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  1. New Word Game 3/15/08

  2. Heart Attack: the sequel

    Best wishes to both of you and I hope he recovers quickly! Hugs
  3. New Word Game 3/15/08

  4. New Word Game 3/15/08

  5. Gas prices contiuing to soar even higher!

    Ouch! Reading about these prices is really frightening! Best of luck to you, I truly wish there was an easy solution to all of this, but sadly, I doubt there is one.
  6. Gas prices contiuing to soar even higher!

    I don't know if it's possible, but what about having a propane tank installed?
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    Take care, hang in there and best of luck with your job search! Hopefully, you will be called for an interview soon and land a really good job position! Hugs
  8. New Word Game 3/15/08

  9. New Word Game 3/15/08

  10. New Word Game 3/15/08

  11. Wolfie, your cooking sounds really yummy! :o
  12. George Carlin passed away.

    We will miss him also; he was a brilliant and hilarious comic. RIP George.
  13. New Word Game 3/15/08

  14. New Word Game 3/15/08

  15. New Word Game 3/15/08