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  1. Morning coffee and the manor

    That's what it's all about, right?  My French Country Manor is in my walkout basement, right near the sliding door. My hubby said why don't you leave the lights on at night (every night) and enjoy. So that's how we have it, love it!
  2. Who’s going to the Chicago shows?

    Carmen - glad you got to go! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I got to the 2 smaller shows last night- got to Miniature Show about 5 pm. I was pleasantly surprised by how many more actual dealers were at their tables - this is an improvement over last year. Was sad to find out Cutest Things didn't make it - apparently she hurt her back and is in severe pain.  I plan to stop back today now that I've had some time to think about things I saw. I did get some Itsy Bitsy wallpaper. Yeah, I know....huge purchase! There was a dealer there who I will go back to and buy a few - small metal embellishments - again to adorn furniture. I also may indulge in some Les Chin wallpaper - doubt I can spell it! The 3 Blind Mice show was as expected- but I did grab some sheer curtains from Designs By Janet, and bought some tiny wood trim from a small scale dealer -Teresa's Miniature Creations. This trim is probably for 1/2 scale but my intent is to attach to furniture as embellishments. More to come, including pictures.  Headed out to the Bishop Show today. 
  3. Who’s going to the Chicago shows?

    They do NOT have a website.  M & R Miniatures 111 Blue Grass Lane Rochester NY 14626-1737 585-227-0985 Mary Vogler - they are an older couple, and only go to some shows - not sure what circuit they go on. She can send you a price list - just tell her what scale you want. They have also done a mock-up for me - i gave them the room floor layout, and size....and they did a foam fake room and placed the pieces - a couple of placements, and sent me a picture back - so I could visualize.   
  4. New Member: Lawbre Rosedawn Plantation

    Yay Colleen! You will certainly enjoy it - quite a grand house!
  5. Who’s going to the Chicago shows?

    I will be going to all 3.  Was looking at the Bishop page and happened on a link that shows special features for this year's show.   My experience with the Chicago shows has changed over time. We used to have one show that was artisans - I think NAME or IGMA...its been a while ago. So the 3 shows currently and my experience and take on them: Bishop Show - the largest of the 3, has workshops during the week and then Sat/Sunday. They do a preview show on Friday that costs extra and is sold out right now. It is international - draws from all over the world. I've seen many fine artisans and their work, and I go to ogle and dream over their work, if nothing else! Things that I find lacking are more the "DIY" things. This is because I usually keep of mini shopping list things and keep hoping I can buy them - wallpapers, trims, etc. I usually go to BB Miniatures - she has some lovely hand painted bespaq. Lots of artisans  - too many to mention here. Oh and the doll fun to dream in there! 3 Blind Mice - this show does offer a wider variety of DIY, mid-priced items as well as some high end items like Bespaq. One dealer I do recommend here is M&R Miniatures - they make the wood kitchen cabinets I'm so fond of. They are unfinished (he does have stained ones too) and you can mix and match for the items you want. All About Miniatures will be there - this is @Gonzo from here - Greg - he has tons of furniture at the show usually. They also have free shuttles to other shows. The Miniature Show - this is put on by Greg Madl from Swan House Miniatures. Some of the actual artisans are at their tables. One such that I've purchased from is Cutest things - she is such a fun and bubbly person and her work is fabulous. The sweet pink bed set I got from her last year. Lighting Bug also has a table there, and sold me some of their fine lights. The show is set up so that there are many tables of miniatures, representing various artisans - artisans that they represent at Swan House. Some of the artisans are there, but Swan House mans the rest of the tables so you can purchase artisan items. 
  6. Isn't his site great to read?? I've stumbled upon it over the years and he's done some really amazing things. 
  7. What's everyone working on?

    I'm now over a long drawn out cold that wouldn't let go, and hubby is nearly over his (I most likely passed something to him though I didn't have a nasty fever). I've been keeping up with what you all are doing  - Karin and her porcelain adventures and grazhina with her Bahamas cottage. I finally was able to do some things. I got started with my Mini Mundus book kit  - and got that down to a process. I'm happy with them. I also added a small paper chair rail to the 3rd floor bedroom. I still have to decide on crown. Small (pun intended) things but progress.  
  8. Front door

    From the album Chateau

    This is how the Front door will look
  9. Exterior with painted door

    From the album Chateau

    I'm drawn to the filtered sunlight on the house. Not showing the front door pediment here but you can see the finished chimneys and the stone courtyard ledge and the lions. 
  10. Living room hearth

    From the album French Country Manor

    I had a black marble one here, but have the same fireplace in dining room. So I bought 2 of James Coats hearths. I am not sure if I will leave them white or do some painting/stippling.
  11. Books I assembled

    From the album French Country Manor

    I got about 40ish books assembled - I'm happy with the look. These are Mini Mundus kit. 
  12. 3rd Floor Bedroom

    From the album French Country Manor

    I know its not much but I added a tiny paper chair rail. Still deciding on a border.
  13. Moda Atelier De France fabric

    The problem I have is still scale even seeing in person. But you're right for drapes, the gathered effect masks the fabric repeat and minimizes scale
  14. Moda Atelier De France fabric

    I am also a fabric addict! And its funny that you and I have similar tastes, along the French line. Moda - love their stuff. I located a quilting store in the Chicago area so I could see stuff in person...and it made my head spin.  This particular fabric you show is oddly similar to my real life duvet and I'm drawn to things like it. This online store will show you Moda but also other brands This is also along the lines of fabrics I purchased last year for potential curtains (which I haven't gotten around to yet) but you may have better luck using the florals with 1/6 scale than I was having with 1/12 scale.   
  15. miniature shops in Chicago area?

    I too have been to Roses, have made it an annual adventure even though I live in Chicago area. I haven't experienced the "very friendly staff" in a few years, maybe things have changed. Not that they were unfriendly but watched me like a hawk, which, if I'm going to spend a few hours and several hundred $$ seems to send the wrong signals. So I now immediately introduce myself and try to create rapport. Lots of stuff, and a wide range of price points- inexpensive and high end. Lollys is my go-to, but as the miniatures hobby is not as hot as it was 8 years ago, she (Janet) has shifted her inventory, so not much in the way of Bespaq, but she has a lumber inventory. Interesting to see this change, sad though for me.