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  1. its been awhile

    Welcome back. Been pretty much a stranger here myself lately. I sure doi understand about RL getting in the way....
  2. Back again...sorry to be a stranger...

    You can't change your family members or how they feel. I say to heck with the lot of them! You contacted them, therefore you did your part. You can't let how they act, don't act affect the way you are feeling. It will just make you feel worse about the situation. Not seeing Gramma is their loss, and no doubt at some point they will regret it. Your Gramma has you, and that is what counts. You must do what is right for you. In the end you will be at peace with yourself, and that is what matters. Hugs for you and your family.
  3. It's such a hassle. I use glass cake pans and bakeware for the dish washer reason. I've never had trouble with my stainless pots and pans in the dishwasher however. As for the tin and aluminium stuff, it turns black if water even drips 6 inches away from it, I hated it so much, I let my DH cut it up, and use it for body metal to patch his old junkers that he liked working on and fixing up years ago.
  4. Um...Can you say snow?

    So far it's been cold, off and on...but honestly we didn't get more than an inch of snow at any given time yet, and it didn't last. We are on bare ground now, and occasionally we've had mud! It's been a very odd Winter so far.
  5. Spiders

    Bug-O- phobic here. The only good bug is a dead one, poisonous or not! If they are in my house, then they are trespassing, and I administer justice with a heavy foot, a flyswatter, and a back up can of RAID!
  6. Auntie in Double Trouble!

    Adorable RL minis! Thanks for posting a pic, and yes Congrats to the whole family.
  7. 5/27/07 Rudest Comment about Your Minis

    My DH hid behind the line, "A real man does whatever it takes to make his wife happy, if that means building her a dollhouse, and being her hero, then bring on the kit!" I heard him tell off one of his friends wives, when she suggested him building my Strawberry Patch, and choosing the paint colors, was a very "feminine undertaking." As for what will happen to my houses, after I pass, it's already agreed that each child will pick one if they want it, and the rest will be sold off. DH says one will go on my grave, after he weathers it, and he intends to keep the cabin in my memorey, 'cause dollhouses, were me.
  8. hi to everyone

    Hugs to both of you. You are missed.
  9. 5/27/07 Rudest Comment about Your Minis

    There will always be someone, somewhere at some point in time, for some reason, that will crap on your parade, whether it be intentional or not. The trick is to shrug it off, smile, tell them to have a nice day, and keep on minying. If you have a tough time shaking it, then come tell us, and you'll always have shoulders to lean on here, and ears who can understand and sympathize with you.
  10. Happy Birthday Heidi

    So sorry, I missed it too. Happy belated Birthday. Hugs, hope you have a great year.
  11. My kind of doctor!

    That's how I want to go, WOOHOOO What a ride, and put a dollhouse on my grave!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

    Hope you had a great one!
  13. Um...Can you say snow?

    We fiananlly got 2 inches. Now we all know, snow attracks more snow....so Winter is indeed here, and Yuk, I hate it every year, always did!
  14. Just for laughs

    LOL The funniest part of those jokes, is I'm sure all off us here could add our own" and that's how the fight started", 'cause they all do sorta start that way, HEE HEE. I know I've had sarcastic moments that definitely got it going...so did DH...
  15. Need advice about new neighbors

    It would be really nice if this resolved itself, and just stopped happening forever. Nothing worse than irrespossible pet owners, and if you don't scoop, that makes you a (fill in the blank,) I'm a homeowner too, this is a tricky situation. Some folks are just absent minded, and leave home without thinking about maybe Pup will have to do the deed, again; others are simply pigs that don't care, so it's always tough to approach an offending neighbor with this one. Best of luck.