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  1. How many Menu Plan?

    I admire everyone's meal planning skills (or at least everyone's aspirations)! What I usually do is have a list of meals that I can make on any given night and we choose one the day before so that I can defrost the meat or do any prep work. Then when I don't have the ingredients for that meal, I cross it off the list. When my list is all crossed off we go to the store! Sounds primative but it sure helps when the kids say "What's for dinner? or they say (often) "there's nothing to eat around here". This also helps with keeping the budget down. Sometimes there is steak on the list... and other times it's just hotdogs and macaroni and cheese. I buy special items but only if it is something that I normally buy and I freeze it... like chicken. Anyway... I have a question that is related to this topic. How do you get your family to eat left-overs? I seem to be the only one in the house that thinks the spaghetti the next night is worth eating!
  2. Pierce Kitchen Light.JPG

    From the album My Pierce

  3. Pierce Second Floor Stairs.JPG

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  4. Pierce Staircase inside from left.JPG

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  5. Pierce Painted Floors installed 3.JPG

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  7. Pierce Painted Floors installed.JPG

    From the album My Pierce

  8. I'm a Land Use Planner for County Government! As an aside...My 96 year old grandma is Lithuanian. Her parents were the first generation to have children here in America. English was their second language. What stories I've heard throughout my life!