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  1. Predicting electricity will double or triple in cost

    The bill is more popularly called the "Waxman Markey Bill" or the Cap and Trade (or as known on blogs, crap and trade). It wants companies to purchase carbon offsets equivalent to all the carbon they emit. The problem is that the costs of purchasing carbon offsets are going to be passed along to the consumer in higher energy prices, a la the "tax increase" that is being talked about. There is a vote pending on the bill today in the House. Discussions in the House of Representatives are being quelled and limited, as the House is trying to get this bill passed today. This is a hotly contested political issue that I have been following closely. I could go on and on and on, but I don't want to get too political or opinionated here. Instead, if you really want to read more, google Cap and Trade or Waxman Markey or visit your favorite political blog/website and you'll find the info you're looking for.
  2. U.S. Census

    In regards to the census, the 2010 census is going to be controlled by ACORN and the Government instead of a neutral agency, and may not be fair (Depending on who you ask). However, here is an article where a Senator refuses to fill out the census and she explains why: It's an interesting article. When I get our census, I'll be taking the same stance. Note that it is illegal and a felony if you lie on the census, but there is no requirement that you must answer all the questions.
  3. My poor spring fling is sitting all abandoned on the end of my dining room table. I had such great ideas for it and even bought the supplies, glued it together, and that's it. I lost all inspiration and desire to work on it. The past month has literally been kicking my butt with busyiness - between work, more work, my parent's 50th anniversary party yesterday, the gift I was making for them (a scrapbook) that I didn't finish until the morning of their party, and just "life" I haven't had the time to work on it. Now there's a week left, I have "some" time but all the deisre left me - it brings tears to my eyes. On the upside, I am looking forward to everyone's entries and rooting for the winners!
  4. I miss everyone here..

    This is the first time in about a week that I've posted here and it feels good! I miss everyone and just wanted to let you know it. :groucho: I ordered the Spring Fling with the hopes of entering the contest. I'm still holding out hope that I"ll be able to work on it. I even shopped and got all the supplies and have the idea and notes and pictures and everything planned! It's just "doing it". So far, my spring fling is assembled and glued and that's it. I've been soooo busy with life that I forgot what "mini's" look like. Fortunately, it's been a good busy but it's stressing me out something awful. Two weeks ago I took the first of 4 parts of the CPA I'm driving myself and my husband crazy waiting for the results. The end of May (the due date for the Spring Fling) I'm taking the 2nd of 4 parts. I haven't even opened the book yet to begin studying. Meanwhile, my husband made ME the general contractor for having my mother in law's house built. Like "I" need this?! It's HIS Mother!! I love her dearly and all but sheesh, just becuase I build "dollhouses" doesn't mean I can do a "real" house (or so he says). So, I've been busy with the county depts. getting all the permits, drawing up site plans, having the health dept come to tell me we have to install a new septic line becuase the one we have now is not big enough for 3 adults (what?! It is a 1 thousand gallon tank and supported FIVE adults)...she mumbled something about it being old and not up to code. Bleh, thank goodness we don't have to worry about "codes" when buildling dollhouses. Meanwhile, the building dept. said we can put the house on our property as long as it's smaller then 600 sq. ft. Fortunately my MIL doesn't want a big house... Now I get the joy of starting to get bids for cement work, plumbing and electrical. Fun fun...NOT As if that's NOT enough, I was fortunate enough to land some part-time teaching jobs (I already had one little one with one school) but all those resumes I sent out eons ago finally got noticed and now I'm with four different schools woo hoo! The good thing is I love it and it helps pays the bills, the bad thing is it's close to a full-time job which means less time for mini-ing, cleaning the house and hanging out here. This has been more of a venting then anything else...if you're still reading, thank you I hope to be back here regularly soon!
  5. I have to agree about the educational part of it all. This weekend I was doing research for my Spring Fling and got carried away looking at the websites and all the interesting information about ___________________. My Spring Fling is all assembled and glued but that's it. I am trying to finish up the Orchid I'm working on then go to the Spring Fling. I have everything all planned out and even did some shopping for the stuff I need over the weekend. I'm so excited since this will be my first contest I'm entering.
  6. What would YOU do?

