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  1. How Many Builds Do You Have Going On At Once?

    I'm working on five right now.    
  2. A house of your dreams

    I have all of the houses I have ever wanted now.  The Queen Anne, the Glencliff and the Joseph Angel.    If I had to choose one more that I'd love to have it would have to be the Lawbre Chateau or maybe the ShadowCliff.  
  3. How much do you spend on this hobby?

    I know I have spent a lot, definitely in the thousands since I started this hobby. I tend to buy pretty expensive paoers, lights and furniture.  I really try not to even think about what I spend and just enjoy it.  
  4. Bespaq.jpg

    Thanks everyone.  It's a fun house to work on so far.
  5. Bespaq Chef Julia's Kitchen

    From the album Mini Furniture

    My Christmas present to myself.  I almost talked myself out of getting it because of the sticker shock.  I'm glad I got it, because it is gorgeous!
  6. Bespaq.jpg

  7. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks Holly, I was going for something different than I have done before.