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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Kelli I feel your pain. Nothing I used worked in getting off glue residue on my Chateau where the Quine were. I tried vinegar, Goo Gone (Holly I too generally swear by that), Greased Lightning, denatured alcohol, nail polish remover. I finally decided that my power palm sander was my only remaining option. Even then I spent lots of time going over and over it with the sander. 
  2. Natasha Mini Decoupage?

    Yes, was pleased with the results
  3. Natasha table

    From the album Misc

  4. Painter's Palette paint in RGT Blue?

    If you don't have a number, perhaps you could email RGT and ask.
  5. Painter's Palette paint in RGT Blue?

    Handley House, DESC, OrderBy ASC, Name ASC&c=2434&ps=12&p=0 And this online retailer Dejoux miniatures - hopefully you have a number on the old container? ASC&p=1
  6. Basement floor - grouted.JPG

    @Its_a_sm_world_after_all - I just coated my terra cotta tiles with this Mod Podge and am very happy with it! I think I will do one more coat. I brushed it with a sponge brush and am now going to roll it on. The one coat so far did even up the finish to a matte look. I also used it on the exterior of my Chateau that had a very flat texture. I was looking for a sealer, and while I could have sprayed it with the Krylon, I wanted to avoid the horrible smell that lingers. 
  7. ExteriorFinish.jpg

    From the album Chateau

  8. chimney placement

    Love the colors!
  9. Newport dormers/windows

    I bought all new windows for my Newport, including the corners. Here's a link to my Flickr Newport, and this pic I described how I did it. Dormer

    I've stripped wallpaper I put on, shortly after putting it on, when I didn't like it. Its easy to do if you have primed the wall - so definitely prime the walls if you can.  Brodnax is a great paper, and its taller than most, 11 1/2 to 12" tall, and for some houses, you need that. Note that spraying the paper with a sealer is recommended by Brodnax as well - I learned that lesson the hard way!. Itsy Bitsy Mini - her papers are heavy now too, in fact, probably heavier than Brodnax. At first, I loved her papers due to the heavy weight, and I learned on this too - spray with sealer before applying paper. In the case of Itsy Bitsy Mini - there is a shine on some, and sometimes the color on the paper looks inconsistent - how its printed I guess. On some paper patterns its more noticeable. See my Kitchen paper - you will notice darker vertical "lines" - I'm hoping that all my cabinets will cover most of that. But in the case of the bird toile in a bedroom - this one turned out fabulous.  Itsy Bitsy has tons of papers, including some faux ones - stone, plaster, etc - that work well, but only in an area you don't have to visibly match, like if the wall is wider than the paper width. If you keep the matches to corners, you are good on those. I was thrilled with a faux finish in the kitchen below...but had to try to match due to width of wall...that wasn't nice so I stripped it off.  Two sites I use to look at papers - each has the above 2 brands as well as others.  Miniature Cottage Miniature Designs  
  11. Help, urgent

    Jeannine - hoping for a sensible response from seller - a picture prior to shipping would be great.  Sounds like this is a topic we should continue - tips and lessons learned with regard to ebay. 
  12. Basement floor - grouted.JPG

    Sam - I really love how the brick looks! And i know what you mean about not going overboard and coloring too much. If you have a sample that you can grout, you can play around some.  Jodi - thank you for sharing about ultra matte mod podge.  I was somewhat disheartened when I applied what I thought was matte on my terra cotta kitchen tiles, and it created a somewhat shiny finish, and sort of a brush line.  Debra - I may try this on my tile, in hopes it will tone down the shine. 
  13. How do you handle some things in prebuilt houses?

    I wasn't clear - you are right - i can run up the 'front' as you say.  But I may remove them anyway so I can paper, etc and apply pre-finished painted crown. Just gives me more flexibility.
  14. How do you handle some things in prebuilt houses?

    Good point Holly. I have sometimes considered that in my houses - maybe its something to consider here. As for tapewire - that will be a moot point if I remove crowns.  Thanks all - love the feedback!
  15. attached crown

    From the album Chateau

    The crown pieces are pre-attached and at least nailed, probably glue too.