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  1. I was in Chicago this year and it was awesome!! I did some blog posts on 1) Tips if you're thinking of going; 2) Loot :-) and 3) Workshops I took. I also took four which was a bit much. I think if I do this again I'll stick with 2, maybe 3. (Maybe) Start here, and go forward: Jennifer Ashley
  2. WC    forjenn

    Good Morning,

    I just saw your post from September 1 about having scraps left over from your Beacon Hill Build.  By any chance, do you still have those scraps?  I am especially interested in the shutters.  I just bought a BH that needs some repairs and it has one missing shutter.

    Thank you,




  3. Dollhouse Magazines

    Nooooo!!!!!! This is terrible news. I had sent in a check to renew Min Collector in August, and I just got back the envelope labeled "Refused, unable to forward." I looked forward to this beautiful magazine every month. I'm so sorry to hear of the publisher's fall--best wishes for her. Sad now.
  4. These are very cool! The cutout from the dollhouse is from the Beacon Hill. It's the bay window sills and the roof trim sheet. A great idea. However, I still am getting rid of my scraps. I just don't have room for them and the box. I'm having a grand clear-out. If I don't get any takers I will slowly feed it all to the recycle bin.
  5. I have just completed a Beacon Hill (more or less). I wondered if anyone would like my box of scraps? Most of the sheets are intact (with the pieces punched out, of course). I never used the shutters, so all those pieces are there. I am willing to send the box and all the scrapwood to anyone who wants it. Jennifer Ashley
  6. Lovely! Thanks for posting all these pictures. I have started my Beacon Hill (finally) and looking for inspiration.
  7. French knot rug

    This whole house is beautiful!! I'm about to take the plunge into my Beacon Hill kit and am looking for inspiration. Yours is so lovely, something to treasure.
  8. RGT Classic Bungalow Kit for sale

    Thanks everyone! The bungalow is now on its way to a good home. Thanks for your patience with a newbie who didn't know the rules. :-)
  9. RGT Classic Bungalow Kit for sale

    If I can figure out how to edit the post, I'll change it. Um.... how is that done? Jennifer
  10. I have had to make the tough decision to give up the Real Good Toys Classic Bungalow Kit (1-inch scale). It's the plywood version (milled siding on the outside walls; I purchased this from HBS). I have opened the box and looked at the pieces, but I did not unpack everything (pieces are still bundled and rubber-banded), and instructions are intact. The whole thing is in excellent condition--opened the box a couple weeks ago, which is when I realized I didn't have room for it. All I have to do is tape the box back up and mail it. I don't know if it's ok to post price here, but I'm asking *price removed* plus how much it costs to ship it to you via UPS. I'm thinking US only will be cheapest (I'm in Phoenix; if you live close enough you can pick it up from me). I hate to part with it, but I seriously don't have room. I live in a small house, have a bunch of dollhouses already, and at the moment I have to pack up my entire house to replace floors that got water damaged from a broken water heater (All my miniatures were well away from the damage zone, thank goodness!). So--if you are interested, post here or contact me. Remember this is the Kit only (un-assambled), in excellent condition in the original box. Jennifer Ashley
  11. Have a Mini Little Christmas!

    Small scene thrown together from stuff collected over the years. Have a Merry Christmas, Joyous Yule, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! Jennifer Ashley

    © 2012 Jennifer Ashley

  12. I now have takers for everything! Thank you so much! (and my closets thank you). If / when I have more to give away in the future, I'll know where to come. (But I am swearing to myself that I'm going to make the rest of my kits! Even the Beacon Hill.)
  13. Update: The furniture and accessories are all now spoken for. Now, I know *someone* out there must want a box of foam rubber (see item #1). And a bag of 1/2" scale shingles.
  14. Oops, forgot, the bag of square shingles is gone too (the 1" scale). 1/2" scale shingles still available.
  15. The Adams kit has been taken (no big surprise). The rest is still available! I really wanted to ship out furniture and accessories in one go (cheaper to send one box than 20); however, I've gotten requests for bits and pieces, so feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do. The object of the exercise is to have everything leave my house. :-)