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  1. Beware selling on Craigslist

    I got one of these through something i was selling on eBAY a couple of years ago. All the same things, fed ex, threatening me cos I didn't cash the check, told FBI, who didn't even contact me back. The only difference is I never replied back to her threats, etc. just ignored the rest of her messages. I'm sorry but I can't believe that some people are gullible enough to cash these checks. Julie

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  5. What is your all time favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

  6. vertigo vertigo where for art thou vertigo

    Scarey! Sorry you are going through this! Does not sound like anything I would want to go through for sure. Hope you are steadily back on your feet soon. Julie
  7. 1000 Posts!

  8. How much do you pay for electricity per month?

    Our electric runs anywhere from $300 to $600. We do have a big house and 6 people living in it. We do have mostly the fluorescent bulbs throughout but since we are sort of 3 families in the same house we have multiple appliances, tvs, acs, and other items. We try to keep everything turned off and unplugged when not using and if we are very careful we can bring the bill down a little but not much seems to help. I think part of ours is that part of the house that we can't get to has the old knob and tube wiring. We have made several changes to try to bring out utilities down and are fixing to make another one. First my husband and I moved into a VERY small mobile home that sits beside our big house thinking using a smaller space would use less gas and electric. It has helped by about $100 a month but still not enough and the little trailer is driving us stir crazy so we are turning the big house over to my youngest daughter who makes more money than we do and is young enough to chase kids around and strangle them for leaving lights on. We are moving out to our farm into a bigger mobile home, 3 bedroom 2 bath 16' by 80'. My other daughter will be moving out as she finally got on HUD and her friend that has been living here is moving with her. So we hope all these changes will drop our bills by half. Sad that we have to leave my big house but at least it will still be in the family and the new house will be so much easier to take care of, leaving more time for minis and other things. Julie
  9. My Mini Weekend!

    I'm glad this thread was brought up. Even though I don't get to travel unless we have a moving job somewhere, you never know when we might go one of those directions and I get to stop by. I have the time and the business knowledge, now if I just had the money! I already have to buy nearly everything online. It is about 350 to the nearest mini shop from here too.
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  12. I'm a grandma again! 3x for me

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a cutie. Looks like she is giving you all what for! Julie
  13. Close call

    What a cutie! Hope all are doing better today.
  14. My childhood Victorian home

    GORGEOUS HOUSE! I've always dreamed of having a bed and breakfast in a house like that. My house could be used as one with 4 guest rooms but we are fixing to let my youngest DD take it over so doesn't look like that is ever going to happen. Nice dream though.
  15. Different Word Game 1/7/08