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  1. Range top

    I'm in awe...
  2. French Country Manor Update

    Janet - I thought that was what you used! And I agree about the compressed image. This is why I have been trying to see some of her papers in a room before buying them, but she has thousands.
  3. French Country Manor Update

    The bottom right bird toile is what I have in my thornhill...and I love the there!     
  4. French Country Manor Update

      Now I'm just as confused as ever. Deborah - thank you for sharing. I think that will be too busy and peachy. I'm not entirely sure what cabinets and appliances I'm going to have...I've now been looking at several from Itsy Bitsy Mini:                     
  5. French Country Manor Update

    I do like the blueberry for that reason...
  6. French Country Manor Update

    Well I may be foiled....seems Gathering Green is discontinued 
  7. French Country Manor Update

    Its amazing what the sun will do - I had the chimney breast laying on the unstained floor and the sliding door is right there behind the dollhouse. 
  8. French Country Manor Update

    The kitchen wallpaper had a booboo - I used blue tape on one side to hold wallpaper on the wall in next room, and it lifted the finish. I also wasn't terribly happy with the seam either - this is marbled like paper. So I ordered 4 more sheets of it from Itsy Bitsy Mini. I planned on removing old paper and re-wallpapering today and in an effort to place the seam next to the doorway, I realized the paper really isn't long enough. And the dyelot of these 4 papers is different than the first, so I have decided to rethink this. Looking for a paper that is wider, and/or easier to match with seams, I've found a few Brodnax ones - what do you think? Papillon Blueberry - top right Papillon Peach - bottom right Cherry Blossom Gathering Green I'm leaning toward 2 or 4     
  9. Progress on Chateau de Champlain

    Like that flooring choice!
  10. First shade of stain

    Really interesting!  You have extreme patience to work with all those angles and patterns.
  11. Castle Staircase progress with faux marble

    Yes, the contrast and marble are just perfect. Can't wait to see the rams head posts!
  12. Progress on Chateau de Champlain

    Wow no wonder why you were drawn to the front entrance - well done! Love the kitchen paper, what flooring do you have planned?
  13. Advice for First time Builders Do's & Dont's

    Hair dryers are very helpful in heating up old glue to remove trim when doing a renovation. 
  14. What's everyone working on?

    I haven't done much on my French Country, as my new job still has me worn out at the end of the day and end of the week. I work from home 2 days a week, and the Chateau i have sitting in my home office was calling to me after lunch yesterday. I started to remove quoins yesterday and completed those and remove all the window frame trim today. I'm not sure I will be able to remove the 2 'bay' windows, so I may have to settle on taping them so that I can repaint the exterior. I'm thinking a dark smokey grey.  Time to start sanding, and looking for the right paint. 
  15. Removed Quoins and window frames

    From the album Chateau

    Hair dryer was helpful in removing quoins and window frames.