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  1. Lundby Jubilee chairs

    Hi Holly! Great to hear from you. I lurk on the boards from time to time but I don't have anywhere to work on my minis anymore. All my stuff is packed up in storage so I'm not so active here anymore. In fact my Lundby dollhouse is the only one I have set up currently since it's just for collectibles and doesn't have any actual work happening to it. 
  2. Lundby Jubilee chairs

    You can see in this screenshot the first search result shows there was one on eBay that was listed at $24 or best offer. The actual eBay listing isn't available anymore though. My Lundby house is pretty full but if you ever do decide to sell the golden chairs please PM me.
  3. It was so much fun looking at your Lundby Stockhom furnished in vintage Lundy.  I've taken alot of liberities with my Stockholm but this house is so much fun to furnish.  You found some really great vintage bits - kudos.  

  4. What House is this?

    i dont know why but this house SCREAMS train station to me.
  5.   The following is still available. Any photo in this album without a "Sold" comment is still available.       Dollhouses   Real Good Toys Quickbuild Classic Colonial - The one up for sale was an in-store display model so it will need some minor rehabbing (wallpaper, trim, window, etc...) but otherwise is in excellent sturdy pre-built condition.         HBS Lisa's Country Cottage Kit - MDF dollhouse kit partially assembled & bashed: foundation, stairs & walls. Might be good for spare parts or bashed into a larger house. Actual item photos by request.         Greenleaf Adams - Porch kit & Chimney wood sheet only. Also includes shingles from Adams kit.  no photo available     Magazines   Miniature Collector Magazine - These don't have dates but i believe they range from 1978-1980   Number 5 Number 6 Number 7 Number 8 Number 9 Number 10 Number 11 Number 12 Number 13 Number 14 Number 15 Number 17 Number 17 (Again? Different year?) 3rd Anniversary Issue Number 18   Decorating & Craft Ideas - The Magazine for the Creative Woman October 1977   Catalogs Interesting reference guide for older dollhouse collectibles/pieces/houses or if you are interested in old advertisements for dolls, dollhouses, toys etc... All Catalogs are FREE to a good home. Just pay shipping costs. I'd hate tho throw them out when they can be useful to someone.   The Enchanted Dollhouse Catalog  1975-1976 1967-1977 1977-1978   Federal Smallwares Corporation   1976-77   Houseworks 30th Anniversary Catalog 1975-2005   Rose's Doll House Catalog   Spring/Summer 1991 Fall 1991 Fall 1993 Spring/Summer 1994 1995/1996   Hobby Builders Supply/ Catalog September-December 1991 Spring 1993 Winter 1994 Christmas 1995 (Includes "Supply Line Newsletter" Volume 7 Issue 2) Mystery Catalog (Missing Cover. unsure of the date but order form says "prices guaranteed through 12/31/1999") Late Fall 2001     Furniture   Playmobil TV White Bedroom Set 3 drawer nightstand Holly patterned upholstered chair black and red plastic folding chair White kitchen counter with sink (faucet missing) Black wood burning stove with burner covers wooden icebox Butcher Block Table with knife 3 piece porcelain bath set (missing faucets) ping pong table with fold-flat legs, paddles and ball glued Wood Furniture Living Room Kit with additional pre-assembled chair. Wood Furniture Nursery Kit Marx Bathroom Sink & Toilet Renwal Bathroom Scale   Supplies   Chrysnbon Bathroom Swan Decals 1.5 bags of shingles (Artply Brand?) Mini Graphics Burgundy Carpet 14"x20" Mini Graphics Cream Carpet 14"x20"
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