    My opinion may be a bit different then everyone elses, but from experience I found it works. Is there a compelling reason you have to tell her? I mean, I'm sure she will eventually see the Jeep, but unless she's a neighbor or someone who will see you drive home the car when you get it, why not just wait until she sees it on her own. Then let her ask about it and casually brush it off and say "oh yeah, someone Fred knew gave him the Jeep" and leave it at that, without details and without making a big deal of it. If she probes or asks I would be cool and casual about it and try not to discuss it much in an attempt to protect her feelings. Regardless, it's a sticky situation but I think the less you talk about it and the less of an issue you make, the better it is. I have a similar problem with my husband from time to time. He is extremely unlucky (or so he says he is, I believe it's his karma) and has a difficult time dealing with people, getting them to get things done or favors, etc. I, on the other hand am quite lucky and have no problem dealing with people and as a result, get a lot of favors, freebies, and I always get what I want (with some hard work of course and a little help from God). My husband gets jealous when I get nice things either in exchange for someone else or win things or good things go my way or I get what I want. I play it down with him and tell him it's all about personality, karma, how you interact with people and a LOT of hard work and perserverance. Things may not pay off today or tomorrow or even next week, but in time, they DO pay off. If you really feel you should tell your friend about the Jeep up front, then I would suggest instead of "hoping" something good happens to her, that she go out and make connections, work hard, network, be super nice to all her friends and give a little good-will and karma (which is always free) and put her faith in her higher power and be grateful for what she has. Perhaps you can tell your friend that if she has faith and perserverance she will get what she needs? To break the good news to someone who hasn't had any in a good time, I personally wouldn't. To me, as I said at the beginning, unless there is some compelling reason to do so, I feel it would risk hurting their feelings. I would instead focus on the positive things your friend has that so many people don't have in today's situation (i.e, a job, a place to live, etc). Just my thoughts...

    Ahhh spiders, it's that time of the year when our local spiders are going to be coming out. The lovely Cane spider, aka "Clock" spider. I"m sure you all seen the picture of the HUGE spider behind the wall clock? Yep! They live in my yard and LOVE my work shed. They come from the sugar cane fields and flee when the cane is harvested. They're agressive little buggers that run like crazy and jump. They're not afraid to attack you either. Oh, they LOVE spider spray too. I think they get high off of it. The only thing that works to kill them is a huge stomp from my shoe. If you really don't know what they look like, here's the Google link;q=cane+spider If you want to see another cool spider we have down here, check out this pic. They're called "crab spiders". They're really cool looking and the spots form a skull on their shell. They're harmless, the spikes are said to deter birds. It sure worked on me! This link has a picture of a cane spider (aka Huntsman Spider or Wolf Spider) and the red spikey spider (as I call it) That's the spider lesson for today!
  8. What reading are you doing?

    Stephen King is my all time favorite author as well. I even have a few signed books and first editions of the older books (Shining, Stand, etc). It's a tradition that my father always gets me the newest king book for either my birthday or Christmas. He's always calling me asking what ones I have. I wish I had more time to read.
  9. What reading are you doing?

    I finally finished Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged a few weeks ago. Let me tell you it's downright scary the similarities and parallels between her book written 51 years ago and what's going on today. Currently I"m reading the Gleim CPA review guide given that the 1st part of my 4-part CPA exam is in a few weeks. In my spare time (HA!) I'm re-reading Orwell's 1984 and today I just got a copy of HP Lovecraft's complete and unabridged works of fiction which I'll probably pick up soon. Nothing like a little "light" reading in my house, eh?
  10. Question about pdf files etc

    Unfortunately, there is no way to edit the PDF that I know of. You can try to cut and paste the content into a word document and edit it that way, but it sometimes doesn't always work. If anyone knows of a way to edit PDFs, I would love to hear it since I've had this problem myself.
  11. PREGGERS! and no it's not

    Congratulations on the new pups! It reminds me of when our shiba inu had hers. They're so tiny, like beanie babies or dog toys. The first 24 hours are the most nervewracking, after that, it's all fun from there watching them grow and learn. I'm sorry about the stillborn. It's always heartbreaking when that happens. Fortunately you have three good pups and a healthy mom. Post more pics!
  12. Bought a house

    Congratulations! I hope the mortgage is approved and all goes well!
  13. I passed state board!

  14. Drink Survey

    I thought this was about alcoholic beverages! LOL I drink "only" Coke Zero and flavored seltzer (diet). For between meals, I drink Crystal Light or any of the other powdered sugar free drink mixes I pick up at Wal Mart. I have a cup of coffee in the morning and "sometimes" one in the afternoon. Once in a while (2-3 times a month) I'll have an alcoholic drink (too many calories/sugar). Then it's either amaretto and milk over ice, or Baileys.
  15. I've got a code

    Hope you feel better soon Greg!