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  1. McKinley

    I absolutely love it!!
  2. Lighting the house

    Thanks Goldenrodfarm  Not a bad idea at all! I'll play with some ideas.
  3. Lighting the house

    Thanks Pgwyn  I'm having fun with the decor!
  4. Lighting the house

    Thanks Karin  I think you'd like making a rgt house too! The rooms are soooo big that you can fit as much furniture and stuff as you like! It's a big change from making other dollhouses.
  5. Flower punches

    Awwwwwe, what an adorable helper <3
  6. Lighting the house

    From the album RGT Classic Bungalow 1:12 scale

    The electricity is on, the 2nd floor is almost done, and I now see that the living room is so big that I have to make a couple of lamps to fill the room with light. Time to get creative :D
  7. Decorating for the Halloween season

    Yeah, it's spoiled me to never use a regular bulb again unless I have to lol
  8. Decorating for the Halloween season

    lol Thanks Deb He just looked like an "Ernie". Yes, the light inside is a glowing led light that mimics the flicker of a candle or fireplace.
  9. Decorating for the Halloween season

    Thanks Karin :)
  10. A couple wicker handbag-beach bag sort of type

    Your wicker is AMAZING!
  11. Rock wall

    You always make the most charming houses. I also love the front door :)
  12. Très jolie et amusante mise en scène. 

    1. Monica_the_haunted

      Merci, Tabata :)

  13. Getting the lab ready for Halloween!

    Thanks Pgwyn  It's my 1st lab, and I'm finding it a super fun room to make. 
  14. Put some creepy family photo's up :)

    OMG, yes, yes they all sound amazing!! I've been planning a ghost morror for my haunted house so, maybe I can earn from your experience! I can't wait to se the Bride! Awesome!