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  1. Newbie from Florida

    Welcome Melissa, Glad to meet you.... When I reply I just click on the Quick Reply below the post.... Hope it helps. 
  2. Hello from Morocco!

    Hello Miranda, I'm Cyndy. Very Glad to meet you.... I have to admit, I had to look closely at the photos, At first I though they were *Mini*.... But then I think I saw your Bag and pocketbook and realized those were REAL! If those pictures are inspiration..... WOW.... I can't wait to see your Casa Either. Very Glad to hear your feeling better. Enjoy your Vacation.  
  3. Ceilings ??

    Thank You for all the ideas... Like you Holly, I think this house will be Trial and Error.... Not that I want the Error.... I guess that's why I decided to not have a Very Specific Theme. I have some furniture I want to make and play a bit with and some other things so I think it will be like a *Furnished By Early American Salvation Army*. I Do like the idea of Embossed Paper a lot... Thanks All!! I Love new ideas.... There just so much room in my head for them all to swim around in...LOL!  
  4. Ceilings ??

    I'm not sure what to do with the ceilings in the Jefferson. Can you lend your ideas?. What do you do... OR NOT Do?. What do you use Or NOT use?..... I think my Jefferson will just be a kinda Modern, Old Shabby Chic, Collector, Rich with Heart and Family (although I have no family yet)  All On a Beer Budget kinda house.  I think I'm just trying new things with it that I haven't done before... Also... Has anyone made stones from the egg cartons?.... Any helpful hints. (I have been watching You Tube Videos.  Thanks Everyone. 
  5. Taking my obsession too far???

     I guess I not only have an Obsession.... I 'm also Impulsive......... I think it must have come from 30+ years driving a semi truck....
  6. Taking my obsession too far???

    Are you still at the computer???...... Stand up.... Get the Car Keys and drive like HELL!!  I'm terribly sorry you have the same obsession  as I do.... But...I think there's help.... Stand up from the computer... Stop reading my post and  like HELL !!! 
  7. New from St. Marys Georgia

    Welcome Darrell, You found the Very Best Place for Answers to Millions of Questions. I think All these ladies combined, KNow everything there is to know about dollhouses. So Glad You joined us! Hope to see your Tenningson Soon!! 
  8. First Timer - Glue

    NO GLUE!! .... I hate Hot Glue... LOL.... But like Holly said, Heating it helps get it off... I also use Weldbond or Elmer Wood Glue. The Elmers though does dry with a yellow tint so I'm careful where I use it. Can't wait to see you project! 
  9. help with wallpaper

    I just finished wallpapering my Jefferson... The most important thing I learned... Do it before the walls are glued together.  I did the very best I was able. I noticed your windows have angled wood above, Mine didn't, they just had square trim. I took a piece of computer paper and just pressed it against the wall and ran my fingers around the edges to make a crease. I did my best to measure what I could and then *eyeballed* the rest. It was a slow and long project but I finished it up this evening. I used mini wall paper prints I found on line and printed them from my printer on Card Stock paper and used just plan Kids Glue Sticks to glue it.... It dries quickly and seemed to work very well. I wish you good luck, Just be very patient..... (((HUGZ)))    
  10. Can You Name this Little 1/2 Size Gem

    Some are screaming right now... I had to close up the garage and come inside...... 
  11. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Debora, I seem to save anything... Yes... Hoarder might be a good word...But it is a forbidden word in my house...LOL... Sure is funny though when someone wants something I can walk right to it and I have it... Who's laughing then?....LOL
  12. Can You Name this Little 1/2 Size Gem

    Thank you Ladies.... I painted the stairs and added them.... I love them.. I'm not sure yet what I will do with it...I have seen so many pictures of different things people have done with it. The vision is so wide open... As far as paint color for the outside..I guess that will have to depend on what comes of it... I am so Motivated at this point working on things, I'm almost having a hard time staying focused. My other houses sit above me on a shelf in my work space and all they do is clatter in my head.... I sure hope this is Normal!! 
  13. Victoria's farmhouse

    HHHmmm.... I have a Heritage to do also.... HHHmmm..... wanna do 2???.... 
  14. Hi Samantha, I don't live in a San Franciscan style home here in Alaska.... But I do have a basement. My real basement floor is concrete, over that we had carpet padding layed then a nice carpet on top. I do have a bathroom down stairs as well with tile flooring. Boy does it ever get COLD in the Winter.... Not sure if that is helpful.....  
  15. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    That's how I feel about here... One of my favorite shops was April Fool and Penny Too in Port Townsand. WOW...Such a great Shop...And also the one in Levenworth on Hwy 2. Oh I miss those... The only craft stores here are JoAnns Fabrics and a Family owned Hobby store in Anchorage that specializes in trains.  So all purchases for me are all on line.