. Favorite power tools?

    What is the digital caliper used for? 
  4. Favorite power tools?

    Thanks so much Mike for all of the info and pictures. My husband has his big power tools/ saws etc. but I'm the kind of person who gets startled by turning on the garbage disposal so I'd like to try to get used to using the smaller power tools that I can keep in my workroom and not have to wait around until he's available to help.  I really like the looks of that mini table saw. I am comfortable with the mini cut off saw I have but that's about my limit right now.  Do they make a mini scroll saw? Husband has a scroll saw in the garage but it's kind of intimidating to me.  There are so many different dremels on the market, any recommends for the best one for our hobby? 
  5. Favorite power tools?

    Thanks for the input everyone. 
  6. Marquim Hill Mansion

    This is the very kit spoken of that I bought from Monica...I hope I can do it justice since fate has brought it into my hands after all these years. 
  7. Question about the MHM front porch post.

    When I get mine figured out I'll post the measurements, since this post may be around for another decade or so...people still trying to figure out the MHM porch posts ;) 
  8. Marquam Hill Mansion

    And this is the other issue I had today. Here checking to see if anyone else had the problem or what I was missing. The instructions I have do not give the measurement for the length of the porch posts either. I will have to just guesstimate/cut to fit. A challenging area to "cut to fit". 
  9. Marquam Hill Mansion

    And the exact same thing happened to me today. I was just looking thru the topics to see if anyone else had had the same problem. Glad I'm not the only one but if anyone else checks this thread in the future...I had to add tiny pieces of thin wood for a shim to close the gaps and get the tower to glue to the octagon floor. 
  10. Favorite power tools?

    I have that same cut off saw! In fact that is one of my few power tools and it does make it so much easier.  Holly thanks, I have a dremel but it's really outdated and not working well anymore. I think a cordless one would be pretty handy.  Wondering if anyone has a mini wood lathe and their experience with it?  
  11. Favorite power tools?

    I'd like to know which are your favorite power tools...both for furniture making and general house building. Thinking about getting more self sufficient when it comes to making furniture, etc. and just having a better stocked workshop. 
  12. BeaconHill-corridor-wip1.jpg

    I like the choice you made for the kitchen door. Everything's looking great. 
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Note to self: When cutting dura craft posts..do yourself a favor and cut to fit, do not blindly, trustingly cut to dura crafts measurements. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I knew this once but had forgotten.
  14. Watercolor Game Changer

    And for mini work the set will last a long time. 
  15. Christmas wreath vignette

    Thanks for the ideas, ya if I can't find the bigger wooden wreath box, a hat box would be worth a try for sure.