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  1. Must have holiday toys

    Great stories of Christmas past. I'm getting all melancholy now.. <sigh> One year I woke up to a little table and chair set with all the plastic dishes and foods. Another yr I got a ballerina outfit, along side of my brother's GreenBay Packers uniform. They were hung up on our console record player/stereo. Must have been about 1969 or 1970, I was 9 or 10 yrs old. Heidi? How old are the children you are buying for? Are they your's or Grandchildren? Neices, Nephews? My 14 yr old son doesn't reallly have a wish list yet. His dad just got him a laptop computer and some new games for it. My 8 yr old daughter all of a sudden wants the expensive tech things.. a PSP, Techno-dog, Halo 3 video game, Nothing on the list under $40 dollars. Haa!!! What happened to wanting Barbies and all the accessories??? and tea sets, board games. Ohhhh times have really changed hu?
  2. Stain vs. Paint

    Pam, here's a list of people here who have done the Laurel with photos. Look in their galleries. dollhousegirl Esther Color Me Holly Pam Deb Adallae Josi Hope that helps you decide on color or stain. I personally would paint it white or the darker blue. (Same colors I have chosen for my Tennyson.) Let us know what you decide!! Michelle
  3. Searching

    Hello Margaret, Welcome!
  4. Hello!

    Hi Melissa, Welcome to the forum! We all love to see and share pics of our dh's in progress, so be sure to take pics as you go! You seem to be getting around the forum ok, and you know people here will help you as well. You're daughter is going to be so surprised on Christmas morning! How old is she? Good luck and have fun, Happy Holidays! Michelle
  5. Greetings from The Villages, Florida

    Welcome to the Greenleaf Forum Douglas! (my brother's name too) I'm building my first dollhouse too. If I can do it, you can too, especially where you have experience with models. Read up on the threads here, check out how people have built their houses in the blogs and look at all the beautiful work in the galleries. Some really talented folk here. As you build and have questions, someone here will help you if you run into any snags. You can also do a search. Just type in the keyword subject you are looking for, and the subject results will come up on the screen. Pretty cool. Good luck, I hope you do the Pierce or Garfield. My two favorites. ( I just wish I had the room to build them!) Michelle
  6. going out of business

    I'm going over to the mainland on Dec. 22. Where is this shop exactly?? I wouldn't mind taking a ride up there for a good mini sale. I'll have to mapquest to see how far Billerica is from Cape Cod.
  7. Why we love Santa Dean!

    Well thanks y'all for bringing this to my attention. I didn't know you could change skins! How cool is this?? Learn something new everyday they say. Oh I'm getting in the holdiay spirit, all decorated here at home 'cept for the tree, getting a real one, don't want the needles falling off just yet so will wait a couple more weeks. Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks Dean and staff!
  8. Stage 1 of tooth implant

    How much does this implant procedure cost? I have a missing tooth too. I had the dentist yank it because it was cheaper than a root canal, which of course my insurance wouldn't pay for. It's really not that noticeable , only when I smile really big or laugh with my mouth open. But I'm just curious as to whether or not I could afford it now.
  9. I am bit stressed out

    Heidi, I'm glad your husband is going to the Doc and going to get the medical help he needs. Most men won't go to the Doc,, They wait til it's to the point of the emergency room. (or worse). Meds, diet and exercise will bring that BP right down in no time. And if you have to, sneak the low fat, low salt foods in to his diet, lol. How is his cholesterol levels?? That is something to watch for as well as the high BP. Thoughts and prayer of course are with you. Keep us posted on his diagnosis/prognosis. Michelle
  10. Attic Bedroom

    I must learn to cross stitch!!! Wendy, this room is so beautiful. Infact. All your rooms are gorgeous! I'm going to make two children's rooms in the attic of my Tennyson. Boy + Girl, (my kids). I've got the carpet and wallpapers picked out, and now that I've seen your girl's room, I've just got to paint all the furniture white! You're houses are my favorites. (shhhhh.. don't tell anyone) lol
  11. New with some questions :p

