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  1. BamnMook.jpg

    From the album The "Kids"

  2. Santa Rosa Fire

    LOL, thank y u so much! My heart broke the most over my cat and the loss of my minis the most of all. Even my neighbors said "oh my gawd, and you dollhouses!" lol Yeah, they were famous in my neighborhood because I left the garage door open while I was working on them, and I had lots of visitors so, they knew how much effort we put in to these things. I'm so glad you will be in my neck of the woods! I'm not sure which neighborhood we will be living in yet. We are looking at houses now but, haven't decided.  ;)
  3. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thank you Deb! Yes, I'm looking forward to moving on :)
  4. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thanks Jodi! (((hugs))) back :)
  5. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thank you so much Jbreser!  
  6. Santa Rosa Fire

    I wish i had dinette seats that had storage! This one has a closet but, it's stuffed from top to bottom now. I'll be able to make very small things though. My boys decided to take over the passenger seat over head cabinet as well. Lol that's one less storage space for me but, they are worth it :)
  7. Santa Rosa Fire

    Lol excellent point! Plus, I'll get to light a fireplace. Few things ate more cozy than a fireplace ;) it sounds like fun to me!
  8. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thank you dear Holly! Yes, I'm planning on making as many small creations as i can while in the rv. I have 2 huge cats that are famous for destroyng my dollhouses so, ill stick to things that i can put away at night. Lol I'll be posting soon. Xoxo
  9. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thank you so much Goldenfarm, and thank you for keeping me in your thoughts! You're sweet, and i so appreciate it! Yes, I'm looking foward to a new life even if it will be in the dead of winter lol. I will posts lots of pics :)
  10. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thank you so much Jeannine, and thank you for you kindness! It will feel good to begin again, and start building with you all. Your sweet support has meant a lot to me! <3
  11. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thanks so much for your sweetness over my tribulations <3 Yes, Tennessee seems to get awesome reviews everywhere I go! I really appreciate your concern over this past month! I'm looking foward to moving on :)
  12. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thanks so much for caring Selkie <3
  13. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thank you so much <3 yes, my 2 kitty boys, hubby and i made it out in time We are going to be in Knoxville. I'm excited! Are you near by? That would be cool to have mini neighbors!
  14. Santa Rosa Fire

    Hi everyone, and thank you so much for keeping everyone updated and for EVERYTHING, Karin!! I'm alive, and coming out of the fog of the tragedy. We still have not found our baby Ayla, and we fear we may have lost her. It's still a very sensitive matter for me. We will remain in Cali until the 1st week of Dec. and then we are going to head to Tennessee where we will be living. Thank you all so much for your sweet words and concern. It means a lot to me <3 I'm still picking up the pieces but, am doing a bit better. 
  15. The Moose is is mounted :)

     Well, technically, he's staring at the opposite wall