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  1. New Update... new problems?

    I just tried to log in using the user name and password I have had from the beginning. It would not let me in. The problem is Google has my old email address and it was automatically changed a couple of years ago by U-Verse when I switched to them from what I had when I first got my computer. Google still has the old email address and I cannot change it. I no longer receive email at that old address. It took two hours this morning to get back on here and I had to use the ridiculously long number letter password they assigned me. Now I don't know how to change it to my password that still shows here. Finding someone to get help from at Google is like trying to contact God. If it doesn't let me in again when I try and sign on I will just not use the Greenleaf forum anymore. I am not very good at computers so don't know why my Google password was not changed or will not let me change when the old password no longer is in use. How do you get a real live person to talk to at Google? Not happy.
  2. Handmade Stove

    Great stove. You do really nice work. The burners look so real.
  3. Refrigerator built from basswood

    How neat. Even frost in the freezer. I love it.
  4. Handmade Old Fashioned Refrigerator

    Very nice.
  5. The Boys

    What a cute picture. I just named my new dog Toby.
  6. I can't have a tree anymore because one of my kitties tries to eat the vinyl needles and then throw up. They can kill a cat or dog if they get lodged in the intestine and surgery to remove them is dangerous and expensive too. I haven't tried a real tree because I've heard they can harm pets too. I tried all the ideas to keep her away but nothing worked. I miss having a tree but would miss my pets more.
  7. Taxidermy Deer Mount

    The windows are very pretty. Like real stained glass. I like the lamp too. Very nice.
  8. Before The Party

    Very nice. Love the cake on the washing machine. My favorite style kitchen.
  9. Cardboard concept

    Just the cardboard mock-up must have taken a lot of work. I would have never thought of doing that.
  10. 3rd floor rooms finished

    Very nice. I've never seen this house before. All the wallpaper and wood work looks beautiful.
  11. Greenleaf skin returns Yeah !!

    I must have missed any changes. I haven't tried changing anything.
  12. DSCN0616

    That looks so great. Where did you find camo wallpaper? I'd have never thought of that.
  13. DSCN0578

    You are so talented. I love this whole project.
  14. DSCN0574

    Very nice. I love all the little acessories.
  15. DSCN0498

    I like how you have done the pull down for the stairway to the attic.