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  1. tower addition fascia 3.jpg

    Bet you're squealing with delight!
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Fear not going to CRS2! Way better than junction splice. Basically you are adding an adaptor using a direct wire. Once you have a black wire in one color of tape and red wire in the other, you insert the other ends into the adaptor, you're done!  
  3. Tower addition in place test

    Yes they all work well with each other, I love it!
  4. Carved pocket doors

    Holy smokes, you are so talented! Carving with a dremel...they are lovely! Whatever way you can display the carving is the way to go.
  5. A house of your dreams

    Lawbre French Country Manor.....and I have it now and loooovvveee it. I'm in heaven!
  6. Bathroom tile dry fit

    Perfect scale!
  7. Bed

    Really nice!
  8. Adding patina to fake copper?

    Ha! Didn't know that....but now I do!
  9. Adding patina to fake copper?

    You might try Rub n Buff - by Amaco - d*** Blick carries it or you can get it online. Michaels and Joann used to sell it but I wasn't able to locate that color on their site. Michaels has 2 gold ones and silver. Joann has more colors but not that one. Ditto with HL....I can't recall where I got mine - probably online. d*** Blick
  10. Tower Room Construction- 1/6 scale

    Ahhh, yeah I get it now! A massive house, a grand one! Can't wait to see it unfold (or slide in, as it were)
  11. Tower Room Construction- 1/6 scale

    I'm trying to wrap my head around where this fits on your house.
  12. Study with beams and crown

    From the album French Country Manor

    I continued on the theme of painting trim linen, and after cutting crown,  I decided to change it up by putting up beams with crown in between. I'm loving the look. 
  13. study trim - linen color - should windows be same color?

    Debora, my picture doesn't really make the color variation clear. This is a tough room to photograph.  Kathie, I'm leaning towards painting the windows and door the same linen. I'm going to give the baseboards one more coat and perhaps stick up crown to get a better sense of it before making a decision.
  14. bed for master bedroom

    No, everything on bed comes with it! I'm pretty stoked to see it in the bedroom!
  15. master bedroom with baseboard and crown

    From the album French Country Manor

    Looking finished now! Just need to furnish and accessorize.