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  1. Outlet Mini

    Its mini magic for sure!
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Yeah....what's up with that?? So they are looking for a bidding war?  "Originally cost over $200 - you the bidders decide its value today!!"
  3. Shingles changed colour

    I am not a well-traveled person, and can't say I have much knowledge about SA so this is interesting to me! 
  4. Shingles changed colour

    That worked out really well!
  5. Really interesting to read about the history of miniature artisans. Mark and Chris are Majestic Mansions, well, Mark is at least. It also references and links to Mountain Miniatures, which I interpret as that Chris runs it. Its very heartwarming to learn about people's passions and how they are going strong into their retirement, and are still very passionate about it!
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Lawbre farmhouse in Elgin (outside Chicago) $60 - a steal  
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I did that workshop and it was so much fun! I learned a ton of techniques from the masters W&B!  This one has the counters custom painted and with the red trim in the edges...can't help but wonder if it wasn't one of their prototypes for the workshop. This seller has another of their roomboxes on sale -
  8. Too much stuff???

    Wish I had that problem! That does look like a nifty tool! I got this manual saw miter thing a year ago and its awkward and takes up space on my worktable. I may have to bite the bullet and get this. Price doesn't seem too steep.  My "too much stuff" challenge is with wallpaper, wood trims, and increasingly, paint/finishing products. I seem to be forever digging through all of it to find what I want. 
  9. Lighting that won't be seen

    Kim- those stairs and bannister are out of this world! Wow! 
  10. Overall look

    Love it! My favorite wallpaper too!
  11. Dollhouses Trains & More Closing

    There's a nice article about this, some pictures as well. I really would have loved to visit!
  12. The owner posted today, I think.
  13. Has anyone aged any Reutter brass?

    Oh....sorta like this perhaps?
  14. I'm thinking of trying this for my French country house. I am wondering if anyone has tried this and can show me their work? I'm not looking to make the entire pieces grungy, just not shiny brass. I'm thinking of the shower fixture and the faucets in the tub, handle on the toilet. I will also look to replace the faucet on the wood sink, different story there, cuz the one there is underwhelming...but not the topic of this post.  
  15. Who’s going to the Chicago shows?

    I finally got around to taking photos and I posted some of them on my blog!