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  1. How much do you spend on this hobby?

    I know I have spent a lot, definitely in the thousands since I started this hobby. I tend to buy pretty expensive paoers, lights and furniture.  I really try not to even think about what I spend and just enjoy it.  
  2. Bespaq.jpg

    Thanks everyone.  It's a fun house to work on so far.
  3. Bespaq Chef Julia's Kitchen

    From the album Mini Furniture

    My Christmas present to myself.  I almost talked myself out of getting it because of the sticker shock.  I'm glad I got it, because it is gorgeous!
  4. Bespaq.jpg

  5. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks Holly, I was going for something different than I have done before.
  6. What's everyone working on?

    I have painted the first two rooms of the Joseph Angel.  And i splurged and treated myself to one of the new Bespaq kitchen sets for it. Today I'm working on the floors and stairs in the JA.   If I have time I'll probably prime the first floor of the Buckhead Townhouse and draw out my lighting plans.  
  7. Interior

    Thank you...I'm pretty excited about the possibilities!