    Hi Ben, Welcome!! Can't wait to see pics of your progress of your Garfield! I'm on my first dh, and everyone here is so helpful. You've come to the right place! Michelle
  12. Newbie Hubby from Southern NY

    Hi Greg, Welcome! I giggled all thru reading your post. You're too funny. hee hee! You're wife and I would get along famously! I drive people nuts talking about my dh. Perfect strangers in the post office I start conversations with. My son says it's getting embarrasing. And every free moment away from the dollhouse is in front of the computer. Greenleaf might as well be my homepage. Cricket is lucky to have you support her and join in the hobby. I could use a good man to help me with mine, like cutting moulding, etc.. Do you have a brother?? he he.. J/K !!! I do have a guy friend who's an architect, and has also built a dh from scratch for his neice, so I talk to him about my house. He lives far from me on the mainland so we do the Instant messaging on the computer. (I live on Marthas Vineyard Island) He's the only friend I have that has any clue about dollhouses and has the patience to listen to me!! I can't wait to see pics of the progress you two are making on your dhs. I'm glad you both joined us, and I look forward to your humor in your posts!!! Michelle

  14. Greetings from Holland

    Welcome!! I'll have to go check out your website. And.. It doesn't have to be a Greenleaf your working on to join this website. Any dollhouse or miniature projects we love to see!! Many different projects going on here all the time.
  15. New Member with First House

    Welcome to the forum!!!
  16. Sniff Sniff

    Awww, sorry to hear you are sick too Heidi. I'm sick too, Bronchitis, can hardly breathe, coughing up some really gross stuff. Went to the Doc on Fri. Did a breathing treatment, got antibiotics. Still feel like crap. Need another breathing treatment, Will go back to Doc tomorrow. I have to keep going, work, kids. I sold raffle tickets for the 8th gr. DC trip at the grocery store 11 - 1:00. Then went grocery shopping at a different store, came home unloaded that. Raked the front yard, took out the lawn mower, but it wouldn't start, (thank God!), Tried to lay down for an hour, but dear son made so much noise, (I swear he does it on purpose), So , dinner is cooking and here I am back at the computer. I hope we all feel better in time to cook for Thanksgiving. If not, it'll be turkey tv dinners. haaaaaa! Oh.. and I have laundry to do tonight, good grief does it ever end? <<<< Handing Heidi the tissue box, cough , cough!
  17. Winter weather and heating your home

    Heidi, Thanks for the info. Good to know. Now if oil prices would go down.. sheesh!
  18. Roasted Turkey ... a new twist

  19. Happy Birthday Magnolia!!

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!
  20. Anyone play an instrument?

    I play a mean air guitar and air drums, yup! I love music of all kinds, took flute lessons in grammar school, but never continued w/ it. My son got an electric guitar for Christmas last yr, still haven't gotten him lessons. Now that football is over, maybe we'll have time now. I think learning to play an instrument is great for kids. My nephew wants to go to Juliard school of music. (I'm just glad it wasn't a drumset he wanted!!)
  21. Funniest UTube

    Haaaaa!!! Yup. I LMAO Thanks for sharing that w/ us !!
  22. Yes, I'm Still Alive :)

    Welcome back. Sorry about your daughter's first break-up. I remember that age, and it seems like it's the end of the world,, Until the next boy comes along. (my daughter will NOT date until she's 18!!!) You're such a good mom to be so involved w/ her and be there for her thru these things. and Oh yes.. do start up with the Garfield again!!! Michelle
  23. Happy Birthday times three!!!

    Happy Birthday to all 3 of you!!
  24. Two new additions

    Yeah,, what's 2 more?? ( you softy) Reminds me of the lady on my street growing up who had a house full of cats. The "Cat Lady"' When she passed away, they found like 40 cats in and around the house. oh my! Amy, you're the next Cat lady!!