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  1. The Phaeton

    Lol pimp my ride :) so, i had originally found it on a model shops site for like $150.00 so, i searched for lower prices, and finally found the lowest price on Amazon for 1/3rd the price. It's an actual 1:12 scale which is super hard to find in vehicles! I can't wait to put it together :)
  2. The Phaeton

    From the album The Hannah

    I got this Phaeton kit for the Hanna that I'll be putting together. It's a horse drawn, Victorian buggy. She has to get around somehow! So much to do!
  3. other side

    Thanks Emerald! I will share as I go along  Trying to finish the garage now but, I move slowly sometimes lol
  4. Rough sketch

    That's going to be so pretty!
  5. Creatin' Contest 2017

    So much inspiration in there <3
  6. Front view

    I was thinking about that too, Samantha! I told hubby "they have to be up to something with all that space down there" lol. I've mapped out a couple of secret doors already it's just a matter of making them work now  
  7. 5a79e59608ca0-gazebodemolition.JPG

    Oh noooooooo!! I'm so sorry! Well, if it make you feel any better to know you're not alone, one of mine chews up the corners of any dollhouse to shreds. :(
  8. willow.JPG

    I've always loved the willow! I'm excited to see this build :)
  9. added aging

    Oh my goodness, that chair is BEAUTIFUL!
  10. Front view

     It's going to be fun! 
  11. Foundation for the cliff

    Well,  a BIG project anyway. I can't wait to start on the base wait for paint to dry
  12. a better look at the basement

    Absolutely! A wine cellar is in the floor plans! lol
  13. other side

    From the album The Hannah

  14. The left side

    From the album The Hannah

    You can see some of the house colors there  Still painting the garage...lot's of little intricacies slowing down the pace a bit.
  15. Front view

    From the album The Hannah