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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks everyone for the love, support, prayers + hugs. So good to be back online Had my 3rd chemo treatment last thursday. 3 more to go. I'm half way there! I go every 3 weeks. The first week after treatment is awful. Very tired and much body pain from the white blood cell booster. Blaahhcckk. This Saturday I go to a hair replacement salon to be fitted for a wig. I've tried 4 wigs and they were all hideous. Pretty funny actually. I had a good laugh when I looked in the mirror. This place I'll go to. They custom fit you. Very expensive. But I'm worth it! By the way, not to worry, the cancer is gone, Just have to have chemo and then radiation for insurance that it's "completely gone". More of a chance that it never comes back. I've moved up to the main house upstairs. Need to set up a table and bring up my dollhouse and start working on it again. Little here, little there. When I have the energy. Also want to start miniature shopping again soon. See what's new, and on sale. I don't get on the computer all that much. But good to be coming back to the forum. I missed it and all of you immensely. Didn't know until I came back and read all the replies from my post in chit chat. Brought tears to my eyes. Bless you all!
  2. Ok, well I put my dollhouse away for a while. Sorry to say. I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer in July, had surgery, then.. My mom passed away two days after I got home. Oh boy. well, I'm on my 3 round of chemotherapy.. got 3 more to go. As soon as I get my enery back, I'll start back on my tennyson dollhouse. I think of you all very often, it's just been a rough few months for me. I'll be looking through all the forums and pics of the progress you have all made since I've been gone. I hope to see you or hear from you soon. Michelle
  3. Augusta Maine Dollhouse Show

    Awwwww.. I wish I knew about this ahead of time. I would've loved to go. Gail.. I'd pick you up on the way! Ok,, next year??
  4. Another Newbie!

    Hello and welcome! The doll is so cute!! ( and expensive too.. oh my )
  5. It`s a Greenleaf mini Anniversary!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!
  6. Hi Michael, Welcome!!

  7. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the Greenleaf forum!! You've come to the right place for help and inspiration building your Pierce. Browse thru member's galleries, you'll see lots of beautiful work. You'll have lots of questions.. just keep posting and asking for guidance. The folks here are awesome, and will help you any way they can. After 5 posts.. you can start a gallery and upload pics of your progress!! and also... Tip # 1.. Forget the hot glue gun!!!! Most all of us here use wood glue.. Like Elmers. Carpenter wood glue. Welcome to our mini world!! Michelle
  8. DSCN0181 (Small).JPG

    From the album Tennyson

    Daisy's new perch
  9. Fire place

    From the album Tennyson

    Added brick
  10. Hi John,


    Awesome birdhouses!!!

    Can't wait to see your next dollhouse project.

  11. Hi Sherri,

    Your dolls are fabulous and I love the 4 post bed!!

  12. Bedroom

    From the album Tennyson

    Bedroom w/ the bed I handmade
  13. Living Room

    From the album Tennyson

    My handmade couch. Still needs trim and accessories
  14. Kitchen

    From the album Tennyson

    Not sure if the country kitchen goes w/ the victorian house.. hmmm..
  15. Bedroom

    From the album Tennyson

    Started installing baseboard, chair rail and moulding.. still trying to figger out the angles of the bay window.
  16. Bathroom

    From the album Tennyson

    Bathroom. New flooring and wallpaper.
  17. Hello Gary,


  18. I know nothing ...

    Hi Gary, Welcome! You've already gotten some great advice, and if you have questions along the way you are in the right place. Everyone here is so helpful. What an awesome brother you are to help your sister with her dollhouse. She's so blessed to have you. (Awww.. I miss my brother! We are very close , just not geographically.) Yeah. and umm.. I'd love to learn how to put a softail together!! I used to ride, (on the back) and I miss it. You got a bike? I'd love to see a pic. Would have to put it in Chit Chat or PM it to me. Good luck w/ the building of.. ?? Which house is it?? Don't forget to post a gallery of your progress and keep us informed!! Michelle
  19. Hi Bethann,


  20. Hi Jeff,


  21. Dean, I have a suggestion

    Oh I'd love to see a tour of the Greenleaf factory and meet the people behind the scenes! Also, maybe a start to finish on constructing one of the dollhouses. And putting together the furniture kits, stairs, etc. Oh I can't wait for this!! Let us know when when the airing date is!! Michelle
  22. Hi there: new member building a Lily

    Hello Rebecca, Welcome to the forum!!! I'm also in Massachusetts. On Marthas Vineyard. I too am working on my first house, the Tennyson. pics in my gallery. This is a great forum with a bunch of really nice people to share your new hobby with. The folks here are so helpful, so when you are stuck or just have a question, post it and someone will give you a hand. The talent and creativity is outstanding here. I can sit and browse galleries all day long. Good luck w/ your Lily, we can't wait to see your progress. (hoping you have a digicam). Michelle
  23. From the album Mini Stuff

    After pulling off the cardboard off of the soda twelve pack, it looked like the makings of a couch. So.. this is what I came up with.
  24. Finished the fireplace

    From the album Mini Stuff

    Fireplace w/ white+blue tile work.