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  1. I am back!

    Thanks everyone! I now have internet! YEAH! He finally came today so we are all set. I have been working on my mini Christmas village. I would work on my Haunted House too but it is still in Utah at my parents house. We were to scared to bring it with everything else. Did not want it to break! "how old is your son again" Jack is 22 months! They grow so fast. "We had to buy a whole new phone pole to get the phone installed after we moved here because the poles ended at the beginning of our road! We also had to pay to have the wires strung from the beginning of the road up to our house." Wow that is crazy!
  2. new to dollhouse construction

    Hello and Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Nutti

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  4. First Time!!

    Hello and welcome! I am still working on my first build I chose the Greenleaf Haunted House kit and I have really liked it. I have kind of a similar story I got a dollhouse when I was young and started it but never finished it. Now I love building dollhouses. I think they can all be good choices. My own oppinion is to start with a simple one first. I have learned so much doing this one I feel a lot more confident for my next one. I think it would have been too easy to get overwhelmed with a complex one. Anyway that is my two bits! Good luck and let me know what you decide!
  5. New member from Australia

    Hello and welcome! It is always great to meet someone new!
  6. I am back!

    Wow! It has been CRAZY!!!! We have been moved for weeks and weeks and still the internet provider people have not set us up. We have been waiting and waiting and waiting, all I get is "Oh in a couple of days.", or "Oh we need a letter of reference from a phone company first.", or "Oh we will be getting down that way soon." ARUGH! I guess that is what we get for living in the middle of nowhere. If you don't remember from my last e-mail (sorry it has been so long) We live an hour away from a grocery store. Other than that everything is going great. My son now loves cows (we live on a dairy farm). It is a very different world out here! Right now I am on my in-laws computer so I have to keep it breif but I am assured that we will get the internet installed last weekend! Before I go I have one more little announcement I am going to have a baby. I am 12 weeks along and already showing. Way to early to be showing if you ask me but I am excited. Anyway, It is nice to be back, now I have got to go catch up on what is going on! Julie
  7. moving

    Yes, I agree moving it a great way to get organized and get rid of stuff. I am finding the longer I pack the more sentimental I get, thus not throwing stuff away. This is goodbye for awhile. I am loosing my computer today and we are moving, (not just packing) so in a week or two I'll be back. Miss you till then. Bye!
  8. Happy Birthday Jenny

    Happy birthday! I am glad you are having a good day you deserve it!
  9. Potty training

    Sally. I was reading your post aloud to my husband laughing so hard it took several times to read a couple sentences. Thanks, for the laugh!
  10. Potty training

    Isnt that the truth! Yes, I think I will mention it too her before we move.
  11. happy birthday, kellee

    Happy Birthday!
  12. stupid unreal commercials

    I dont watch tv so I haven't seen it but ya, it sounds pretty dumb. I get sick of hearing the stupid comercials on the radio. Wow there are a lot of them. One is a lady talking about how she did not get what she wanted for mothers day so "Woman Unite," she is going to shop at this certain store for fathers day and get herself something. Wow! That realy paints women in a good light. (that was sarcasm sometimes it is hard to pick up with writing) What happened to, it is not the gift but the thought behind it that counts.
  13. Potty training

    Oh! This is too funny! That is exactly why I started thinking I was so far behind. One of my friends mother-in-law was always bragging that all her kids were potty trained by the time they were six months. So she is getting all kind of pressure from her husband and mother-in-law to potty train her 9 month old. She dosnt want to because she is afraid she will fail. I thought, "Wow, I am behind, my kid is 19 months!"
  14. What I have been up to

    Welcome! I dont remember you because I was not here! So nice to meet you!