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  1. Hofco House, Inc. Homestead House KW142

    I haven't heard of the Hofco I was intrigued. Googled...seems they only ever made dollhouses! "A few doors down, at the site of the original Smith drugstore, is another unique business you shouldn't miss, run by a tycoon of 21. Robert Holweck and his four employes make up the Holweck Furniture Co., a misleading title because what they make is kits to assemble palatial doll houses, some of which retail for as much as $1,000. Jewels sought after by collectors, they take from four to 250 hours to assemble and range from a horse stable with four stalls to a deluxe country manor with formal dining room, bay windows, French doors, shingles applied individually, flooring and two stairways. Every part is hand carved and the result is far too fine for any doll."
  2. Workshops you've attended, skills you learned

    Sounds like I might have to consider a trip to Dallas also!
  3. Winchester

    Lots of architectural goodies! You'll be an expert by the time the house is complete! Enjoy!
  4. Workshops you've attended, skills you learned

    Heck yeah I'd say that counts! Painting and art lessons do also! 
  5. 2Siding.jpg

    I love your coloring scheme! 
  6. Workshops you've attended, skills you learned

    Shannon - I hear you there. Its all about learning...and we each learn every time we try. The sense of being disheartened before I'm finished also is something I'm very familiar with. Heck, I just experienced this with the stippling of my window frames. I got cold feet and tried harder, and made matters worse....before I realized I overcompensated. More work, needless to say and if I had stopped, and said yes, this will work well, I would have prevented another unnecessary layer of work.
  7. window frames

    I painted the roof with acrylic paint. It was a grey I either used straight or created as a mix of black and white. Sorry I'm not much help there, it was mostly trial and error. 
  8. I started thinking about the 2019 Workshops, started looking at Bishop's for Chicago...but this spurs another question to you. What types of workshops have you attended over the years? What are you most proud of, and what did you learn?  I am reminded of a workshop I took with Rik Pierce in 2006 - Medieval Lighthouse. I met @LPCullen and @nuttiwebgal and @Minis On The Edge . That was the workshop that whipped my a** if you have to know the truth! Rolling paperclay for hours and hours was the death of me. I could hardly make it to the hotel room at the end of 12 hours that first day. My body ached like you wouldn't believe but I somehow made it through the workshop! Interested folks can see pics in my Flickr Album I also did a workshop with Ray Whitledge and Scott Burgess - Le Petit Patisserie. I had always wanted to do one of their workshops, and finally got my chance in April 2009. I learned so much from that workshop it's hard to even list. Wallpapering with fabric, using Ultimate glue, spotlights and wiring for them, the use of faux aluminum contact paper for the finish of the refrigerator, faux painting bricks. I took a workshop with Nancy Summers - upholstering a settee - See it in Flickr. I learned patience, cord twisting, and gluing fabric. There was also a workshop I did with clay, making breads and pastries...some of which can be seen in my Petit Patisserie above. I also did a workshop with draperies - swag and jabot - seen here in my Bed & Breakfast.
  9. Calling in Back Up AKA the Curio

    Interesting. I've  never used anything like this. Will you be using this paperboard instead of foamcore or just using this as your template on top of foamcore?
  10. It is Here!!!

    You will love working on it! I will love watching you work on it!
  11. One can never have too many clamps!

    I have learned to keep photo size a max of around a meg, they upload with nearly no problems. Sadly I also have learned to upload one at a time, fill in the details and do the next. Not sure why, but it prevents lots of cussing.
  12. Living room

    Oh, I'm also a big believer in spackle - it fills many a gap! Once dry, can do a quick sanding and then paint over....viola!
  13. Living room

    Wow....all that detail and mitering...I'm in awe!
  14. One can never have too many clamps!

    You got that right! only realize "you don't know what you've got til its gone"....or until you run out of clamps!
  15. window frames

    Thanks! I'm loving it, despite the tedious work of windows.