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  1. Tatsuya Tananka miniature dioramas

    I saw that too - very creative!
  2. Taking the mystery out of punchneedle rugs

    I have tried this before and since its still sitting in my to-do stuff, I suspect I was disenchanted. You make it look so easy, thank you for the tips, and here's hoping to my starting back in!  Question - is this something you think I could do on the train commute or would the ride be too bumpy?
  3. French Country Manor Update

    I mistyped, this is master bedroom. Here's the link to the post about the room that I saw this paper in. I could do wainscoting I guess.
  4. French Country Manor Update

    Here's the full picture of original    
  5. French Country Manor Update

    I am struggling with the wallpaper choice in my MBA, and have to re-paper anyway due to not having enough. I saw the toile in Merrimack Park house and loved it. I still love it but am on the fence. I love toile, and so I'm looking at other possibilities.   I have stock on 2 others, what do you think?   
  6. What's everyone working on?

    Anna your basket is perfect, you going to sell your work? I primed and painted the ceilings for my Lawbre Chateau, weather was perfect for that. I also got 2 coats of paint on a bunch ofor chair rail, baseboard and crown for my country french.
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wow expensive 
  8. What is the brand and name of this house?

    I so agree, mum's the word until then. This is your hobby, your outlet for all the other things a mom "has to do".
  9. What is the brand and name of this house?

    Yes I do!
  10. What is the brand and name of this house?

    I had a ball building this as a bed & breakfast a few years ago! Bed & Breakfast
  11. French Country Manor Update

    Moved on to the 3rd floor - stained and poly'ed all 3 floors.  Next I decided to take on the 3rd floor girl's bedroom, now that I have that fancy fufu bed. Wallpaper and chair rail are up, light is in. Still have crown, baseboard and window frame to do. Not sure how I'm going to do that window frame. I'm going to contact Teri at Lawbre to see if she has a frame for that. I'm pretty pleased with how this room turned out. I also was able to lay the parquet flooring for the study, and its now stained and poly'ed. I'm much happier with this parquet!
  12. Study Floor

    From the album French Country Manor

    This is the new parquet I went with, all stained and poly. Much happier with this floor.
  13. Girl's Bedroom

    From the album French Country Manor

    Done with floor, wallpaper, chair rail and light. Still have to do a frame around the arched window and a door, baseboards and crown. All in all, I'm very pleased with the results
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Karin, really superb job on Gertie! I have the 3 3rd floors in the process of staining. I got Brodnax parquet for my study, laid it, and its stained as well. Since it is such a nice day, I had hubby help me move my Chateau outside so i could sand the living daylights out of it. I removed quoins and window frames and getting all the adhesive off has been a real bear.  The previous owner put quoins where they weren't supposed to be, so after i removed them, it was important i clean it up before repainting the exterior. Going from blue to gray, when i finally get to that. Realized too that all ceilings in Chateau are removable so finishing them should be a breeze!
  15. French Country Manor Update

    Jenn, love those crown options, wish I had Googled it!