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  1. French Country Manor Update

    Good question Sam! I was considering this and decided to stop the crown at the opening of the hole. I will have to fill the indent above the wallpaper, which is the thickness of the 2nd floor, but it will probably just be white. 
  2. Chicago show April 21

    I finally got some pictures of my fabulous finds from the miniatures shows - see my blog.
  3. Finished Living Room Floor

    This tile looks fabulous!
  4. French Country Manor Update

    Today I finished crown and baseboard in the foyer. So now I have 2 rooms totally done! I did put on a coat of stain on the stairs, no pics yet. 
  5. Foyer trim done

    From the album French Country Manor

    crown and baseboard in. I have actually touched up the corners with paint, though this picture doesn't show that. 
  6. Living room done

    From the album French Country Manor

    Got all the trim done, and I'm happy with it.
  7. French Country Manor Update

    Holly, that pic is before the 2nd coat of the wrong stain. The floor is the squares of light and dark. The light wood didn't take the stain well, and sanding it made matters worse. 
  8. French Country Manor Update

    The study wood floor took a turn for the worse. I did another round of stain on my main cherry floors, and proceeded to do the same with it...forgetting I used a different color stain. So now its too dark. I tried a few things - sanding way down, and then staining with different color. I think its a lost cause. I've got some Brodnax parquet on order - that will work out much better.  In the meantime, I did get polyurethane on the first 2 floors of wood, and have moved on to crown, baseboard etc in the living room. Its coming along well - I've got some frieze from Falcon that I used before for a Whitledge roombox and am doing that same thing. A strip of wood behind the regular crown to project it out a bit, then the frieze below it. I'm happy with how its turning out, although its going to mean some time and patience around the fireplace. I will need to touch up with spackle and paint in corners to fill my gaps.  I'm also doing the wainscoting paper from World Miniatures, and baseboard. I only have the fireplace wall to finish now. 
  9. Living Room getting crown and wainscoting

    From the album French Country Manor

    Its going well - will need to do some fill-in with spackle and paint later. Also doing baseboard and wainscoting. Just need to complete the fireplace wall. 
  10. First wall with pieces of crown

    cutting and gluing separately
  11. First wall with pieces of crown

    From the album French Country Manor

    I like this, though its a lot of work. There are 3 pieces - a strip of 3/8 wood behind crown, the crown and the frieze.Gonna take me quite a while to get done with one room, especially with a fireplace chimney breast. 
  12. Favorite power tools?

    Power tools?? Me?? I shy away from them as my limited experiences have been less than satisfactory. Can't cut a straight line with a jigsaw, the dremell I bought just seems intimidating,  and can't guide it even with drawn lines.  OK so my cordless drill - I can safely say it's my fav!
  13. What's everyone working on?

    I've been doing wood floors. Finished laying 2nd floor strips, and stained, will be ready to poly them tomorrow - outside.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Good to know. 
  15. Chicago show April 21

    Brae- love looking at your goodies!  I drooled over Art of Mini - one I hadn't heard of before. I may have to go to her site and get some. There were just soooo many things to see and buy at all three shows. I will need to get my blog updated - I got a fabulous doll, kitchen cabinets, and some other things...