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  1. Skin & Scalp Update

    >Soapz/Chris, I have the bacterial type of folliculitis.  I am interested in the soap nuts, they sound eco friendly. economical, easy to use.  I have a small  apartment stacked washer/dryer set.  How many would I use for it?  I am going to get the trial size and give it a go.  The Emuaid soap I use now is very rich and has been very effective in calming the itch and burn that I had been living with for years.  I try and keep things as clean as possible, including my poodle, so I don't happen to touch my head and transfer anything.  I am shifting to using more and more natural products with natural anti-bacterials.   >Debra Thanks for the positive thoughts, this is not a known side effect of any of my medication.  Now the dry mouth,  I use Biotene for that, and it works rather well.  That is a side effect I could do without.   >Holly  I have a wide variety of hats now, I have specifically chosen or made then super bright colors too.   > All the rest of you Positive people....THANKS for the positive energy, thoughts and prayers.  I can honestly say, my scalp is better today than when I first cut my hair off at Thanksgiving time.  I am not always as patient as I should be, and want results yesterday. 
  2. Skin & Scalp Update

    Hi all   Well I thought it was time to update the head sore topic.  I did see progress, while my hair was very short.  Things were improving and there were no new outbreaks.  Over the last 2 weeks, as my hair has gotten longer than 1/2 inch I have had new breakouts and those that were almost healed have become aggravated again.  I dread the thought of having it shaved down again, but I think it may be necessary.    I have been taking pictures since the first day of cutting off the hair back in Nov. and they do show the healing and now aggravation of certain areas.  So when the snow stops (ahahaaa) I will call my dear, sympathetic hairdresser and have her shave it down again.  Then take more pictures to the Dr.  The Emuaid soap and salve are still effective, so I am going to keep using those.    I keep asking myself; is it the hair itself? does the length of the hair cover the exposed skin enough to affect it?  what does the hair attract (dust, etc) that aggravates my scalp?  Sometimes I want to peel myself of this skin and regrow something newer and better.  How painful would that be?   Well friends, I do appreciate all your information and support, keep it coming.  Some days you all are the only human contact I have and it means so much to me that you are out there.
  3. Long dress

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    Zero needles, worked sideways in garter stitch. Not sure I like working that way. The yarn worked ok for striping and it looks nice on.
  4. Spring Forest

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    This dress and the colors look like a forest in spring. The greens are really lighter and more yellow than the photo shows. A very cute dress. My nieces may not get this one. Zero needles.
  5. Another Hat for Winter

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    Okay, really this the end of this yarn color combo. Another hat, I cant throw any yarn away of any length for some reason.
  6. Long sleeves

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    Finally ventured into the long sleeve. Nice pattern in the yarn, yes I cut and tied the yarn to make the strips work out. Zero needles again.
  7. Mini Blues

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    Easy mini dress for Barbie. Zero needles and fingering sock yarn.
  8. Mini Skirt

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    So this skirt features some nubbly yarn I had leftover from another project. It was differnt to work with, I had to poke the nubs tot he right side when done. Zero needles and truely scraps for the yarn.
  9. Pencil Skirt

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    It looks orange but is more red orange with black/grey flecks. Zero needles
  10. Halter neckline top

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    More of this yarn I love the color combo. Zero needles.
  11. Chic Dress

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    This worked up so well, love the pattern it made. Halter neckline, again size 0 needles and sock yarn.
  12. Cable Skirt

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    Same pattern at the tan one, This one is better, no mistakes and you can see the pattern well. I used a bead for the closure in back.
  13. Another hat

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    Hat to match the dress.
  14. Slef striping dress

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    Nice simple dress in size 0 needles and fingering yarn.
  15. Rolled Brim Hat

    From the album Knitting Small and Smaller

    A great way to use up scarps of yarn