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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    There are other Messner items, tables etc, but nowhere near warranting that high a price.
  2. Alison Jr. Addition questions

    I located a pic where someone did a door in the mansard roof. This link shows (to me) the top image, i think its in pinterest and I'm not adept at navigating things well there   I can grab a small url to it but there's no context
  3. Alison Jr. Addition questions

    I don't see why you couldn't add the conservatory to the addition. Probably the only consideration would be depth differences. Conservatory says 11 7/8 deep, addition is 11 1/8 deep, so you'll have to navigate the difference. In my Newport, i added a conservatory and ceiling is a few inches taller. I added a door from 2nd floor to roof of conservatory, added 2 steps up to the door. That looks nice. I haven't attempted a door in a mansard roof though.
  4. Another miniature faux iron design

    So elegant!
  5. Second attempt with the 3D pen

    The very bottom, that twist is so elegant 
  6. J.Getzan chandelier

    Love it!
  7. Second attempt with the 3D pen

    I love your determination and its paying off! That look is perfect! Now, let me think....maybe i can commission you to do one for me!
  8. Foxhall Manor: Ultimate Find!!!

    Love that you found THE house of your dreams! I know this feeling and will be watching as you make it yours!
  9. What's everyone working on?

    I finally got my French Country bathroom wallpapered, and cut the flooring to size. I still need to glue the flooring cardstock to posterboard, as out of necessity it is 2 pieces. I don't want to glue it permanently down in case I need to access the wiring.  Still working out the furniture layout in the bathroom and once the paper is dry I will cut out the window. Will also want to install lights.  I also purchased a furniture kit and glued that today. I'm planning on upholstered inserts on the head and foot, and some sort of french finish. This bed is probably going to be used in my Chateau and I've not decided on wallpaper or color yet so I guess I'm jumping the gun a bit! You will also see some other furniture I was playing with, painting with chalk paint. Still a work in progress, and more that I'm playing with it, getting a sense of using chalk paint.   
  10. bed kit

    From the album French Country Manor

    I purchased this bed kit from a shop on Etsy - melissasminiwereld and have glued it. I think I'm going to do upholstered inserts on the head and footboard. Not sure yet of the finish but some sort of wash or shabby chic effect.
  11. bathroom wallpapered

    From the album French Country Manor

    I spent several hours making templates for the wallpaper and then applying it. Still trying to determine layout of furniture. I will have to glue the flooring to a posterboard so it lays flatter. I don't want to make it permanent in case I need to access the wiring.
  12. Bluette Maloney room box

    Am anxious to see what you do with it!
  13. Easy cutter Not so easy:(

    Years ago I tried to replace a blade, and couldn't make it work successfully.  I also read Brae's review, so eventually landed on an older version of the one with fences, and I love this one. 
  14. French Chateau stonework path

    It's perfect!
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    If you really want the house, go for it. Teri may not have those listed on her site but could possibly make a batch for you as she has the molds. I would at least ask for pictures of the inside, seems odd they haven't posted any. If its blank, then you have merely the exterior to fix. That price is dirt cheap. If I didn't have one, I'd grab it in a heartbeat.