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  1. Spring Fling 2009

    we just left on a 4 day fishing trip and i miss my contest house already lol
  2. Spring Fling 2009

    i got it i got it i got it and already he's in dry fit with all the items i made sitting in him for sizing. wow! i love him (hope husband doesn't get jealous) He loves everything i made and can't wait for more. He did suggest removing his __________ and adding a _____________ to make a ____________. Which surprised me becuase i didn't expect to do any bashing. But i am so in love- I'll do whatever he asks. LOL
  3. Spring Fling 2009

    I ordered 2 on the 20th and am also still waiting. Hoping both of ours arrive soon.
  4. I still have not recieved mine yet and I ordered on friday (said pouting and close to a fit LOL!) I have been working like crazy on the pieces for mine though. Even if the hosue never arrives at least the project has me back on the forum and trying some new things. Made my first doll. She is a __________ and then a ____________ and some _____________. Then I had a great idea for a ____________. Anyway this has been great fun and I love being back on here reading all the posts and enjoying gallery pics- just wish I could see some of these great Srping Fling projects. :lol:
  5. Pets:

    We have several pets. 3 dogs - Otter our 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix- then Daisy our 1 year old Wire Fox Terrier and the most recent addition Lily our 4 month old Pomeranian. Then we have our cat, Chakotay. Saphira our Nanday Conure and Sprite our Greencheek Conure (those are small parrots) and last but easiest to take care of Stanley the ball python. And with now fish, small animals, amphibians or insects this is the least amount of pets we have ever owned at once. We live right next to my parents and often help care for their two dogs (a Brittany and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi), cat and lovebird.
  6. Those dimensions are for the outside, including all overhangs, porches and the roof.
  7. Thank you so much for the dimensions and the photos. I have been diligently creating items with wood, beads, baubles and buttons LOL! Great to have an idea where I can put everything.
  8. Spring Fling 2009

    I ordered two. One for me and one for my 7 year old daughter. I am very excited. Not only about the contest, but about having a valid exscuse for not working on the gazebo for the contest.
  9. careless pet owners - rant

    Amen to that.
  10. careless pet owners - rant

    Oh those poor babies. :o We live in the country and get an average of a dog a month dumped on or near our property. I always feed, water, shelter the dog until either the owner comes and gets them or I call the humane society. Usually when the same dog shows up a second time I call immediatley and don't wait for the owner to come get them. We actually had one person several months ago who showed up to get their dog for a third time in about a week and was offended that it wasn't there in my yard this time. They couldn't believe I had called! Said it was my responsibility as a "neighbor".
  11. I might be getting a new baby in the spring!

    In high school I had a few border collies. I trained them to be stock dogs and occasionally bred them. They were very well trained and I never had any problems with them being hyper, of course they were working dogs. I worked them every day before I went to school and then when I got home. When I went to college I came home every weekend to be with them. Unfortunatley my male died from a rattlesnake bite and when I got married I could not get my two females to live in a house in a city, instead of on a ranch and so they went to a working home of someone I knew very well. My parents best friends when I was a child bred show Australian Shepherds. My grandfather and many people around some of the ranches he worked on preffered the Australian shepherd/ Border Collie crosses and those were the dogs my grandparents always had until more recently. They had reasons they preffered the corss of the two. A few things that I know some people complain about with pet border collies: They can be quite restless. Not wanting to settle but instead to pace and make sure everyone, everything and every sound in the house is okay. They have an intensity that surpasses most other dogs. Everything is done full force. Which can be work or tearing somehting up, playing ball or endlessly pacing. They put their all in to everyhting. Herding people, pets and leaves. Especially the herding/working lines of dog. They can also be car, bike and jogger chasers that are hard to disuade from their "responsibility". However when kept busy, entertained and given alternatives to herding they can be wonderful dogs that are completely devoted to their families.
  12. mayendpics 105.jpg

    From the album Orchid

  13. mayendpics 107.jpg

    From the album Orchid

  14. mayendpics 104.jpg

    From the album Orchid

  15. mayendpics 103.jpg

    From the album Orchid