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  1. Nymmy and his catnip Snake

    From the album Pets

    He loves his snake. He rolls around on it and beats the snot out of it daily! I have 2 ready to be stuffed, catnipped and added to my etsy site: Squeaky Squeaky. Unfortunately, all I have are squeaky dog toys on there right now.
  2. Feel the Love

    From the album Pets

    I messed up making a squeaky dog toy for my Etsy shop - Squeaky Squeaky, so it became a catnip toy for the cats (and thus a new line of products was born). As you can see, Tallulah does NOT want to share with Nymmy.
  3. What a Life

    From the album Pets

    Nym soakin' it up
  4. Sunspot

    From the album Pets

    Nym, on his back, in front of the stove, in a sun spot - ooooh, to be a cat!
  5. Sadie and her snake

    From the album Pets

    Sadie and her squeaky snake toy from the Etsy shop <a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5616617"> Squeaky Squeaky</a> (She gets all the rejected/prototype dog toys; Tallulah and Nym get the rejected/prototype catnip toys - which will be listed soon :^)
  6. Disgruntled eBay users, check out CNN

    I have to agree - that darn Ebay is like crack for bargain hunters! I've got about 6 things on my watch list and found a few things over the weekend at my house that I was thinking of putting on...must rethink now! To quote Muttley: Razzle frazzle fricken fracken EBAY!
  7. We have a new fur-baby

    Oh how sweet! I love to hear happy stories about strays ending up in just the right home, getting the love and attention they need! And I understand about the many names thing - my animals have so many silly nicknames. My Tallulah gets called "Wooby Kitty", "Tally Wally", "Tallulah Lu", "Lulah" and "Girly Wirly". Sadie gets "Sadie Wadie", "Sades", "Puppy Wuppy", "Baby Puppy Face" and Nym gets "Nymmykins", "Nimbly", "Little Man" and "Nymminess" (both cats get "Baby Kitty Face" followed by a barrage of kisses, which they HATE). I can only imagine that our pets think we're nuts for calling them these crazy names!
  8. Bath Time

    Sadie and Nym have a mutual cleaning policy in their relationship. Sadie loves the fact that Nym will sit still for a few doggy licks across the head. When little Nymmy is cleaning Sadie's ears, though, and she moves...he bites her (right on the tips of the ears with those little piranha kitty teeth)!
  9. "Caution: Demolition Cat at Work"

    Thank goodness, he's cute! Nym saw me rehabbing the Bobbi and thought he'd help. Soon, he'll be too big to fit inside it (not that that will ever stop him from trying)!
  10. The New Bobbi - in process

    From the album The Bobbi

    Obviously, it's not done...but I'm really liking the new colors. I'm going to shingle the room and I've already painted the shingles in that kiwi green. I think the Maine winter is getting to me and I really need some spring, hence the color palette! I also got rid of the porch rail, because it made the porch look waaaaay too tiny. I'm going to put a post in the corner, so the roof doesn't look like it's just hanging there with no support.
  11. New Downstairs Colors

    From the album The Bobbi

    My thought was, since the outside is yellow and kiwi, maybe the inside should be sherbert colors....uh, no. That hot pink in the left downstairs room is AWFUL! I was hoping for raspberry, but I think I'll have to tone it down with cream (like the pale orange in the right room - that started off as bright tangerine).
  12. Creating a New Upstairs

    From the album The Bobbi

    I didn't like the way the old upstairs looked and the weird stairway that just didn't look right, so I cut a section out and I think I'll add a railing to create a half floor. I'm still on the quilt shop kick and this is going to be MY quilt shop! The new stairs will attach to the right and come away from the side wall.
  13. Squished In.jpg

    From the album The Bobbi

  14. Peekaboo.jpg

    From the album The Bobbi

  15. Nymmy's House.jpg

    From the album The Bobbi